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Intra-Hearts Masterlist: (Harem!MidCin x Fem!Reader) [Modern!AU] Complete


This story is now complete and this masterlist, as well as the masterlist page, now contain the links to the epilogue, Intraunion. The same warnings still apply; read them before you read the story. I am not responsible if you fail to do this and then have issue with its content.


A very important explanation, all warnings, cautions and information about this story can be found under the cut, for the sake of making accessing the links it easier.

These are very important, as this story contains bullying, graphical violence, gore and death.

Do not proceed without reading them, as I cannot be held responsible if you do so and then have an issue with any part of the story.

Thank you, and enjoy!


Prologue: Intrahuman

Warning: the lengths of these parts are appropriate as to the nature of each part, and so some are shorter than others, while some are significantly longer (121,471 words long in total). This is the prelude to the main story.

The dates in these parts refer to the day when the boys realised they loved you, but this is not always the day the story starts on.

They haven’t always loved you as they do now. For years, you’ve been their friend, their best friend, their saviour and their support. You’ve saved them countless times, have been there from day one. But they used to see you as simply that; a friend.

They swore to you, they would never feel more than that. They made an oath to preserve the principles of the group.

“We’ll always be just friends. Even when people make stupid assumptions and say things because they’re idiots and can’t handle this concept, we’ll stick together. We’ll show them that a group like this can work, without any complexity. We’re friends. That’s it.”

So, why did things change, and how?

Now, you can know. This is where it all started. This is how each of them fell in love with you.


Interlude: Intra-Hearts

Most of these parts are between 10,000-12,000 words long (158,000-ish words long in total). This is the main story.

You grew up with them. You’ve known them all for years. Those beautiful boys, the ones everyone adore, are yours. Sealed in a friendship you all swore into, you are a part of their family, and they are a part of yours.

You’ve all been secure for a long time. But now, everything changes,

You promised to never love them as more than friends, to only ever see them in an innocent light. You made an oath to yourself to never do that, to only ever be their friend, but now it’s all falling apart. The network of security that’s held you together all through your life is collapsing beneath you. Most people can only love once at any one time.

Your heart has finally been unlocked, and the love it holds for the nine most important people in your life has been unleashed. They’re changing, and so are you.

Will you let yourself love them, and will they love you in return?


Epilogue: Intraunion

Most of the chapters of this story are between 10,000 and 13,000 words long, with the exception of the final two, which are 16,000 words long each (The total word count is 171,000). This is the epilogue to Intra-Hearts.

To prevent confusion considering my use of the British meaning of college, the reader, suitors and all other characters their age are 17/18.

Note: I try to limit if not avoid entirely the use of original characters where possible in my writing, but sometimes I feel it necessary to use characters and give them presence, and so I also tend to cross-reference them in different stories. As such, for those who have read “Castle”, you might remember Xander and Tobias from that. I’m using them again here (apologies! I really felt like I needed them here again.), but simply in terms of their personalities etc.

Their history in “Castle” is different to what it is in this story, and so I warn you not to try to apply the likes of their mother in “Castle” to the universe in which this story is set. Thank you!

You never thought it was possible to love so many, but life proved you wrong.

You fought through the hardships of youth with them. You emerged from the edge of death with them, have learnt and come to understand humanity with them. You’ve all realised that humans are not simple, that love is not easy. You’ve accepted who you are, and have allowed yourself to love them after all this time.

Amidst the joy of having them close at long last, something is coming. A threat looms over all of you, lurking in the darkness around the light your love emits. Only time stands between you and inevitable danger.

College is rough, but this is something else. You’ve protected them for a long time. Now, they must protect you, or lose you entirely, no matter how much it hurts. Can your relationship with them endure through, or will it crumble under the pressure?

Your union must fight on, or else will it surrender to this unforgiving world and fall apart, taking each and every one of you with it.

  1. Part I | Morning | Love
  2. Part II | Reveal
  3. Part III | Threat
  4. Part IV | Preparation
  5. Part V | Escalation
  6. Part VI | Invitation
  7. Part VII | Noon | Future
  8. Part VIII | Family
  9. Part IX | Breach
  10. Part X | Soulmates
  11. Part XI | Resolutions
  12. Part XII | Recognition
  13. Part XIII | Vow
  14. Part XIV | Night | Final | Intraunion 


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i. hooked on a feeling    ii. escape (pina colada song)    iii. mony mony
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vii. long cool woman in a black dress   viii. december, 1963   ix. magic carpet ride
x. tambourine    xi. fell in love with a girl    xii. another one bites the dust 
xiii. more than a woman    xiv. tush    xv. i’m gonna (500 miles)  
xvi. total eclipse of the heart    xvii. you make my dreams come true
xviii. kill the lights

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i. sympathy for the devil - the rolling stones | ii. under cover of darkness - the strokes | iii. don’t sit down ‘cause i’ve moved your chair - arctic monkeys | iv. strangeness and charm - florence + the machine | v. i’m in love with my car - queen | vi. dear fellow traveler - sea wolf | vii. born to be bad - the runaways | viii. evil and a heathen - franz ferdinand | ix. trouble - elvis presley | x. bad meets evil - fast lane | xi. ride the wild wind - queen | xii. sexy back - justin timberlake ft. timbaland

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i. retrograde by james blake // ii. cavalier by james vincent mcmorrow // iii. little birds by tift merritt // iv. wait by m83 // v. stay with me (cover) by ed sheeran // vi. lovely morning by room eleven // vii. wanderlust by ry x // viii. cold world by jon e.k. // ix. evangelist by matt corby // x. stay high (habits remix) by tove lo // xi. ride this out by imaginary cities // xii. lover, you should’ve come over by jeff buckley // xiii. don’t wait by mapei // xiv. we don’t have to take our clothes off by ella eyre // xv. rocket by tori kelly // xvi. settle down by kimbra // xvii. good thing by sam smith // xviii. make you love me by us the duo // xix. high you are (branchez remix) by what so not // xx. maggot brain by funkadelic