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Do you know any BDSM fics with skinny!Steve as the dom? I looked through your BDSM tag and I can't seem to find any with that particular dynamic. (It doesn't have to be preserum btw, modern au is also great!)

Here’s a few that I found.

Nobody makes you smile like I do by notallbees

A few weeks after he and Steve start fooling around, Bucky finally tries to go on that date with his dad’s secretary.

It doesn’t go quite as planned.

gonna take you for a freedom ride by oh_la_fraise

Steve has plans for the night. If Bucky can’t truly participate, then Steve will just have to get creative.

if you’re lonely wake me by oh_la_fraise

Their first date is objectively pretty great. But later, when Bucky comes after Steve slides inside him and slaps him on the ass, Steve knows this is going to be fun.

Rekindle by orphan_account

Steve wasn’t sore. He was irritated, and more than a little confused. He didn’t understand Bucky. He’d thrown himself at Steve while Steve was in rut a few weeks ago, and they’d literally spent days pretty much doing pretty much nothing but getting one another off and then dozing in each others arms. It had been nice, it had been affectionate, and maybe Steve was just a dumbass who thought that maybe that meant something (or maybe he was an alpha who became a bit too possessive when he found something he wanted to be his, but god, he hoped that wasn’t it). But apparently not.

Or ‘Steve wakes up to Bucky jerking off next to him in the middle of the night and porn ensues’.

And Here’s the search I used if you want to bookmark that for any more that might pop up! :)


Woo hoo! Its happening again! CicLAvia Oct 5, 2014! This time it will be in the Heart of LA. 10 miles along Cesar E. Chavez Blvd all from Echo Park to the East LA Civic Center. Broadway Blvd will also be accessible from 9th street to Chinatown.
Went to the CicLAvia in April on Wilshire Blvd and had so much fun! I walked and my hubby rode his bike. It was safe and fun with lots of activities. Can’t wait for this one in October!

Fic Summary - Week Four

The Last Quiet Lullaby

Louis knew the stories. He knew what Harry was. He knew he was falling for him. Louis had answers, but he wasn’t ready to make the questions.

(Or the one where Louis is the swimmer with no path and Harry is the merman who always signs to him, but never lures him to dead)

Coming Up For Air

It’s a long plane ride to LA but sitting beside Harry makes time fly.


Somtimes the strong one needs someone to lean on.

The Feeling of Soulmates

Louis and Harry are a typical Omega and Alpha couple in high school. One day Louis goes into heat two days early and Harry drags him home to fuck the heat out of him. And the early heat is not the only surprise the boys get.

Or Louis was a slut before meeting Harry, his soulmate. Niall is the best friend who likes his dick more than touching Louis’ ass and Liam and Zayn are not really given a trait. Full of cuteness and love and mood swings.

Break the Distance

Louis and Harry are friends, but can never seem to move past awkward texts and hallway conversations. Featuring: bi Louis, ambiguous Harry, and lots of awkwardness.

connoisseurs of comfort

louis has only really had his flat to himself for a few weeks when liam knocks on the door and brings him a new flatmate. this one turns out to be a bit different though.

Like a Bullet in the Dark

An AU where seventeen-year-old Harry and nineteen-year-old Louis live on opposite sides of a mysterious fence.

Late Late

5 Years after Louis becomes a father, and the band takes a permanent hiatus, Louis Tomlinson finds himself hosting his first episode of The Late Late Show. He’s nervous, but lucky for him, his first guest is an old friend.  

Searching For Lost Time

Harry is a ballet dancer with special talents and a determination to make his dreams come true. Louis is a hip hop b-boy from Manchester who’s been given a chance to attend the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance in London. Louis feels like he has something to prove and show the rest of the dance world that hip hop is just as important an art form as anything other dance discipline. Harry and Louis clash at first and then learn that collaborating makes them stronger.

Based on this prompt that I was given:
Louis and Harry study at a dance academy. Harry studies ballet and Louis studies hip-hop. They both stay behind after classes to practice and they leave the doors of the rooms open. With their classes across each other, their music is loud and it annoys the other. After a few weeks, Harry and Louis discover that maybe ballet and hip-hop don’t sound too bad together.

AKA; the one where two types of dancing fit unexpectedly well together, much like Harry and Louis themselves.

Letting You In

Harry Styles begins university with a big secret–he has a baby daughter he is caring for all by himself. When Harry’s grades begin to slip, fellow student Louis Tomlinson offers to help. As Louis begins to become a integral part of Harry’s life, Harry has to decide whether to let Louis go or let him in on his secret.

Better than Words (we can make it, you know)

Harry is an exchange student and Louis, silly boy that he is, thinks that he can’t speak english and tries to explain things to him with a lot of hand gestures and dances. Harry keeps going with the misunderstanding because he thinks Louis is cute and just wants him to keep talking.

Somethin’ bout you

Of all the government agents in the world, Louis has to go and land the most charming one.


Harry has always been in love with his best friend Louis, but when new student and goal keeper Zayn starts getting close with Louis, Harry can’t help but assume the worst.

Just Think of Me As The Pages In Your Diary

So this is the prompt

Harry, and Louis’ friends set up a blind date and they hit it up pretty well when they first meet, immediately planning a second date. But then their friends asked them why they didn’t go on their respective dates, and it turns out that Harry was not Louis’ blind date, and vice versa. They don’t know that the other person knows that though, so they just kind of awkwardly go on dates while falling for each other.

What I actually wrote was the first part about the accidental blind dates, and their friends wondering why they missed their dates. I kind of went rogue after that, and I do apologize. I have a hard time writing awkward miscommunication. But there is awkward dating involved. It’s just not with H;&L.

you’ve set on me

Harry’s been completely blindsided, is the thing. Like a car without headlights crashing into him. It’s not that he thought he’d never see Louis again in his life. It’s just this. He wasn’t ready for this.

au. louis’ in an obscure band. harry’s an international popstar. their paths aren’t meant to cross, not like this, but when louis’ band signs on as harry’s opening act, both harry and louis are forced to confront the open wounds of their shared past.

Just over a week ago, right after #eroicasouthafrica, @svenuhlig, @cameronbarnesfurniture, @wernermuellerschell, @mrkoenigseker and I set off on a 5-day dirt-road wild-camping touring adventure by bicycle. I photographed our journey with my old #nikonfe on #35mm film, and we called the trip #karoobaix, after an idea for a new race I have. This trip was partly a recce, but we really just wanted to get lost in the wildness. Here we are at the top of the Ouberg Pass on our first afternoon after riding out of Montagu in the direction of Ladismith. by stanengelbrecht http://ift.tt/1ZhIl3y

Je viens de me trouver un groupe de trois cheveux blancs supplémentaires. Sérieusement, c’est quoi la suite ? Les rides ? La démence ? La dégénérescence maculaire ??