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Jon decided to bring Damian along to their trip to the county fair this year. They went on a lot of rides,ate some junk food and even got a couple prizes. The boys by the end of the day were exhausted. Damian might not admit to it later but he had a genuinely good time with his partner and boyfriend best friend.

Can you guess the prizes they got?? The green one might be hard to tell but I’ll give you a hint, it’s a pickle!

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Hi I'm sorry to bother you but I'm not feeling very well and I'd love if you could make a cute Disney themed Bumblebee for me and my girlfriend...? I love your art style and you're so sweet and I'd really appreciate it. Thank you so much so love you ❤🐝

Ahh I hope you’re feeling better, I hope you and your gf like this✧*。✧*。(^▽^) Thank you so much!

I know Danny on a cool, sleek, black motorbike is popular but consider

Danny’s parents refusing to chip in the money for him to buy one of those deathtraps, instead insisting that if he wants one he has to work for it himself, so Danny buys the cheapest one he can find from a scrap yard, it’s pretty much just a shitty motor on a pair of wheels lined with strips of rubber that can barely be considered ‘tires’

he drags this mechanical carcass home into the garage and spends his spare time fixing it up with any pieces of scrap he can find, he scavenges old car yards and boxes full of his parents’ failed experiments for anything he can use to fix this damn bike, sometimes he even talks shop with Johnny between punches to get a few tips on ectoplasm powered motor maintenance

most of the bike has to be completely remade and Danny has no idea what kind of bike his was even supposed to be when it came out of the shop and has to take reference from a variety of different motorbike designs just to see which ones seem to work for his, when he goes searching for parts he doesn’t know what to look for and pretty much just grabs whatever looks promising and makes it fit

he pours so much of his focus into this bike and after managing to make the motor ectoplasm compatible he feeds it a good chunk of his own raw energy, his first moment of success is finally getting the fucking thing to start up, even if it keeps spitting out huge green clouds of manky exhaust smelling like some rank mix of petrol and that copper/chemical smell of ectoplasm, Maddie refuses to let Danny come into the kitchen for dinner until he takes a shower

the bike is still far from being road legal though, but as Danny continues to fix it up he finds it a little easier than before, pieces seem to fit a lot more snugly in places he was sure they wouldn’t, it makes less and less smoke and noise every time he starts it up and sometimes parts seem to meld together before he can even touch a blowtorch

eventually, to the horror and amazement of his parents, he gets the whole bike up and running and manages to make it completely road legal, neither Maddie nor Jack understand just HOW this monstrosity managed to pass inspection but apparently it had everything it needed and was deemed completely safe to drive

but damn is it an ugly fuckin’ wreck though

Maddie starts to regret not lending Danny the money for a brand new bike because anything ANYTHING has to be safer than this Frankenfenton Monsterbike sitting in her driveway

Danny on the other hand is fucking ECSTATIC, all his work has paid off and now he has his own bike to travel the streets of Amity Park with, and since it’s powered by his own energy fed through power cables in the handlebars, he doesn’t even have to worry about paying for petrol

Danny finds riding the bike feels eerily similar to flying, it feels almost like an extension of himself, he can sense his own energy humming through the machinery below him, it moves fluidly through traffic, can turn on a dime and even when it gets battered by the occasional ghostly enemy Danny will return to find it the same as how he left it

Danny is aware the bike isn’t normal, he knows raw ectoplasm can have strange effects on anything and he idly worries about what he might be doing to his bike by powering it the way he does, but after a few more chats with Johnny he feels more assured that the bike won’t come alive and attack anyone, it’s power is coming directly from Danny himself, and if Johnny’s word means anything then Danny’s protective nature is pretty much going to guarantee that his bike isn’t going to go wild on him

Danny’s bike becomes somewhat of a talking point at school, after he drives that sucker right into the parking lot reactions vary between students being horrified that anyone would ride that hunk of junk, and students being severely impressed that anyone COULD ride that hunk of junk, Lancer pulls Danny over for a small talk about road safety and keeps a nervous eye on him every afternoon when he leaves school in a puff of green smoke

Sam doesn’t mind the bike, she thinks it looks unique as fuck and it definitely has an edgy dangerous junk yard charm to it, and riding on it reminds her an awful lot of flying with Danny, though with the added bonus of a comfortable seat and no fear of accidentally being dropped

Tucker won’t even TOUCH the thing for MONTHS, he tells Danny multiple times that just looking at it makes him feel like he needs a tetanus shot

though when it comes down to it, in the midst of a ghost fight Tucker eventually chooses a possible death by tetanus over instant death via homicidal ghost and decides that perhaps he may have misjudged the bike just a tad after it proves very competent at taking him very far from danger very fast


stream dump! it was pretty lit for the first part, thank you to everyone who came, i had a wonderful time!

in order

- summer mari and adrien: tori

- chad noir and marinara sauce: the whole trash squad

- chloe and lila flirting: a portion of the trash squad

- tamar (oc) : disco

- adrinette prom: grace and the trash squad (ft. blue steel)

edit: i know the kids are missing. there is a reason i swear

Truth Telling--Some Sonic Forces Fic

[for @neil-degrasse-china, probably best if you read their “Scarf” piece first, for context]

[[Gadget has to tell Knuckles, the leader of the resistance, that he knows Infinite, knows him, perhaps, too well, and it’s the most terrifying thing he’s ever done.]]

Truth Telling

Here’s the thing, the thing he doesn’t want to tell but he’ll have to: that scarf was once his, and the neck, the person attached to that neck, had also once been his.  

Infinite wasn’t his name, but he doesn’t remember what it was regardless. Maybe it’s the effects of the gem—that radiating, pulsing, evil thing shoved into his friend’s chest, probably never to be removed, only destroyed from the inside out somehow; he knows how this will go already, and he doesn’t know if he’s strong enough to pull pre-Infinite out of this new person in the old body—maybe it’s the effects of the gem, but he can’t remember any identifying specifics of the person before, not the same way he can see the eyes, staring at him from the darkness, the bed for two, feel the hand clutching him, shaking with nightmares, the smile— It’s all so easy, but the words to go with it?

It’s like they never existed.

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Francis Dante Leblanc left his fathers mafia to keep his mother safe but all that did was get him a lame job as a flower boy

Too Hot To Handle: Chapter Five

So I kinda wrote a different kind of fanfiction. It’s nothing as in depth as my other fics so I am going to post it here. ENJOY!!

          ***Actor, Real Person Fanfiction, Walking Dead RPF***

Featuring: Jeffrey Dean Morgan X Original Female Character, Norman Reedus and others.. (Fyi this is total fiction as in I know nothing about JDMs life or that of his real SO and son etc. This is written for sick daydreaming pleasure.)

Aria St. James is a busy woman with a thriving restaurant. She thought she had everything she needed until a few famous faces visit her dining room. A tall, dark and handsome actor decides Aria’s just what he’s been looking for.

Rating: Mature

“Okay boss lady.” Javier announced, smacking his hand onto the counter. “Tell me all about your date with Fuckhot McHotty or I’m vetoing the carrot soup.” Glaring at him, Aria grumbled, "First off, that soup is fucking amazing and you have no goddamn say. Second, it’s  none of your goddamn business.”
“Come on Ari.” He whined, complete with a foot stomp that would make a two year old jealous.  
“Fine.” She whined mockingly back her nose wrinkled in irritation. “We went on a date. He’s a very handsome, charming man. And yes we will be seeing each other again.”
“How good in bed is he?” Javier asked with a flirty smile. Rolling her eyes, Aria replied, “I’m not dignifying that with an answer.”
“Fine. Where’d you go with this handsome charming man?”
“He took me on his bike to the fair. We rode some rides, ate some junk food. It was fun.”
“Please tell me you got to kiss him at least. That fuckers mouth. Mm, mm, mm.” He ended the sentence with a unbelieving head shake, his gaze to the heavens above.
Rolling her eyes, she muttered, “We may have kissed. He’s very good at it.”
Laughing, Javier grinned widely, “So he asked you out again already?”
“He’s traveling some this weekend but when he get back we’re having dinner.”
“You’re cooking aren’t you?”
“I enjoy cooking and I figure he took me out the first date, I’ll handle the second.”
Grinning like a maniac, Javier bounced on the balls of his feet, “This is so fucking exciting. You have to take me to one of those after parties. I have to meet Michonne. She’s so fucking badass.”
“I don’t know who that is and we’ve gone on one date. Calm down, there isn’t a wedding reception planned just yet.” She spoke dryly, her throat tightening at the words and images. 

‘What the fuck?’ She scoffed inwardly while mentally slapping herself silly. 

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can we please get some fred and pansy. they need so much more love

this is a muggle au for the @slytherdornet and @hprarepairnet summer vacation challenge!

  • fred loved the county fair that came to his town every summer, and he always went with his sister ginny. 
  • she was the only one of his siblings that actually liked to go on rides, eat elephant ears, and get henna tattoos. 
  • george didn’t even enjoy it. it never made sense to him, but he always enjoyed spending some time with his sister. he was more like her than he sometimes cared to admit.
  • as ginny handed their tickets to the woman in the ticket booth she asked, “what do you think you want our hennas to look like this year?”
  • they always got matching henna tattoos. it was a tradition, but this year, fred was stumped with ideas.
  • “i honestly have no idea, gin. do you have any ideas?”
  • she shrugged as they passed a stand full of handmade bags.
  • “i suppose we’ll just have to look around in their binders for inspiration.”
  • fred nodded in agreement.
  • they spent a few hours riding rides and eating junk food; fred’s stomach was full and ginny’s long red hair was now knotted. she was attempting to brush through it with her fingers.
  • “i wish you carried hair tyes around. i am in desperate need of one.”
  • “i don’t even have long hair.”
  • “you should still carry them around.”
  • fred rolled his eyes and ginny grinned.
  • and that’s when fred saw her.
  • they finally found the henna stand, and the only girl working there caught his eye.
  • she had short black hair tucked behind her ears, a lip ling that was glistening against her red lipstick, and a rose tattoo trailing the side of her neck.
  • fred stopped in his tracks and gulped. ginny had walked slightly ahead but she turned around to look back at him. she smirked when she saw what he was staring at.
  • “is it time for hennas?” she teased.
  • fred playfully hit her arm.
  • “don’t you dare,” he warned her, but ginny was already walking towards the girl at the booth.
  • “hey there,” ginny said to the girl, “my brother would like to get a henna done.”
  • ginny flashed the girl a smile, and the girl perked her eyebrow up in response.
  • “oh yeah?” the girl asked, “what would he like done?”
  • ginny turned her head over her shoulder to look at fred who had followed her. he swallowed the remaining saliva in his throat and ran his hand through his hair.
  • “i-uh, i’m not sure. do you have one of those binders?”
  • the girl nodded her head to her left indicating the binder was on the table. he went and picked it up, and as soon as he sat down in the seat for clients, ginny adjusted the bag on her shoulder and started to walk away.
  • “where are you going?” fred hissed.
  • ginny’s eyes looked giddy; fred felt nervous and annoyed.
  • “i’m going to get an elephant ear. i’ll come back in like twenty minutes.”
  • when ginny was sure the girl was looking away, she winked at fred before she went off on her own.
  • fred tried to keep his attention on the binder in front of him, but he kept getting distracted by the girl’s long legs in front of him. her right leg was crossed over her left, and fred was happy and annoyed that she was wearing tight black cut-offs.
  • the girl was flipping through a magazine casually, and she licked the tip of her finger each time she turned a page. her nails were painted black, but the nail on her left index finger had a chip in it.
  • “are you going to continue gaping at me, or are you going to choose a design for me to draw on your body?”
  • fred felt his neck flush, and he blinked multiple times as though he was trying to gain composure. 
  • i-uh, i’ll let you decide what to put on me. i don’t care. everything you have in here is good.”
  • “good,” the girl repeated, “it’s just good?”
  • he looked at her frantically, but that’s when he saw the small smile playing at her lips.
  • she was teasing him.
  • “uh, it’s great, actually,” fred responded, “quite great.”
  • “that’s better.”
  • she got her supplies ready, and fred sat up in his seat. he watched her hands work and admired all the rings on her fingers.
  • “take off your shirt,” she ordered, “i want to do something on your chest.”
  • “m-my chest?” fred asked.
  • “did i stutter?”
  • she still had a smirk playing at her lips, and he wasn’t sure how to respond. so he looked outside the tent to see if anyone was watching. 
  • everyone seemed to be minding their own business, so he slipped his shirt off.
  • “what are you going to do?” he asked her.
  • “you’ll see,” was all she said.
  • he didn’t dare look down at her as she worked on the design on his chest. all he could focus on was trying to breath properly, and he worried she could feel his erratic heartbeat against her forearm.
  • her design took all of two seconds, and fred was surprised when she said she was done.
  • “that’s it?” he asked her, “what could you have possibly done that fast?”
  • “why don’t you look?” she said handing him a mirror.
  • as soon he placed the mirror in front of his chest, he realized she wrote out her number, and in the mirror, it wasn’t backwards. 
  • he wanted to know how she did that so easily, but he didn’t know how to ask.
  • “now you won’t lose it,” she said casually, “so you better write it down before it fades in a few weeks. do you know the proper care instructions?”
  • fred’s mouth slightly parted; this girl was ballsy, ballsier than him when he usually kept his cool.
  • at that, fred smirked.
  • “i do know the proper care instructions, yes,” he told her smoothly, “unless you think you’ll need to check up on it from time to time?”
  • she played with her lip ring as she admired his chest.
  • “i think that would be best,” she replied, “i’m pansy.”
  • “nice to meet you,” he said, “i’m fred weasley.” 

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do you think Dylan and Eric would have liked to go to the State Fair and ride the rides? Or eat the greasy food at The Fair?

Naturally.. a place that has rides and greasy, crappy junk food like corn dogs and dippin’ dots – What is not to love for teenage dudes. The two used to go to Elitch Gardens and Waterworld so I’m sure they’d do local State Fairs if they were bored and more importantly, IF they had some paycheck money to burn.

Human!TMNT Michelangelo

“Oh my god.” “I know, right?” “Oh my god.” “Are you broken?” Mikey came over and smiled at you. Despite the new look, he still had that same goofy grin and bright eyes. He was still your Mikey. “I’m…fine. I just can’t believe it…you’re human.” “Damn straight, angelcakes! Who knew breaking into abandoned buildings could lead to something awesome.” “It’s amazing.” “It’s about to get even cooler. Now that your man is human for a day, we’re gonna do something I’ve always wanted to do.” “What’s that?” “The carnival. There’s one in the city right now and we’re going, babe.” You both ran out of the lair and took a bus to the carnival. While the bus drive along, Mikey couldn’t help but smile. He was on the surface, riding a city bus, and no one was staring or freaking out. He was human. He looked at his hand, which was holding yours and smiled. When you got to your stop, and took off with you, laughing. “We gotta ride all the rides and I’ll win you the biggest stuffed animal ever. Come on, Y/N.” The entire day was a blast, with rides and junk food and kissing and laughter. It was amazing. It had began to get dark when Mikey found a stuffed animal booth. He won easily of course and you picked out a giant turtle wearing sun glasses. As you walked home, hand in hand, Mikey kept glancing at the turtle. “Y/N?” “Yeah, Mikey Man?” “You like me as me right? Turtle or human?” “Of course. Why?” “It’s just that this was only a day. And it was an awesome day but…sometimes I worry that you would wish I was human.” “Mikey…I like you because you make me smile and laugh and feel loved. It wouldn’t matter what you look like, I’d still love you. Besides, you’re super hot in both forms.” Mikey grinned and said “Oh, yeah? You like what you see?” “Most definitely.” “Then maybe we need to make a little detour at your place.” You blushed as he picked you up and kissed your neck. “Mikey!” “You’ll be saying that a lot…”

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Tyler Seguin Imagine •Requested•
Offseason is the time when families can rekindle with each other. Tyler’s hockey career has taken a toll on our marriage and his relationship with our 8-year-old son, Parker. It is the near end of June so Tyler felt the need to surprise our son with a trip to Disney World. In the past Tyler and I have discussed the trip but we felt that Parker was too young; but now he is the perfect age. We told him the news by buying him plush toys of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy then telling him that we’re going for two weeks. The day came to leave our home and fly to a family filled vacation. After the long flight from Dallas to Orlando we are unpacking our belongings and heading to the beach for the rest of the day. Tyler had surprised me with staying in the resort’s hotel. The dinner was full of Parker’s favorite characters, “Daddy, look! Over there is Pluto. Can we go say hi?” With a chuckle Tyler answers the rambunctious boy by saying, “I don’t think so you see, Parker, Pluto has to say hi to everyone here. So he is walking from table to table doing so”. Soon enough the large dog makes his way over to the hopeful boy. Once Pluto came over Parker began telling him about our two dogs back home; it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. To be honest I have never seen Parker so happy. His eyes resemble his father’s when he won his first gold medal and Stanley Cup. We have ten days waiting for us at the magical world. The first morning Parker woke Tyler and I up by jumping on the bed shouting, “Mommy, Daddy, wake up! We’re going to be late for Disney”. I couldn’t tell who was more excited Tyler or Parker. Tyler could finally spend quality time with the both of us and not have to focus on hockey for a change. Parker thought that it would be a good idea if we all wore mouse ears; Tyler and Parker are matching while I am wearing Minnie ears. Our first stop was the Princesses and Parker couldn’t have been more nervous to meet them. Plenty of single women were eyeballing Tyler as he walked with Parker. Tyler was wearing a black shirt emphasizing his tattooed muscular arms along with black shorts; he looked hot. To stop the stares I joined my little family by walking on the other side of Parker and holding his hand. In the distance in front of us was his favorite character; Peter Pan. Parker had taken off in a quick sprint headed towards the character’s direction, “Parker! Come back here!” I was running after the small boy like a lunatic as Tyler was trailing close behind. Our son had make it to Peter before we caught up to him, “Parker, please never do that again”. The man playing Peter Pan was almost like the character in Walt Disney’s movie. He was childish, immature, but fun, and imaginary. No wonder why Parker loved him. Our family day ended with riding various child friendly rides, eating junk food, and watching the annual fireworks under Cinderella’s Castle. When we got back to the room Parker was passed out in Tyler’s arms. The staff gave us a complementary wine bottle and two glasses so Tyler and I went out on the balcony together, “Thank you so much Tyler. Did you see how happy he was today? He loved spending time with you.” Taking a sip of his red wine he answers, “I know, (y/n). I just wanted to apologize for being away days to weeks at a time. I think this vacation will patch everything up”. Tyler and I end our hectic day with the clink of our glasses and a kiss under the moonlight as our son lays asleep in dreamland.

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