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Ruben and I went cross country schooling today! It was great fun but luckily mum was there with Penny to give us a lead over some of the scarier jumps 😊

Tacked up and put boots on when we got there, then looked at the saddle because something wasn’t right. Then noticed that Rubens owner had forgotten to bring stirrups…

So I got a leg up and we did some stirrupless work while Norma went to ask someone if we could borrow some stirrups 😬 as soon as I got stirrups Ruben decided it was time to have fun so he took off at a gallop and did a few leaps and bucks…
Thank god he waited until I got stirrups though! 😂


My last lesson at the yard today, sad but so much fun! It’s insane to think how we’ve come along together with the help of so many wonderful people who, after 8 years, feel like family!

Watson jumped so well I’m super proud of him! 2 more days before I don’t see him for a month, how will I cope?!?

Promise Me

“Imagine chibs one based off to love you more by Celine Dion”

Sorry about the wait for this one! I lost the original request and I had to look for the screenshot I had, also I couldn’t get an idea on how to start this so thanks for being patient! Btw I haven’t seen season 3 in years(since it first showed) so I cannot remember the Irish crews names:( so I’m gonna work around that since I don’t have Netflix currently to watch it!




“C’mon, love, it’s almost time to go!” Chibs called from the living room. You and most of the club were heading to Ireland since Jax’ son was taken there, you were all frantic wanting to find him before anything could happen, so you all booked tickets to Ireland for the next flight. “Alright, let’s go, I got our passports and documents,” you grabbed a small suitcase and headed out the door towards TM.

Pulling into TM, you saw Jax and Gemma talking next to the swingset, Jax looked like he had been crying, but it was understandable, his son was just snatched from him and taken almost across the globe, “I’m gonna go talk to Gem, okay?” Turning towards Chibs, “Okay, love, I’ll come when it’s time to leave,” heading towards Gemma, Jax got up and left to see his brothers.

“Hey, Gem,” you smiled, “Hey, baby,” she gave you a hug, “Want a smoke?” handing you her pack, “Sure,” you lit your cigarette and took a drag, “How are you?” Gemma was every emotion right now, sad, angry, anxious, etc, “I’m okay,” she took a puff, “I just want my grandson to be safe,” Gemma sighed, “He will be, he’s a Teller, those men are tough bastards,” you both smiled, “You got that right,” she looked at you, “You nervous?” “What do you mean?” Gemma looked at Chibs, “Fiona’s sure gonna be there, Kerrianne’s gonna wanna see her father,” looking towards Chibs, you sighed, “That’s his family, Gem, I don’t want him to lose them because of me, I just want him to be happy and if seeing them makes him the happiest man on the planet, so be it,” taking another drag, Gemma smirked, “That’s your old man, don’t let that Irish bitch take him from you,” she wrapped her arm around you. What if Chibs saw Fiona and wanted her back? What would happen to your relationship? Clay waved to signal it was time to go, “C’mon, lass!” You and Gemma got up and started walking towards your cars.

On the plane, you watched Chibs look out the window, he was looking at the Atlantic with sad eyes, this is the first time he’ll be home in years and he doesn’t know if he’s going to see his family or not. But the thought of him going back to Fiona burned into your thoughts.

“You okay, Y/N?” Chibs looked at you with worry, “Yeah, Filip, I’m okay,” you smiled to reassure him, “You’ve been awful quiet, love, what’s on your mind?” Chibs was always wanting to know what was on your mind, he was just like that, “Just thinking about Ireland, I’ve only ever seen pictures and movies about it, and I was just thinking why I never gone there before,” lie, “It’s magnificent, lass, you’ll love it,” putting his arm around you to draw you closer, he kissed your forehead with and you laid your head on his chest.

A few hours later, your pilot made it aware that you were landing soon so everyone got their bags ready to hop off the plane. While stopping next to the terminal, you saw the rain fall on the cement next to the plane, you were expecting blue skies with a rainbow and maybe a leprechaun on the other side, but those were just silly thoughts, and this was reality, “Alright everyone, the truck with the bikes will be here shortly to take us to the clubhouse with our Irish brothers, there we’ll get settled,” Clay was making sure everyone knew the plan. “Alright, lass, you’ll be riding with me, yes?” Chibs got up grabbing his jacket, “Of course,” smiling you unbuckled yourself from your seat and all of you made your way towards the exit to the truck on outside of the plane.

Riding along the Irish countryside, Chibs was telling you all about the little villages and towns you passed making your way towards the clubhouse, he spoke with sadness in his voice, you can tell he wanted to be home. “How are you doing, love?” He spoke above the engine, “It’s beautiful,” you tightened your grip around Chibs waist and he smiled, “I’ll show you how Scots have fun in Ireland,” laughing you placed your head on his shoulder from behind.

When riding into the clubhouse, all of the Irish brothers cheered as if SAMCRO was coming home from war, it was only in the middle of the day and everyone had beers and a BBQ starting. “Welcome to Belfast!” The crowd cheered while SAMCRO parked their bikes along the side, “We have something for you, Chibs,” Chibs stood confused as a black van drove onto the property.

Opening the door stood his wife, Fiona, and next came Kerrianne, his daughter. “My girls!” He ran towards them, embracing them both into a long hug, you were happy to see him with his family, mostly for him to see his daughter. Kerrianne looked like a mix of them both, she had her father’s face shape and her mother’s complexion. “Y/N, I’d like you to meet someone,” Chibs grabbed Kerrianne’s hand and walked her over to you, “Hi,” she was shy, she looked terrified, most likely because of Jimmy O’ knew they were with Chibs, he would kill them, “Hello,” you smiled, and noticed Fiona eyeing you down from the van, she started walking towards you.

“I’m his wife, Fiona, and you are?” She stared you down, she was quite tall and intimidating, if she scared Gemma enough for her to tell Tara and you that, then you thought to not piss her off, but she tried to use the wife card on you, “I’m his old lady,” you stood tall in front of Chibs, “Oh,” she smiled, “I remember that label,” Chibs was about to step in, “It’s quite a distant memory, huh?” tilting your head to the side, Gemma smiled proudly. “Y/N, this is Fiona, Fiona this is Y/N,” you kept staring into her eyes. “Why don’t we all go inside for a drink, okay, da?” Kerrianne felt the tension between  you two, “Sounds great,” You smiled holding Chibs hand and walking inside with everyone.

As the hours passed, SAMCRO and SAMBEL passed stories and words along with drinks. The party started to grow and you noticed Fiona and Chibs disappeared while you were chatting with Maureen and Trinity, “Where’s Filip?” Looking around, Mauren and Trinity shrugged. Walking away to look for him, you saw Kerrianne sitting at the picnic table alone, “Hey, do you know where your father went?” “I saw him and me ma walk into the store a bit ago,” she smiled, “Thanks, I’ll be back,” walking towards the store, you looked into the window, you saw Chibs and Fiona talking, and him pulling her into a kiss.

You felt your stomach drop to your feet and your heart break in half. Your face began to grow hot while tears built up in your eyes in a matter of seconds. Not being able to speak or cry, you ran into the store to confront them. They both turned around quickly hearing the door slam open.

“Y/N,” Chibs was in shock to see you watching them, “Filip, how-how could you?” Running out of the store, Chibs chased you while Fiona stood there happy with what she has done.

While you ran to the next street trying to get away from Chibs, he finally caught up with you and grabbed your hand, “Please let me explain, Y/N,” the tears rushed down your face as you turned to him, “I still love her, Y/N, I’m sorry,” those words hit you like a semi, you couldn’t believe him, he just broke your heart. “I’m confused, I love you, I do, but when I saw her and Kerrianne, I just felt like I had a chance at having my family back, lass, she’s still my wife, and the mother of my child,” you stared at him as he broke your heart, “I’m the one who stayed, she left the second Jimmy came to her,” Chibs sighed, “She didn’t have a choice, Y/N,” “Yes, she did, she walked away, she didn’t even fight for you,” Chibs looked down, it was true, she walked away and didn’t even fight to keep him, just turned her back on him, “I don’t know what to do here, love, I want my family back, and I have this one chance, but I need time to get my heart and head on the same track, please Y/N,” Chibs held your hand as you silently wept.

“Please don’t go, she won’t love you like I will, Filip,” You cupped his face while he placed his hand over yours, “I stayed, no matter what, please don’t do this, you know you’ll break my heart,” kissing him, you looked up at him, “I need time, Y/N, I need to figure this out, I don’t want to lie to you,” that was it, you knew you were both done, but in a way you were happy for him, he wanted his family back, he had this one chance to have them back and he was going to take it.

You thought to yourself in those few moments, you would much rather have him happy than yourself and you wanting him to yourself made you feel selfish, so you had to let him go, to find himself and get his family back.

“Promise me, you’ll get them back, Filip, I want you to be happy,” Chibs looked at you, and kissed you for what you thought would be the last time, “I promise, lass,” the kiss was long, and passionate, it was the last kiss and you knew it, “I’ll be waiting here, in my heart for you, I just need you to know I’m the one who wants to love you the most, Filip, please don’t forget that,” you held his hand to your cheek touching him for the last time, “Thank you, Y/N, I won’t forget.”

You watched him walk away, you felt your heart shudder as it broke. You wanted him to choose you, but it would have killed you to see him let his family go just like that, knowing he would be happy made you feel a bit better, but you promised yourself you would wait for him till however long it took. Your heart was his.


Thanks for reading!

I’m sorry for not having this up sooner, I rewrote it hundreds of times. But I hope you enjoyed!

I listened to the song on repeat until I finished and I used something that happened to me as a person reference, but I hope the reader who requested this enjoyed it!


Inktober #6: Dullahan 

The Irish Dullahan rides a black stallion throughout the night and brings death to any name it calls out. It carries it’s own severed head and often raises it into the air to see far distances in the darkness. If you do come across this spirit you are almost certain to die but to increase your chances keep your eyes averted. It is also known to fear objects made of gold (as are many other evil spirits).