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Hello yes, I heard you opened a mini fanfic drive through? I'd like to order a 29. with Coran and Pidge. 😀

“Prepare to be amazed, young paladin!”

Pidge waited with bated breath as Coran pulled out a small rubbery ball.  And then another.  He held each in one hand and then–

One after the other he tossed them into the air and caught them.  Just once.

“Bet you can’t do it more than once!” crowed Pidge.

“You’ll lose that bet,” he replied as he started full on juggling.  The balls went higher and higher up and soon he was running back and forth across the room in an effort to keep them from the ground.

“Can you juggle with three balls?”

“Juggle?” repeated Coran. “I don’t know what that is.  This is an ancient celebratory ritual of the early Alteans! My father was a historian so I got sent to classes for this! Second quintant of each movement!”

“That’s really bizarre, and I can’t tell if you’re bullshitting me or not.” Pidge adjusted her glasses and squinted.  Coran remained frustratingly unreadable. “Okay, fine.  What do you call it, if it isn’t juggling?”

“Why, yo-ing of course!”

Pidge grinned and tried to banish the memory of vine from her head.

It was too late.

“’Teach me to be a yo-yo man, he cried.  But the yo-yo man did not answer him.  He just kept on yo-ing.’” She snickered.  There was nothing that she would put past the Gorgeous Man.


I Won’t Ask Where You Came From (Part Five: Final)

~The final chapter! It’s here! Okay so some of you will probably be a little upset with the ending and I can fully understand. Warning: it’s very cheesy, cliche, and a little frustrating at the end but I’m good with it so I don’t really care. This story was more of an “enjoy the ride and silly antics” kind of thing anyways. I’m sure I could come back to this some day and actually write something with the plot being more focused on “the box” but for now, I can be childish and just write cute fluff and I don’t think many people will try and tell me otherwise. So sorry for the long wait and ramble, please, enjoy!~

Mark’s apartment soon became Mark and Jack’s apartment and eventually was filled with Mark’s favorite flowers that Jack had grown. Jack took care of the various flowers and plants that decorated the apartment and soon summer rolled around. Mark sadly watch all of Jack’s beautiful flowers fall off and his hair turn a darker green. Sometimes when Jack would grow flowers around the two of them, Mark would pick them out carefully and make flower crowns for Jack. Jack was happy to wear them since it was something he liked to think that they made together, or maybe he was just falling harder for Mark. Jack didn’t care either way, anything to make Mark happy. Summer evenings cooled and their second summer came to an end. Jack and the trees went through the same changes as they had before and Mark was sad to see all of Jack’s flowers and leaves go. But Jack cheered him up with soft blankets and hot chocolate as they watched tv and tangled themselves together. It got colder and colder outside and Mark started to fear going to bed in fear of the night Jack would fall asleep and wouldn’t wake up. Mark would cuddle and cling to Jack as they fell asleep. Sadly that night came and Mark sighed as he ran his fingers through Jack’s hair. Mark thought long and hard about their relationship over the winter. Mark’s mind floated to the idea of marriage but he didn’t delve too deep, in fear he was moving too fast without Jack. But sometimes Mark would fantasize about Jack walking down the aisle with those pink flowers in his hair and flowers decorating to the area, his family and friends gathered around. Mark smiled at the thought, and just like that winter seemed to end and spring rolled around and Jack woke up with vibrant eyes and bright green hair. Mark hugged Jack and they sat around the house for a few days. Mark would look through Jack’s hair and excitedly jumped around as he noticed small buds forming. Slowly Mark’s flower collection came back flower by flower.

One morning Mark was sat on the couch, carefully braiding small patches of grass in Jack’s hair as he sat on the floor in front of Mark. Mark felt his stomach flip as he decided he would bring up something he had been thinking about for a while.

“So Jack… We’ve been dating for about a year now and I was thinking…..and I want to ask you what you think about…marriage.” Mark spoke quietly as he continued to braid Jack’s grass, moving around the flowers. Mark stopped as Jack leaned his head back and looked at Mark upside down. Mark blushed and looked away. Jack’s eyes were sparkling and his mouth hung open slightly. Mark still had a hold on his patch of grass as Jack stared at him silently.

“I think…I’ve been thinking about it too,”Jack said truthfully and Mark looked back at Jack before he looked forward again.

“I-I see. Well, I just… I know I really love you, Jack, and I want to spend a lot more time with you… Maybe for the rest of my life.” Mark said. There was a pause and Jack suddenly ripped away from Mark and flipped himself around to look at Mark face to face.

“Are you proposing right now?! I wanted to propose!” Jack yelled and Mark looked at him for a moment and laughed.

“But I’m clearly the manlier one!” Mark said back playfully.

“I’m manly too!” Jack said laughing even though he was trying to be mad.

“Well, I’m not the one with pretty pink flowers in my hair,” Mark said with a sly smirk as he laughed as Jack crossed his arms and huffed.

“I’m just kidding, Jack. But…do you want to…get married?” Mark asked suddenly nervous again. Jack looked to Mark, his arms falling to his side and his expression morphing from a frustrated scowl to a shocked expression.

“I…wanna get married…do you want to get married?” Jack said, his face matching the color of the flowers in his hair. Mark smiled and laughed.

“I want to get married too,” Jack smiled. They sat, still not registering what just happened. They suddenly it hit both of them and they both gasped. Jack’s eyes watered but Mark was already a mess as he slid off the couch and pulled Jack into a shuddering embrace. Jack shoved his face into the crook of Mark’s neck and Mark pressed small kisses to Jack’s shoulder and collarbone. They pulled away from each other slowly and smiled at each other. Mark felt a tingle on his finger and he slid it from Jack’s waist to look at it. Mark looked down and watched as thick grass poked up from the skin on his ring finger and weaved itself around until Mark had what looked like a ring on his finger. Mark was still shocked that his had just had ring grown from his finger that he didn’t notice Jack pull his hand away too.

“Well, I think we just got married,” Jack said in a breathy, hoarse voice. Mark looked to Jack  and rubbed his face and he chuckled.

“We’re so weird!” Mark yelled into his hands as Jack laughed along with him.

“I can see it now. They’ll ask to see the ring and I’ll put my hand out and say ‘I grew it myself.’ and walk away.” Mark said as Jack giggled. Their laughs dissipated and Mark slowly leaned in to kiss Jack sweetly. When they parted Mark looked down at their rings. Two little pink flowers had bloomed on them, just like the ones in Jack’s hair.

They didn’t leave each other.s side for the rest of the day and Mark couldn’t stop looking at the ring that was permanently attached to his finger. Mark reveled in the idea that he would get to spend the rest of his life with Jack and he called up a few relatives and friends to tell. He decided that he wanted to get “married” in the spring so they would have it next year but as far as Mark knew and or cared, he and Jack were already married. That night Mark wrapped his arms around Jack and they sat there and Mark was happy. Truly and beautifully happy.

Then a thought crossed his mind. What had happened to the box?