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andreil lil red riding hood au where neil befriends a golden wolf with sweets

i’m running with the wolves tonight

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Ok so I’ve had these ideas in my head for a while now, I’m not very good at writing (specially in english) but I wanted to share it anyway.

Red riding hood AU, sort of. Hanzo as the Red Riding Hood and McCree as the Big Bad Wolf (also known as werewolf!McCree and hunter!Hanzo lmao). 

A few things about the AU under the cut.

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Early Riser

Title: Early Riser

Summary: Sam likes to get up early, you do not. You decide to convince him to come back to bed.    

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Sam Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  1334

Warnings: explicit language, nsfw, explicit sexual content, smut, unprotected sex

Author’s Notes:  Written for the 100 Kinks List,  #33 - Morning Sex; requested by an anonymous requester

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When Felix says he was somewhere on holidays with his parents he means that they actually were spending time together.
When his classmates say they were somewhere with their parents they mean the servants were spending time with them meanwhile parents were minding their own business.
This leads to some misunderstanding when they are comparing expirences.

💋I Like You Okay? [Part 4] (Grayson x Reader)

Summary:  Can u do a grayson imagine where him n y/n like each other, but neither of them tell each other but Ethan knows ofc. So u tried to move on. N Grayson been actin like an ass wit u cus he saw u out having lunch with Cameron Dallas (him Ethan n Grayson are friends in this) n u guys have a heated argument leads to him kissing n then to you guys having rough but passionate sex n u guys get caught by Cameron Dallas n Ethan coming back to the twins apartment.

Warnings: Fingering/eating out/spanking/unprotected sex/Doggy Style/cursing/AKA Grab a bible

A/N: This is so intense. I hope you guys have enjoyed this mini mini series of Grayson! Thanks for reading you guys now enjoy the sexual side of G!

Part 1Part 2Part 3

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“I hate you Grayson. Just go home please.” I said exhaustedly, but before I could turn around I was pinned up against the wall as Grayson’s warm lips kissed mine hard. I was beyond confused at whatever was happening. Three seconds ago we were yelling and the next he’s making out with me hard. “Where’s Ethan?” I asked pushing Grayson off. 

“I don’t know probably out now.” He says before reconnecting his lips back to mine. I try and grab his shoulders for better friction, but he takes my arms and pins them above my head. “No baby girl. You don’t get to do that.” Grayson then kisses me hard again. One hand had my wrists pinned while one hand moves to my breasts as he starts squeezing them. His lips connect roughly to my neck as I feel his tongue softly cover the light bruise forming. I try my best to hold back the moans which makes Grayson smirk.

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“Baby girl you don’t want to do that.” He says lowly as he pinches my nipples hard.

“Fuck!” I moaned as I felt Grayson’s lips on my neck curve into a smile. He knew the power he had over me. He knew just what he was doing. His hand moved from my breasts and softly slid down my body until he reached the hem of my jeans. He reconnects his lips with mine and kisses me hard. My body thrusts upwards to him. He pulls away and smirks to me.

“Keep your hands above your head baby girl, okay?” He gives my neck a kiss before he gets down on his knees and looks up to me smiling. His hands give my hips a squeeze and he places soft kisses from my belly button to the hem of my jeans. He unbuttons them and kisses the top of my underwear. His hands wander to my ass as he gives a firm squeeze. I thrust my pelvis forward as Grayson chuckles. “Patience baby girl.” He kisses my panty line and trails down my crotch. I feel him lightly kiss my slit through my panties and I was weak. He pulls my jeans down to my ankles and off my feet to where I was left in my white tank top and pink panties. 

“Why? Why are you doing this Grayson?” I asked confused which made him stop everything he was doing. I could see his jaw clenching again which made me swallow my words. I felt my heart begin to race as he quickly stood to his feet. He grabbed my wrist hard and he yanked me to my room. I try my best not to trip as he shoves me on to the bed. 

“You said Cameron treated you like a person and I said I was going to make you take those words back. Do I make myself clear? Oh baby girl you don’t know how much I’m going to make you scream. Everyone on the fucking block will know my name.” He says as he connects his lips harshly to mine again. I tried to get up, but he pinned me down.

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Grayson just kisses my neck and trails down my body. Before I know it, I feel the cool air brush against exposed slit. I then feel the slightly unshaven face of Grayson rubbing against me and kissing my clit which made me buck my hips forward. I shiver at the intense of his lips sucking on my clit.

“Fuck!” I screamed which I felt him smile as he grabbed my ass and pushed me more into his face. He was eating me out hard and it felt so good. I rolled my head back as I went to lock my finger in his hair. As soon as his hair touched my finger tips he stopped.

“Do you like this? Do I make you feel good?” He asks as his finger slowly moves in circles around my clit. “Does Cameron make you feel this good?” He asks as he licks his bottom lick pulling the flesh in between his teeth. His fingers curve upwards barely tapping my G-spot. My mouth makes the shape of an O and I throw my head back. I slowly grind my hips into Grayson’s fingers. “Say it.” He growls which causes me to look at him. “Say I’m the only one who can make you feel this good.” He says as his fingers slide in and out of me harder, curving his fingers to hit my G-spot each time.

“Gr-Grayson.” I sputtered as his fingers hit me harder. “Fuck you feel so good.” I moaned as I flopped my body back against the bed. Grayson slows his pace as he hovers over me. He pulls his fingers out of me and clashes his lips with mine.

My hands tangle in his hair before he pulls away from me and stood at the end of the bed. He then slips his shirt over his head before pulling his pants down revealing his larger member in his boxers.

“Turn over.” Was all he said. Before I could react I felt Grayson slide my body down towards him. He was not patient at all. He grabbed my hips and flipped me onto my stomach.

“Grayson? What the hell you have a girlfr-AH!” I felt a burning sensation scatter throughout my body. I look over my shoulder and I see Grayson’s hand raised high.

“Don’t make me spank you again baby girl.” He says gruffly at which I bit my bottom lip. “Gosh I hate having to spank you Y/N. But someone needs to punish you.” Grayson says as his hand slams against my bare ass again which caused me to squeak. I couldn’t see his face, but I knew he was smirking. “Do you like that baby girl?” He asks which I turn my head slightly to look at him.

“I mean I’m not going to say I don’t like it.” I replied shyly which I saw his tough guy side fall a little and I saw Grayson lightly laugh followed by a smile. I giggled too, before his hand slapped my ass again.

“Gosh Y/N I’m so angry with you. I can’t believe you can kiss me, my brother, go on a date with Cameron, of all people you picked Cameron.” I chuckled a little as his hand slid in between my thighs to separate them which I knew what was about to happen. “And then here you are, letting me fuck you, right here in your bedroom.” With that I feel Grayson slam into me causing me to let out a yelp. I felt my walls expanding attempting to get used to his size. This wasn’t my first time, hell this wasn’t even my fifth time. But Grayson’s dick was so huge inside of me. “Like I’m going to fuck you like this so I don’t have to see you because I know if I see your face I’ll lose it.” Grayson pulls out and slams into me again which makes me let out a moan. “Mmm baby girl your moans sound so hot.” He says as he spanks my ass and let’s his nails drag against my skin which I let out another moan.

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“Fuck Gray!” I shout which causes him to thrust faster inside me. Finally I start to adjust to his size as I slam back into him. He grabs my ass hard and gives a hard squeeze. His dick hit my G-spot every single time he slammed inside of me. None of my exes knew where my spot was, but Gray did. Maybe his new girlfriend has taught him a few things or maybe me telling him about all the other guys he picked up on a few things.

“That’s it.” Grayson says before he pulls out of me and then slams my body on top of his. I knew to grind against him as he slowly slides himself inside of me. He peels my tank off with my sports bra and lies me down on my back. He thrusts into me as my nails dig into his back. “Scream my name.” He grunts as he rides me hard.

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“Scream my name.” He grunts as he rides me hard. 

“Fuck Grayson!” I moan as I wrap my arms tightly around his neck as he continues to pound into. I feel the headboard shaking behind me. I hear the wood slamming against the wall and the bed springs squeaking. Grayson connects my lips to his again and kisses me full of passion. At first he was very rough, but now I felt more passion. His kisses weren’t as sloppy and he wasn’t so aggressive anymore. His kisses were softer now, but fueled completely by passion with a hint of lust. This was the Grayson I fell in love with. This was the Grayson I wanted more than anyone. More than Ethan and Cameron combined.

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He slowed his pace to where now we were just taking each other in, but he quickly sped up when I could feel him start twitching inside of me. I grab his face and push his face back for a second. “Cum for me Gray.” I said as I reconnected my lips back to his again as he speeds his thrusting up. I thrust up towards Grayson and soon I feel him pull out of me and he came all over my stomach. He then takes his fingers and rubs vigorously on my clit to make sure I finished too.

“Scream my name when you cum baby.” Grayson says as he rubs harder. I rolled my hips up towards his fingers. “Who makes you feel this good?” Grayson rubs me harder at which I feel my toes start to curl.

“You do.” I said shyly which made Grayson rub harder.

“Say my name.” He says at which I feel the knot in my stomach come undone as my entire body starts to shiver.

“Grayson! Fuck Gray!” I moaned at which he started to smile. He grabs me an old shirt to wipe the cum off of my stomach. I try to get up, but he stops me.

“No just curl up in bed. We need to talk.” Grayson says as he starts to pull me into him on the bed. He wrapped us up in my comforter. After a few minutes of nothing but silence and Grayson just holding me I decided to say something.

“Did you just cheat on Sophie?” I asked realizing he was in a relationship. Grayson looked to me like he was caught off guard. “You’re a lot of things Grayson Dolan, but a cheater is not you.” I asked and he just sighed.

“I like you okay? I always have. Sophie was just for publicity and maybe to make you jealous.” He says and I lean off of his chest to look him in the eyes.

“These past two months without you and E really fucking sucked. The things you said really hurt me. Why are you just now saying something? Why did you say we were just friends on Ellen? Why now Grayson? Why not two months ago when I needed to hear it?” I was obviously hurt because I felt Grayson’s arms wrap around my bare body as he kissed my shoulder softly.

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“Because I didn’t want fans to hate on you. I’ve seen the things they would comment on your instagram every so often whenever E, you, and I would hangout. We weren’t even dating and they would say such awful things to you. Then when Sophie and I started seeing each other and the comments the fans would leave on her instagram or twitter, they were ruthless. Sophie can handle it though. She’s used to haters. You aren’t. The last thing I wanted was for us to start dating or anything and then they scare you away or you changing your mind about us.” Grayson answers which I nod in agreement.

“Why did you say those awful things to me when you caught Ethan and I kissing? We weren’t dating.” I said and Grayson just rolled his eyes.

“No we weren’t dating, but you were making out with my brother. How am I supposed to feel? I was so angry and hurt that I wanted you to feel what I felt. After that I told Ethan to stay away from you and not talk to you. Was it mature? No. Do I regret it? Kind of.” Grayson said as his eyes grazed down my body. “But I really do like you Y/N. I like you so much. Even when we weren’t talking for two months I missed you. You were my first and my last thought at the start and end of every day. When I saw you at In N Out with Cameron, I just wanted to walk over and knock him out and then run off with you, but then I remembered something.” His eyes looked down in front of him and he let out a sigh.

“What’s that Gray?” I asked concerned.

“You weren’t mine. I let you go. More like I pushed you into Cameron’s arms. That’s why I came here today. I wanted to get you back. I want you to be mine.” He says as he kisses my lips gently.

“Woah Y/N you’re naked!” We heard Ethan shout. I grabbed the comforter and pulled the blanket up to cover my bare body. “And you’re in bed with Grayson? Okay I need details. Get dressed, I’m going to order a pineapple pizza, and we are going to have a movie night like the old times.” Ethan said as Grayson and I both started giggling. Just then Cameron walked in behind Grayson. Grayson popped his head up and his smile disappeared. Cameron’s eyes immediately went to me. Grayson leaned forward to cover my body from Cameron’s eyes.

“Dude get the fuck out. She’s mine.” Grayson said and gave me a kiss right in front of everyone. When he pulled away Cameron was gone which we all started laughing. Ethan went into the living leaving Grayson and I.

“So I’m yours now am I?” I asked as I threw on my Dolan Twins hoodie with some pajama pants.

“I would really like it if you were mine.” He smiles when I walked over to him slowly. I wrapped my arms around him as my lips attach to his. His arms wrap around me as he just holds me. We pull away and he rests his forehead on mine.

“I would too.” I answered as we walked into the living room and told Ethan everything. About the bickering, Sophie and Gray not being in a real relation, about how Gray claimed we were just friends. Ethan just smiled and laughed at all the craziness we had encountered in just two months, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

That night Grayson spent the night in my room while Ethan fell asleep on the couch. He held me in his arms and he would softly kiss me all throughout the night. We watched The Little Mermaid and we just cuddled.

“I love you.” Grayson mumbled into my hair. “Like a lot.” He kisses my forehead which I just smiled against his warm chest.

“So much for being just friends huh?” I asked with a chuckle which Grayson just scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“Y/N I think you and I both know we were never just friends.” He says as he tackles me into a kiss.

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can you give more on alex's praise kink?

“Nice work, Danvers,” Maggie grins in Alex’s lab as she’s announcing an upgrade she’s made to the DEO’s defense against Cadmus-style bio-weapons.

The statement in and of itself is kind. It’s kind and it’s typical of their relationship: endlessly supportive, endlessly affirmative, endlessly validating.

The statement in and of itself isn’t sexual.

But the lilt in Maggie’s voice, the rasp? The burning look in her eyes as she rakes them up and down Alex’s body, her blue latex gloves, her white lab coat?

Alex clears her throat and tears her eyes away from Maggie’s, forcing herself to look at J’onn, to continue explaining her innovation to him, the way Lena had helped her with it. Forcing her mind to the science, to the medicine, and away from what she knows – what she hopes – Maggie has in store for her tonight.

And she’s right. 

She’s right, because Maggie’s eyes are thick with want when Alex gets home that night.

“You did a great job on the job today, Danvers,” Maggie tells her, and Alex bites her lip after they kiss hello, lips parted and breath already hot.

“Did I?” Alex asks, breathless and nearly wordless.

“Mmhmmm,” Maggie murmurs, her lips shifting down Alex’s jawline to suck softly on her throat.

Alex moans and Maggie smiles against her skin.

“You want this right now, babe?” she confirms, and Alex answers by pulling Maggie closer by her belt loops as she moans louder at the increase in contact.

“Mmmm, good girl, I love when you let me hear what you like, babygirl,” Maggie whispers, and Alex swoons.

Maggie chuckles into her collarbone and holds her steady, hands on her waistline.

“Maggie, please,” Alex begs indistinctly, her knees weak and her breath ragged.

“Please what, sweetie? Be a good girl and tell me what you want,” Maggie encourages, pressing open-mouthed kisses across Alex’s throat, her collarbone, the skin exposed by the way she gently tugs Alex’s henley down after Alex’s trembling fingers guide her to it.

“Maggie,” Alex repeats, holding onto Maggie’s belt loops for stability, and Maggie decides to help her out.

“Want me to take you to bed, Alex?” she asks, and Alex whines and nods desperately.

Maggie taps her outer thighs gently, and Alex obediently spreads her legs and jumps slightly, trusting Maggie to catch her, to carry her, and she does with ease that doesn’t surprise Alex anymore, but still turns her on just as much as it did the first time Maggie carried her to bed.

Maggie kisses her eager and just a bit sloppy as she carries her to bed, setting her down gently just in front of the bed, her eyes hazy with raw need.

“You wanna be a good girl and strip for me, Danvers?” she asks, and Alex gasps in affirmation.

Her fingers are slow and her fingers are tantalizing, deliberate. Teasing. She strips steady and she strips careful, her eyes never leaving Maggie’s face.

“Like this, babe?” Alex asks, and Maggie practically growls.

“Just like that, sweetie. You’re doing such an amazing job,” she husks as Alex slips her thumbs into the waistline of her jeans and tugs them off along with her underwear in one push.

Maggie hisses as Alex steps out of her jeans and socks, naked and vulnerable and soaked and so damn open.

“You are so damn gorgeous, Danvers,” she rasps, her hands shaking with want.

“So do something about it, Sawyer,” Alex smiles shyly, and Maggie steps forward slowly.

Alex gasps and watches as Maggie takes her own clothes off just as slowly as Alex did. Slow and steady and tempting. Alex watches, panting and licking her lips and gulping and needing, needing, needing.

“Wanna be a good girl and get on top of me?” Maggie asks, and Alex tilts her head in excited question.

“I want to watch you ride my hard on,” Maggie whispers in explanation, her hands shifting toward their bedside drawer. “Color?” she asks. “Is that something you want right now, Alex?”

“God, yes,” Alex whines, kneeling on the bed so Maggie can lay down after she tugs on her harness and dildo.

Alex doesn’t straddle her, and she doesn’t crawl on top of her. Instead, she lowers her lips to Maggie’s strapon, pausing before her lips make contact.

“You want this, Maggie?” she asks, eyes wide.

“Be a good girl and suck me off, Ally,” Maggie rasps, and Alex moans as she takes Maggie’s strapon deep into her mouth in one slow, steady movement. 

Maggie makes a sound somewhere between a scream and a moan, and her fingers lose themselves in Alex’s hair.

“Alexxx,” she pants, and Alex has never heard her name sound more perfect. “Alex, you’re so damn amazing at that. Fuck, Alex, you’re perfect, you know that? You’re perfect, you’re – “

Her voice trails into a raw scream as Alex pushes Maggie’s dildo down against her clit with her fingers secure at its base, and she fights to keep her hips down.

“Can I ride you, babe? Give you something tighter to be inside?” Alex asks, her lips slightly swollen with her efforts.

“Fuck, yes, Alex, I… babe, yes, if you want that, yes, yes.”

Alex chuckles and kisses Maggie’s inner thighs before sitting up and shifting so she’s straddling Maggie’s hips, holding herself above her strapon, watching her face carefully.

“Color?” Alex asks, and Maggie arches an eyebrow. 

“What do you think, Danvers?”


“Green, Al, green. Now be a good girl and ride me like I asked you to.”

Alex moans at Maggie’s sudden regaining of control, and Alex obeys immediately, excitedly. She gasps as she lowers herself onto Maggie’s strapon, filling herself with Maggie’s eagerness, with her desperation, with her love.

Maggie groans and buries her fingers in Alex’s hips.

“That’s right, babygirl, fill yourself up with me, just like that.” Alex barely swallows a scream, and Maggie’s eyes roll shut, but only for a moment.

“You wanna touch your gorgeous breasts for me, Alex? I wanna see your perfect fingers playing with your perfect nipples.”

Alex doesn’t hold back her scream this time, and she shifts so her knees can keep her whole body balanced on Maggie’s, and obeys.

“Let me see you make your nipples hard for me, babygirl,” Maggie begs, and Alex makes a show of slipping her fingers in and out of her mouth, wetting them for Maggie, for herself.

Maggie arches her hips up desperately as she watches Alex tease her own breasts for her, as she watches Alex’s head tilt back in the ecstasy of sensations Maggie is giving her, that she’s giving herself.

“You are the most beautiful woman that’s ever existed, Danvers,” Maggie rasps, and Alex laughs breathily.

“And you are so fucking tight for me,” Maggie reminds her, and Alex’s laugh turns into a scream.

“You want to ride me as hard as you can until you cum with me buried inside your perfect body, babe?” Maggie invites, and Alex lowers her hands to brace herself on the mattress, and she obeys, slamming her hips back and forth, up and down, unrestrained and uninhibited and completely, completely trusting of the woman filling her up with her screams, with her strapon, with her unblinking eyes and her gentle, firm hands.

“I love you, Alex Danvers,” Maggie tells her at just the right time, just as she’s starting to spiral out of control, just as her thrusts are getting more and more ragged, just as her screams are getting more and more full-throated.

When she cums, it’s hard and it’s deep, and she squirts all over Maggie’s thighs, all over her harness, all over their mattress. 

When she cums, it’s with Maggie’s voice in her ear, telling her she loves her, telling her she’s beautiful, telling her she’s perfect, telling her she’s everything. 

Absolutely everything.

Because she is.

Norman Reedus x Reader - Road trip [SMUT] (Request)

Anon:Could you do a Norman x Reader where they take a road trip but reader spends all her time teasing him like slowly rubbing to his crotch  and undoing his pants and putting her hand in and palming him, while he’s driving his bike and he pulls over cuz he can’t take it and they get down dirty on the bike in a back road please make this and kinky and smutty as your imagination let you.

Hope you like it♥

Since i got complaining, now all my smutt fictions will have a “read more” so I don’t make anyone uncomfortable

Note: Italic are reader’s thoughts



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