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No one was listening to him.

Steve grit his teeth as his teammates talked over him AGAIN. It was hard re-adjusting to his old body, but being literally overlooked by his team, the people he considered family was the hardest. Just because he didn’t have the Captain America muscles or height didn’t mean he wasn’t still the best damn strategist out of the lot of them. If only they would fucking listen.

They probably wouldn’t even notice if I left Steve thought with a sigh as he rubbed his temples, but before he could make his tactical retreat a familiar pair of strong hands gripped his hips and lifted him into the air. Steve barely had the opportunity to shriek before he was settled on a set of broad shoulders. Bucky, who was still being rehabilitated, who had barely spoken a word to the team, who still scared the daylights out of Tony, was standing with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face, the picture of intimidation  ruined with the 90 pound asthmatic clutching his mop of brown hair. 

The rest of the team openly gaped as Steve blinked down at them, eyes flickering between the team and Bucky when something clicked in his brain and a slow smirk spread across his face. He mimicked Bucky’s pose, skinny arms crossed and let his eyebrows pull together in his best ‘Captain Face’

“Now, as I was saying…”

Hey guys so basically I’m no longer using this blog.

It’s been a fun ride, but I’m moving onto a new one.

The main reason being is that I want to stop using Tumblr so much. I’ve been on here since I was 16 years old and my ass turns 24 in June. Y I K E S.

Also over the years I just know there’s a lot of inactive accounts and bots that follow me now, so it might say 47k but I know that’s not real.

I just want to try and have a space of the internet again where I’m surrounded by friends and people I know more than anything.

But I do know a lot of people really enjoy my presence and content so I’m not gonna make it a secret (although I’ve been posting this a lot this past week but y’know not everyone sees it)

Feel free to give me a follow at @baristaboy if you like, it’d be glad to have ya.

Gonna put this post in my queue and have it post like. 5 times a day or so for like a week just in case, then delete them all. 

Thanks for everything and here’s to a “new beginning” 

Bering & Wells - On the Run 10 (Flashback 6)

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i’ve been thinking about what might’ve happened after the iconic swimming pool scene and i can’t stop laughing because imagine: 

  • even, who wears 38902 layers of clothing to stay warm, in only one, sopping wet, late at night, too freezing to move and ride the bike back 
    • attempting to but toppling over every time
    • isak going in front instead and even sitting behind him freezing cold but laughing so hard he can’t breathe 
    • he tries to use his God Beard to keep warm (does this make sense? no) 
  • and when they get to isak’s home, just hugging each other to stay warm as they stumble through the door, muffling their laughter (and failing), dripping wet and shivering 
  • isak struggling to get his shirt off bc it keeps sticking 
    • even offering to help 
    • isak turning red before nodding 
    • helping each other take off sopping wet clothes but closing their eyes bc they’re both a little bit bashful 
    • the help isn’t even really necessary, but it’s an excuse to be closer 
  • even has to ask for clothes bc isak is too distracted 
    • he gives him his favorite shirt (is the jesus shirt his favorite? it should be that’s a nice shirt)
    • even still has it 
  • eating together bc they’re probably starving 
  • even opening all the cabinets bc he’s curious, looking around isak’s room like it’s the most interesting thing he’s ever seen 
  • making hot drinks to warm up
  • cuddling to warm up 
  • falling into bed and talking and laughing all night until the both of them fall asleep

Laito: Ayato, your ride to school is here. Come on!

Ayato: *goes outside* Huh? Where’s the limo?

Laito: *holds up a trash can* Hop in!

746. Teddy Lupin was a stoner. While on Christmas and Summer breaks, he would have a muggle friend sell him weed to do him over the next semester. Harry quickly learned that when Teddy had dark green hair, he was high, but asked him not to give to James, Albus, Lily or Rose. McGonnagall knew perfectly well, and would charm the joints out of his hands when she caught him.

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Captain Canary AU (Coming Soon)

Leonard Snart recently found out that his father had withheld an inheritance he’d gotten from his grandfather from his mother’s side. Leaving Central City, a place that’d been nothing but a source of pain, he set out to see what was waiting for him in the outskirts of Star City. Leonard found himself over his head when arriving at the house that’d been abandoned for years, but after meeting with the town Lawyer he realized he had more than enough ways to fix it up… He didn’t want to be a rancher like his grandfather, but he also wanted to make a mark with the Snart name that wasn’t tainted… And when he happens upon an abandoned puppy on the side of the road he gets the idea of an animal refuge… 

Sara Lance more than remembered Old Man Isa. He’d been a kind man who passed when she was still in pigtails. Imagine her surprise when on one of her rides she sees a moving van in the driveway. After investigating she has it in her head that Leonard Snart was no good for her. A city boy that would get tired of the country life and move on. But when he doesn’t move on there isn’t a moment in her day she isn’t thinking about him. When her sister mentioned him making a refuge for animals, Sara Lance is hooked… Despite her father, the Sheriff, begging her not to be. She is, after all, a free spirit who does what she wants when she wants. 

Leonard and Sara soon find themselves spending more and more times together. She helps him with his projects to get the refuge up as quickly as possible. He listened to her talk about her frustrations in life and not knowing what she wants to do with her life. Add in drinking and card games and they are closer to each other than they’ve been with anyone in a long while…

The only thing standing in their way is their stubbornness…

A stand that only can move by riding a mountain bike. If it falls off or hits something and crashes, it will rewind time to a point where it can safely avoid doing so, but only the area within its range is reversed. It attacks by throwing full water bottles at its target. Where the bottles come from is unknown.

I need help once again

I’ve got my passport. I have a place to stay for a month max. The problem is unexpected expenses.

My friend in Guam wasn’t expecting to have to pay for some things and I now need to help raise at least 500 if I’m going to make it over there by april. The only other option I have is homelessness. 

The transitional housing I was supposed to get has a waiting list of 6 months, and I have no other back up plan. Everything is riding on me moving to Guam.

It’s no exaggeration when I say I will not survive being homeless. My mental instability will not let me. I’m in no state to try and survive that way. I don’t even know if I’ll have foodstamps next month. 

I desperately need help and wish I didn’t have to ask. If you could donate, commission or spread the word I will be eternally grateful. Thank you


161201 ○ LAYnyDays ○ 2:33
Yixing forgot to ride on the moving platform with Suho & Sehun, so he stood alone in the middle of the stage, but then Suho said “Lay wait there~!
(thanks to honeyhoneyworld for the explanation & translation!)