ride the cow

my name is keef

that much is tru

after hard train

i gets the juce

i driv a kat

her fur so red

we liv in space

til zarkon’s ded

i fite wit lance

and hav a nife

gots galra blud

that bring much strif

hunk giv warm hugs

space very wow

we go to mall

and ride the cow

pidge is smol birb

shiro is bro

he gets the bayard

but wer he go

i cant lead voltron

or fite da brutes

so here i sits

i drink the juce

So from what I can tell:

  • Kaltenecker is alive and well bless, something good to come out from this show since s2
  • I want about 10 of those same creatures that attacked shiro because I want to feed them biscuits
  • Keith’s mom seems to be hanging back
  • Lance has his own seaspace horse
  • Shay and Allura are married
  • That one BoM galra is a big motherfucker and I want him to hug me, killing me instantly.
  • Hunk has a fangirl and she’s pretty cute
  • Kaltenecker looks fucking tired are you okay baby? Keith weighs like 2lbs you can’t be tired from that.
  • Sea creatures everywhere???
  • Laika’s still looking gorgeous and compared to Lance she’s fucking godzilla fucking damn. Need me a pupper like that.
  • Baby taujeer??? Fuck he cute????? Like a little slug on momma fuck.
  • Galra paul blart’s still here
  • My mermaid daughters are still alive and well everyone is okay
  • There’s a bunch of sea themed aliens so I automatically expect more Lance so they better fucking deliver
  • Haggar’s tryna be edgy and not show her face
  • Lance let his boyfriend ride his cow???? Goals honestly.
  • Thace is alive because good and pure things never fucking die
  • Shlav is canon????
  • Emo edgy mall teen is here apparently
  • There’s some galra looking dude top right that looks like he may have some significance to future episodes
  • Jellyfish fucking everywhere man
  • Hunk is still a shining beacon of light and hope and made a new chef friend
  • Seriously I know it smells like some kinda fish market
  • Apparently the two posters from s2 and this one go together to fit a lion in the bg so maybe they’ll do some gravity falls shit and form fucking voltron like that by the end of s8.
  • I’m convinced they are inside an aquarium
Notes from Josh Keaton’s Shiro Birthday Interview

Note that some of this is paraphrased because I was typing while watching.

  • “but every now and then a Slav comes along in my life…”
  • they called him in to audition for Shiro; he didn’t “choose” it
  • “an email came across that said Voltron and I was like ‘WAAAAT?!’”
  • If not Shiro, what character do you see yourself most in: a cross between Lance & Pidge. He likes tech and cracking jokes; and when he was growing up, he had a lot of insecurity, and he enjoyed seeing that in Lance this season because a lot of people feel that way.
  • What are some of your favorite lines: “Form Voltron” 100%; and a lot of his inspirational stuff. “I like 'Go. Be Great.’”
  • What is your fave ep so far? “I love 'Space Mall’. It felt like watching an 80’s movie.” “I love the scene of them riding a cow!”
  • Any scenes that were tough to record in s2? “Nothing really difficult to record. ADR is a little hard (fight noises); but I love doing that.”
  • Any advice for those wishing to get into voice acting: take acting classes. Improv and cold-reading. “On Voltron, we get the scripts the night before.” “Even if you can’t sing, try.”
  • How do you get in the zone for voicing Shiro?: “I do push-ups. I’ll knock out 40 push-ups before I start; my posture’s gotta be on point; I gotta stand like Shiro; the resting face. He’s got that military bearing.”
  • What’s your fave memory of working on Voltron: “Honestly it’s been such a good experience, I don’t have a lot of standout memories from working on it. I love my cast - they’re my Voltron family - I love the writers, I love the crew. If there was anything, I’d say the first time we announced at WonderCon.”
Pidgance/flirtyrobot headcannons

Pidge just watches Lance like a hawk when he is or is almost hurt, about to do something stupid, or she feels that something might happen.

As cute as this sounds almost losing him has scarred her emotionally and she will do anything to protect.

For Lance the same thing too. He is scarred as well from back when Pidge was almost killed by the son of a quiznak Sendak.

For this reason Lance tries to be near Pidge constantly and tries to get her attention a lot too.

Pidge has learned of Lance’s self deprecation tendency and goes full bear cub where she will just hug Lance when others aren’t around.

Sometimes she will refuse to let go, so like a bear clinging to a tree Lance will walk around with Pidge in the bear cub mode, at that point they won’t care if the others are watching.

The first time Pidge went bear cub mode Lance was so shocked he didn’t even realize that he started crying and desperately hugged her burying his head into her shoulder till a minute later. Even then he still kept at it till he fell asleep. Pidge felt her heart break afterwards.

When Lance sees Pidge is thinking about her family she starts to cry and build robots in frustration he starts to put songs on and coaxes Pidge into singing with him.

Lance likes to pick up cool/round stones/ rocks he finds or whatever catches his eye from wherever team Voltron goes and gives them to Pidge.

Pidge keeps all of them in a box and looks at them when she’s feeling uneasy or stressed.

Lance fidgets a lot and can’t sit still so Pidge makes him a fidget toy with a stone she found, a plant, with the Olkari headband she kept.

He takes it with him everywhere and uses it constantly.

One time he lost it and went ballistic trying to find it.

Turns out it was in his jacket but Pidge was borrowing said jacket.

They take joy rides on the hoverboarding cow Kaltenecker around the castle frequently.

Lance and Pidge share food all the time and don’t even notice it cuz it’s so normal to them.

Pidge and Lance have a constellation “scrapbook” where they go stargazing in one of the castle rooms that has a huge glass surrounding the entire thing and name constellations.

One of the constellations is called Winking Robot. Another one is named Family.

When Pidge was sad about losing Rover Lance spent forever trying to find the perfect constellation and called it Rover.

The boy went all out too, threw pillows and blankets everywhere brought snacks the whole enchilada.

They have a lot of inside jokes the others don’t even understand.

One time every one was fighting so Pidge flat out grabbed Lance’s face and kissed him then revealed that they were dating.