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Arab Little Red Riding Hood with a red hijab

A Japanese Snow White with her coveted pale skin and shiny black hair

Mexican Cinderella with colorful Mexican glass blown slippers

Greek Beauty and the Beast where Beast is a minotaur

Culture-bent fairy tales that keep key canonical characteristics

EDIT: if you decide to draw or write about any of these, please pm the post with what you’ve made added. I really want to see what y'all make, but I won’t be able to find anything on my own with all these notes!

Leon Kennedy, after crashing yet another car, again: I have done nothing wrong, ever, in my life

Ashley Graham: We know this, and we love you

President Graham, sweating: A-Ashley, sweetie, this is the fifteenth car he’s crashed this week–

Ashley Graham, squeezing her dad’s shoulder harder: We know this, and we love him

RFA reacts to Beaming MC

Thanks so much for this prompt! I don’t think I did it justice, so I might redo this after a while. 

Common: RFA knows you don’t smile a lot, but they don’t mind as long as you’re happy.


  • Yoosung passed his Veterinary Licensing Exam.
  • He was thrilled and when he looked at you, he was speechless
  • You were smiling and applauding for him.
  • He only could blush and nod.
  • You suggested going out for dinner to celebrate and he agreed.
  • It took Yoosung a while to stop being clumsy.
  • Had be been driving, he would’ve crashed the car.
  • Good thing you two decided to walk!
  • He kept glancing at you, hoping to catch your smile.
  • It wasn’t there but the smile from earlier was enough to warm his heart.
  • He couldn’t help but think, “From now on, what I do, I’ll do to make MC smile.”


  • You’ve been barraged the whole week has been unrelenting with problems and pain.
  • You got home and plopped on the couch.
  • Jaehee popped out of the kitchen with some cake she made.
  • You could barely move, “Thank you, but I feel like jelly. I need a moment.”
  • “Then… say ahh~” Jaehee lifted a fork full of cake without even thinking.
  • You made a small grin as you accept it.
  •  It wasn’t until the sweetness of the cake spread over your tongue that you started to beam.
  • She felt her heart leap and her cheeks flush.
  • Maybe she doesn’t have to wait until her hair reaches her back to know how she feels.
  • Perhaps your smile was convincing enough.


  • Zen knew you liked spending time together, but it was fine that you couldn’t bike trails with him since you didn’t know how.
  • It hurt him so much to see fall over so much. That’s right, OP cannot ride a bike.
  • So he did his best to keep you from getting hurt or discouraged.
  • When you were finally able to wobble on your own down the block, You were thrilled.
  • “Zen! I can bike trails with you! We can go on tandem bikes together! We can bike on a boardwalk! We can go so many places!”
  • You grinned from ear to ear.
  • He knew you would be able to but the smile on your face left him speechless.
  • You stopped right in front of him. “I did it, Zen!” 
  • As you started to list all the places you could bike, Zen tuned you out.
  • All he could focus on was your smile. 
  • He watched you talk until you stopped smiling which is when he finally sealed your lips with a kiss. 
  • “You did so good, sweetheart.” 


  • Jumin is perfect.
  • Good manners, gifts, affection. Perfect.
  • You appreciate and love that, but it gets boring.
  • Until he sneezed and farted at the same time.
  • His face flushed and he just dearly hoped you didn’t hear the fart.
  • “E-excuse me, I-I-”
  • Before he could come up with a proper explanation, all he heard was your laughter.
  • He turned to look at you and your smile was breathtaking.
  • He was still embarrassed but he wanted to keep looking at your smile.
  • “Jumin! What was that!?”
  • Nope. Never mind. He needed to leave.
  • You grabbed him and pulled him into a hug. “Here I thought you were Mr. Perfect, but I guess you’re just as human as me.”
  • You were still smiling so he didn’t pull away, “What else would I be?”
  • You laughed again, “Nothing but perfect.” To you, it was the little things that mattered a lot.
  • He didn’t understand it much but he did know you were happy.
  • That’s what mattered to him. 


  • One day, you were on your way to Saeyoung’s place and came across a filthy little cat.
  • You didn’t want to leave it so you brought it with you.
  • Saeyoung was thrilled.
  • After tending to the cat, Saeyoung turned to you, “What should we name her, MC?”
  • “What? We’re keeping it?”
  • “Of course! Why not?”
  • You were so excited! Listing name after name.
  • After you gave your list, your turned to Saeyoung.
  • He was really red and just asked, “Sh-should we get another one so it has a friend?!”
  • He couldn’t breathe cause of your smile. “I mean, uh you seemed so happy. I thought we should get another…”
  • You were still in a bright mood so you turned back and chimed, “Just this one is fine.”
  • Saeyoung agreed.
  • He spent the rest of the evening staring at your face. 
  • He had tons of time to see the cat, but not as much to enjoy your smile.

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First COD art I’m even more trash now :,,D

No regrets

ok a little regret but come on its hard not to ship when you’re a fangirl

I forgot to explain that this was a convo with a friend and that I just wanted to turn into a RiDe scenario since Im trash :,,>

I was just looking through Franky’s page on the One Piece wiki, and it had this to say about his relationship with Robin. And I quote: 

“Robin and Franky have a close relationship with each other. … He is also the only Straw Hat crew member who can get on Robin’s nerves, even as she is considered the [calmest] member…” 


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170422 nct's night night

jaehyun said in school, his teacher taught him that whenever they wanted to curse, exchange it with nice words instead like saying ‘i love you’, ‘thank you’ and all. so the students that was rly abt to curse goes like, “ah… i love you” then you just lose the feeling of wanting to curse(?)
so johnny was like “we also– ah, we dont curse. so we dont need anything.” jaehyun agreed with a ‘that’s right’. then the two of them wont stop laughing between themselves and jaehyun was asking if this is okay (bc i’m pretty sure johnny lied lmao) and johnny’s like “of course it is. we (our team) really dont curse!” then more laughing from them both. boys, pls.

Happy second anniversary, Fire Emblem if (Fates)!!

I collaged some of my art over the last two years. It’s kinda hard to see because Tumblr resizes… but I think it still shows that it’s been a super fun ride overall!

I fell in love with this series thanks to the amazing Awakening. Looking forward to more fun and great memories in the future!

Taegi biker au

-Taehyung’s bike has a minimalistic design and its all black

-He’s basically a pro at riding it

-He uses corny bike-related pick up lines to (try and) flirt with people

-Yoongi is just an innocent, hardworking college kid who happens to like a little thrill, and why not? What harm would one date do anyway?

-It turns out to be the best date of his life

-He was skeptical at first, but now the wind rushing into his face and whipping back his hair while the blurs of greenery and roads sweep by him will never get old

-Him shyly holding on to the fabric of Taehyung’s jacket

-Taehyung sort of (absolutely) finding it hard to focus on anything when he hears Yoongi’s small giggles from behind him and its possibly the most adorable, amazing sound he’s ever heard (cue “I Fall in Love Too Easily” by Chet Baker)

-He cant get that huge grin of his off his face the whole time

-They stop at a cute little ice-cream shop (raising the eyebrows of some concerned parents) and Taehyung manages to involve yet another corny pick up line with the ice cream flavors (yoongi tries to give him a glare but ends up just smiling)

-Taehyung rambling for hours to Jimin when he gets back home

-Yoongi just lying in bed, and he can’t get this stupid smile off his face (jin is confused and concerned)

I think about this too much help (feel free to add on!)