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{ And with that, I am back! Keep in mind though, because of my status as a nursing student and increased responsibilities at home, this blog will be permanently semi-active, with preference being given to my other blog, @schneelein​. But I don’t plan on giving up Ealga any time soon. So sit back, enjoy the ride, and enjoy the Irish salt! } 

Ruben and I went cross country schooling today! It was great fun but luckily mum was there with Penny to give us a lead over some of the scarier jumps 😊

Tacked up and put boots on when we got there, then looked at the saddle because something wasn’t right. Then noticed that Rubens owner had forgotten to bring stirrups…

So I got a leg up and we did some stirrupless work while Norma went to ask someone if we could borrow some stirrups 😬 as soon as I got stirrups Ruben decided it was time to have fun so he took off at a gallop and did a few leaps and bucks…
Thank god he waited until I got stirrups though! 😂

SHINee Reaction: They come into the dance studio to find you (their girlfriend) dancing sensually.

Taemin - *Slips in behind you, putting his hands on your waist* “Mind if I cut in?” *And then he laughs at himself, realizing how cheesy he just sounded.*

Key - *Watches from where he entered, covering the small window in the door so no passersby can see you, and just enjoys the sight. When you notice him, you smile and crook a finger at him to come closer, and he quirks an eyebrow at you with a mischievous grin on his face.*

Minho - *At first he’d be a little startled. Why were you dancing like that so publicly. He hoped it wasn’t an official dance because he would have none of that. But after the initial possessive boyfriend wore off, he’d watch with extreme satisfaction and interest. He may wolf-whistle or make some louder than necessary noise to make you aware he was there.*

Onew - *He’d be a little embarrassed actually. Not because you dance badly or anything, he’s just kind of a bashful guy, and seeing you like that all of a sudden would catch him off guard.* “(Y/N), what are you doing, honey?”

Jonghyun - *This guy would do two things. The first, he’d lock the door and make sure the window in the door is covered from outsiders looking in. The second, he’ll grab a chair and drag it around three feet away from you and he’d sit in it, his arms crossed, watching with a peculiar look in his eyes. When you take notice of him, he’d gesture you over with a wave of his hand, and although you may or may not like to be bossed around, even non-verbally, the look in his eyes would surely send a shiver up your spine. When you got over to him, he’d coax you into continuing your dance, until you’re all but giving him a lap dance. You may make it back to your house for a crazy night of sex, but I doubt you’ll even make it out of the dance studio before you’re riding him.*

- Admin Irish