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BTS Reaction to Their GF Competing in Motorcross

Seokjin - Seokjin would be very worried for your safety, of course. He’s naturally a very nurturing person. So, to hear that you put yourself in danger for fun was very surprising to him, especially since he didn’t expect you to even like those kinds of things. “You do what?”

Yoongi - He’d find it super hot. “Really?” He’d ask, moving closer to you on the couch, putting his arm around you as you scrolled through your pictures, showing him your last competition. “Wow,” he’d move his mouth to your ear. “Such a badass, out there riding with the boys. Why don’t you show me how much of a big girl you are, Y/N?”

Hoseok - He’d think it’s so cool to see you doing those things, especially since you’re the only girl in the competition, but also because he knew there was absolutely no way he could ever do that. He would also love it because it was the complete opposite of the side he normally saw, which was fluffy and cute. “You’re so precious.”

Namjoon - “I didn’t even know you could ride one of those!” He’d listen to you talk about it for hours, absolutely amazed that his Jagi could actually compete. “You’re so cool.”

Jimin - “No way.” He wouldn’t believe you at first, but when you showed him pictures and even put the gear on, he definitely did. “So, Y/N… Do you think you would ever wear something like that… a little tighter?”

Taehyung - Of course, he would instantly want to see you in action. He was in awe by you, and he wanted to be just as supportive as you were of him, so when you saw him in the crowd by your friends, you couldn’t really say you were surprised. Although, your friends seemed to be very confused by his over enthusiastic cheers.

Jungkook -  “Mm, I like that Noona, wanna go ride together?” Jungkook would tease you all the time, finding it sexy that you could do everything just like a guy. It made it a lot more fun to hang out with you, and a lot easier to mess with you. “I mean, unless you want to just ride me like a champion?”

Relaxing bath - Chen

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Group: EXO
Member: Chen
Type: fluffy Smut
Warning: sexual content!

You came home after a long day of work, exhausted and completely worn-out. You kicked off your shoes and threw your coat somewhere in the hallway, not bothering with properly putting it away. You went into the living room and saw Jongdae watching some TV, he just got home before you since he also had to work late. ‘Hey babe’, you yawned and you flopped down beside him, resting your head on his shoulder. 

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Hmmmmm hit me up with that horseback riding headcanons for the champions (preferably the ones who can actually ride horses)



  • She has herself a large stallion but is not a versed rider.
  • More used to sand seals
  • Gives her horse lots of carrots and apples Though
  • SUPER happy whenever on the back of her Horse[even if she falls off]


  • He likes to pet the pretty ponies but can not ride

  • [wishes he could ride]

  • [someone get this shark the giant horse rn]


  • Does not care for horses
  • Doesn’t mind that he can’t ride

  • [Sneaks Links horses apples though]


  • No thank you
  • Wings over hooves


  • Loves horses
  • Rides P/ well 
  • [Link taught her]
  • Has a stunning mare
  • Can’t do anything on horseback but likes to ride for the sake of riding
  • [constantly tries to get horse to swim with her]


I made a post dedicated to Link and his horses

Those words link to a re blog of it cause I’m a lil.. lazy but Y E S

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