ride if you dare

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CAMERON: six flags

fame pt. 1 & 2

party smut

caught smut

helping hand

secret lovers

she can’t have you

shh smut

spicing it up (foursome with jack and jack and nash)

club sex


he’s not for me

I missed you (daddy!kink)

he gets jealous of Gilinsky

truth or dare

dance practice

I’ll take care of you

not as heartless as you think

Abusive boyfriend

baby blurp

dry sex

she’s a cheater



stress relief

Skylynn doesn’t like you

you can’t have him

cheaters, smut 3some with taylor

I missed you smut

bike ride smut

truth or dare

playing hard to get

spicing it up

silent treatment

me, or the fan?

You’re mine

she’s a cheater


abusive relationship

baby sammy

playing hard to get

cancer, sad

tease smut

game over

NATE: friends to lovers

MATTHEW: football game smut

before practice quickie

anniversary blurp

stress relief smut


spicing it up

the feelings are mutual


bad girl smut

jealous much?

busted smut

spicing it up


I’m not ready

couple moment

game over

our baby part 2

Our baby part 1


you cheated on him with nash and Taylor




I missed you smut


truth or dare

drunken mistake


his favorite thing about you

how he knows You’re in the mood

´“The Teacups was the only ride they’d let me on by myself. I got on it and started spinning myself round and round. I feel like I’m still there, spinning round and round and round, and the ride won’t stop, and I won’t dare get off. You were right, Ray. I am scared. But you’re scared, too.”

Uptown girls (2003) dir. Boaz Yakin

Mark Rutte, prime minister of the Netherlands, REALLY published a letter attacking all racial minorities of the country in a major newspaper. One passage even named “calling a normal Dutch person racist” as an offense in the same breath with homophobia. I’m beyond belief - this man is really out here trying to court the vote of Geert Wilders supporters because he knows he screwed over every lower income family in the country with his economics so the only appeal he has left is riding the wave of xenophobia and DARE I SAY, racism. Are you gonna tell me to leave my country for posting this, Rutte? Disgusting, despicable, manipulative, transparent little man that you are.

Impress you (Bruce Wayne Imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request: Hi love, can you do a Bruce Wayne falling with a rather unpolished woman fic? All cute and stuff
Summary: Not being used to the fancy life. 
Word count: 506
Warning(s): fluff

Fancy was never your thing. You had always been simple, much unlike your date Bruce Wayne who had lived his whole life in luxury. You had been obviously hesitant when he had asked you out, not because you weren’t interested in him, but because he was way out of your league.

When Bruce came to pick you up, your jaw nearly hit the floor, his car was expensive and he even had a driver, Alfred from what you understand. The ride to the restaurant was pleasant, but quiet, you didn’t dare to say a word in fear of saying something wrong.

The restaurant was fancier then you thought it would be, and you felt underdressed. Your clothes were nowhere near good enough to be here but Bruce didn’t seem to care at all. 

You were quickly sat at a table and given menus. Half of the words you couldn’t even pronounce and a look of fear was making its way on to your face. Bruce quickly noticed. “Tell me what you want and I’ll order,” He smiles, 

The wait for food was pleasant and the conversation seemed to flow. You were trying to ignore the uncomfortable knot in your stomach from looking at all the silverware on the table. 

once the food was set in front of you you couldn’t bring yourself to eat. “Is there something wrong?” Bruce asks politely, you shake your head “No” But still don’t touch the food. “What’s wrong,” Bruce asks finally, holding your hand.

I don’t even know where to start,” You sigh, looking at all the forks and knives. “We could go somewhere else, where you’re more comfortable,” He says, and It wasn’t up for much debate, as he called a waiter over, asking for the bill.

After paying you two stand in front of the doors looking around. “So where to?” He asks giving you his jacket when he saw you shivering from the wind. “A burger maybe?” You say pointing at a burger joint not far away.

He smiles, taking your hand. “Well as long as you’re happy,” he chuckles, opening the door for you. 

You order your food, sitting down at the food. You feel so much more in your element, a true smile on your face. It was captivating for Bruce, even contagious as he smiled brightly.

They brought you two the food and you quickly dive in, Bruce not waiting long either. the conversation flowed better than before and He was happy to see you happy and free.

Sorry about the restaurant, “ You apologize sadly, after finishing your food. “I prefer this over that anytime,” he smiles playing with your fingers gently. “I’m not used to the fancy stuff, I’ve always lived pretty simply,” You confess, his smile not faltering. “ It was my fault for trying to impress you, I should have known.” 

You were trying to impress me?” You smile, eyes bright, looking up at him finally, to which he nods. You chuckle, causing him to let out a heartfelt laugh. 


With love,

“The Teacups was the only ride they’d let me on by myself. I got on it and started spinning myself round and round. I feel like I’m still there, spinning round and round and round, and the ride won’t stop, and I won’t dare get off. You were right, Ray. I am scared. But you’re scared, too.”

Uptown girls (2003) dir. Boaz Yakin

the Thor movies: human au

  • Thor

the “bad boy” of the corporate world; the dutiful son; the loyal brother; the slightly-brash, subtly-intelligent, mostly-strategic new business hope of Asgard Corp. 

“The Teacups was the only ride they’d let me on by myself. I got on it and started spinning myself round and round. I feel like I’m still there, spinning round and round and round, and the ride won’t stop, and I won’t dare get off. You were right, Ray. I am scared. But you’re scared, too.”

Uptown girls (2003) dir. Boaz Yakin

Oh my god

  • Sixth year Remus Lupin coming back to school and teaching the Marauders how to play truth or dare
  • He’d explained the rules simply on the train, but by the time they were all settled into their dorm room, he explained even further
  • He told them that truth can’t be picked more than twice in a row and dares can’t be repeated
  • He told them they can’t refuse, or they get an even harder question or task
  • And then they played
  • Of course, they nearly always chose dare because it’s just who they were
  • That night, the game only ended when a startled second year caught a glimpse of a naked James Potter running around the common room
  • They started playing all day, nearly every day and the dares would start getting crazier and crazier
  • “Peter, I dare you to personally hand this carton of milk to McGonagall and say, ‘Good kitty’”
  • “James, I dare you to ride your broomstick into the Divination classroom from outside”
  • “Remus, I dare you to wear Sirius’s leather pants instead of your normal trousers all day tomorrow”
  • “Sirius, I dare you to slip Dumbledore a love note, but you have to make it very obvious. Actually, make it a show in front of the entire school at breakfast tomorrow, that smirk you always throw Marlene and everything.”
  • And often, when they couldn’t think of things to dare each other, they’d just tell two of them to kiss
  • James and Peter seemed to take a liking of making Remus and Sirius kiss
  • Remus complains about it a lot because, “What are we, twelve?”
  • But Sirius is definitely all for it every single time
  • And one night James and Peter are asleep and Remus and Sirius are both sat next to the window, looking at the moonlit grounds
  • Remus says, “Truth or dare?”
  • Sirius just kind of eyes him for a moment before, “Truth.”
  • “Would you rather be snogging Marlene right now?”
  • “No,” Sirius started, and then, “Truth or dare?”
  • “Truth.”
  • “Who would you want to be snogging right now?”
  • “You,” Remus says, eyes glinting in the moonlight. “Truth or dare?”
  • “Dare,” Sirius replies, window forgotten in favor of staring at Remus’s hair in the soft white light
  • Remus scoots closer to him, softly whispering, “Kiss me”
  • And Sirius does
Seeker (Quidditch!Luke)

Summary: It’s the final match of the season and you’re determined to beat the opposition..no matter how dirty you have to play

Word Count: 2k

A/N: This is for @jigglypufftribe​ and @0kbutmichaelclifford​‘s Hogwarts!5sos blurb night! (Plus I had a few requests for hogwarts aus and I’m a total Luke hoe so this baby was born)

Originally posted by fallenfor5sos


Hufflepuff were never known for their stellar quidditch skills. Their team was thought to be too unorganised, not focused enough, a mess. But that all changed when you discovered your uncanny skills as seeker and joined the team during your fifth year at Hogwarts.

You’d been messing around with some friends by the lake, enjoying the sun and cramming in some revision. One thing led to another and you ended up being dared to try to ride a broom, instantly discovering a new talent.

You could ride a broomstick, and you were darn good at it.

Come sixth year, you’d tried out for the team an instantly got on, replacing the past seeker and taking your new position as a pivotal part of Hufflepuff’s team. The streak of bad luck passed, your contribution going rewarded as you helped to win many matches for your team over the year.

Fast forward another year and you’re in your seventh year. Having been appointed captain by your teammates you’d set up a vigorous training regime to ensure you won the championship.

Everything was looking up until Ravenclaw, fellow house and quidditch rivals, decided to bring out their secret weapon.

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New York City Gothic

-Only the native New Yorkers know the ways of the subway.  Only those familiar with it dare to ride.  If you do not know your stop, you can become lost in the maze of the train, never heard from again

-”Don’t go outside in the dark” Mothers warn their children.  In the dark, things come out to play.  If you glance outside, you can see the shadows of children-like shapes and glowing eyes as they play at night.  

-You hear a voice from the alleyway as you walk home.  You turn to look, but theres no one there.  You keep walking, and the voice follows you home, only to creep into your house and whisper to you from closet.

-People have gotten lost in Central Park.  They wander in it, looking for an exit, until they become one with the park, whispering warning to people on the breeze

-Every night at midnight, the subway goes by.  No one knows where it’s coming from or where it’s going.  No one knows what it carries with it.

-You see the same pigeon everyday.  It is the same pigeon.  It stares at you, eyes following you.  It follows you to work and follows you home.  Where ever you travel to, there sits the pigeon, waiting for you.

-The nuns at the Catholic school warn of monsters and demons.  They hand out  crucifixes and warn children of the dangers that will befall them should they forget it.  Instead the classrooms, the walls moan and cry with the sounds of children.  One of the nuns smiles and her teeth are rat sharp.  Maybe the dangers lie within these walls instead of outside

 -There is only the Yankees.  Everyone is a fan of the Yankees.  “New Yorker Pride” the radio stations proclaim.  It sounds like a chant.  It sounds like a ritual.

-During the summers, the heatwaves strikes.  The streets seem to melt and the buildings seem to cry.  There is no relief.  On the beach, women lounge.  No one knows where they come from.  Their skin sparkles in the light and their hair is always wet.  They never sweat.  One person asks them who they are.  They smile and their teeth are razor sharp.  Their eyes are black and there are fish bones in their hair.  No one approaches them again.

-If you travel to the top of the Empire State Building you can see everything.  You can see Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens.  You can see New Jersey.  You can see through time and space.  Down below, you see horse and carriages, you see women in ball gowns.  You see flappers and pin-up girls of the 50s.  They all seem to look at you.  You leave feeling as if you have too much.

-I heart NYC shirts appear in your drawers.  You do not remember buying them.  They seem to multiply when you wash them.  You heart NYC.  You love your city.


“I’m not scared, Dean.” You repeated, hands on your hips. “I just don’t wanna ride it.”

“Are you sure?” He teased, leaning towards you. “Because I can literally see the fear in your eyes.”

During the ride back home after a case in Wisconsin, you had spotted a carnival. After 5 minutes of you begging, the Winchesters had agreed that the three of you could stop and check it out. The last couple of hours had been filled with fun. Dean had won you a stuffed monkey in some shooting game and Sam had allowed you to get your hair spray colored blue. Needless to say, it was a nice way to unwind after a case.

While Sam was off grabbing some pretzels, you and Dean were currently standing in front of a ride labeled “The Dive Bomb”. The ride would slowly bring you up into the air and then hurtle you toward the ground, barely avoiding contact as it whisked you up toward the sky again. Dean had dared you to ride it, but you had refused, too scared to go on it, but too proud to admit it to him.

You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms over your chest. “For the last time, I’m not scared. I don’t even know what fear is.”

Dean scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Oh really? What about when you used to be afraid of the dark?”

You grimaced. He still remembered that? “Dude, I was five.” I retorted “And you always said that I should be afraid of the dark because of all the bad things that could be out there.”

Dean rolled his eyes and chuckled. “That is true.” He admitted, ruffling your hair. “But that doesn’t change a thing, scaredy-cat. ”


Well… this was quite odd. This wasn’t Japanifornia! It was… London? What on Earth was she doing there? How did she even get there? So many questions were going through her little mind that they distracted her immensely from reality. That is, until someone yelled at her to grab her attention.

“Gah!” She turned around and whacked the person with her riding crop. “H-How dare you surprise me like that?! Who are you?!”

“The Teacups was the only ride they’d let me on by myself. I got on it and started spinning myself round and round. I feel like I’m still there, spinning round and round and round, and the ride won’t stop, and I won’t dare get off. You were right, Ray. I am scared. But you’re scared, too.”

Uptown girls (2003) dir. Boaz Yakin