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A New Roommate Curse M!A 9/9

The changes they’ve made to the main series games in Sun and Moon are really good.  Replacing the gyms with totems and trials was more refreshing than I expected. Eliminating HMs and replacing them with ride pokemon, adding a shortcut to the Pokeballs in wild battles, having the option to swap a pokemon in your party when you catch a new one, and having the type matchups next to the typing of the move on screen during battle both make the game a lot more convenient/less frustrating.  Having a rotom inside your dex providing running commentary is really entertaining, and after I got past the initial “hold your hand through three hours’ worth of tutorials” phase, the gameplay and plot progress at a satisfactory pace and does things like provide access to surfing and flying much earlier in the game.  The new Pokemon introduced are all on par with the old ones, and there is a nice mix of pokemon from all gens, including new forms, blending together all throughout the game.  The work put into details like the “tourist” trainer class having foreign forms of pokemon as well as seeing the trainers in battle are nice touches.  Now, there are a few things about it I don’t really care for.  But overall, I think it’s a fun, engaging, and reasonably challenging game so far.


Smashing It!
15 January 2017

What? A coffee shop not open until 08:00am on a Sunday! Pfft! Never mind, we had to detour around the Perth Triathlon on our return leg, due to path and road closures, so had breakfast at Atomic Café in South Perth (which had better coffee and service anyway).

We’d set a cracking pace on the leg out - PRs for all - but the route back was busier and included Parliament Hill. Now that wasn’t on the agenda! I haven’t scored 32 Strava achievements in a long time - proof I’m slowly building my strength back up. And what a fabulous day for a ride with our awesome supportive Bella Bicis Sunday group. Always a pleasure! 😄

Housework after my post-ride swim added to my steps tally but I was too knackered to take Mitzy out in the evening by the time I’d cooked and got everything ready for work. I watched Vikings instead!

Oh I nearly forgot! I did my weekly weigh-in before I went riding - 900g down. Scale and non-scale victories today. #winning 😀

Every now and then I find myself getting anxious about my upcoming evaluation with the psychiatrist, some time, at some point between the next two weeks and April if I’m really unlucky. :/ (Doesn’t help that mum found out from the local service referral coordination center’s guy (an ex-coworker of hers) that all the psychiatrists of our region have decided to stop taking in new cases almost right after someone took my case in their waiting list)

Cause even though I always score freakishly high on all the autism screening tests I’ve found, medical or made by the community, I… Always have this little nagging thought in the back of my mind. Like. What if I’m not? What if I’m something else? What if I look too ‘normal’ to the psychiatrist and they dismiss me like my GP originally did? What if I’m actually allistic and neurotypical and nothing’s actually wrong with me? I still feel drastically different from 'normal’ and like I’m missing key parts to understanding the world around me, like others seem to have such little difficulty doing. What if I’m making it up? Projecting? Doing it for attention?

So I take the screening tests again a few weeks later cause the doubts and the fear that the psychiatrist will brush me off are eating me up. And I get like 44/50, 96%, 33/38 “high-risk : talk with your GP” scores, again. And calm down a little.

Then, a few days later, I start worrying again that I feel fine so obviously I’m just a lazy slacker looking for excuses, that I may not actually be autistic, and it snowballs for a few weeks, and I take screening tests again, score high, calm down, start wondering what if……


The movie adaptation of James Patterson’s Maximum Ride is out on Digital HD today!

Sai cosa mi da fastidio di voi ragazzi?
Che basta che una ride ad una vostra battuta, fa la simpatica e magari vi da retta. Voi vi montate la testa e pensate di averla in pungo. Che sia vostra. Come la vostra stupida idea sul “se le sto vicino quando sta male, si innamora di me”. Che problema mentale avete? Pensate che noi donne, siamo così stupide?


“I need answers.”

Dean blinked at you, his eyes wide and innocent. Too innocent. “Answers?”

 “You let me have the last piece of pie yesterday,” you said, “You didn’t have a heart attack when I told you I wanted to take your car for a ride,” you added, “This morning, you actually made me breakfast - like, honest to God, genuine pancakes. Dean, I need to know…”

He shifted in his seat and crossed his arms over his chest. “Need to know what?”

“Did you mess something up?” you asked, sighing, “Did you take any of my - wait. Is it one of Uncle Bobby’s cars? Do you need me to cover for you, or something?” 

“What? Why -” He frowned. “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Are you planning to?” 

“No!” You raised an eyebrow at him. “Yes. Maybe. Depending on how you see it, I suppose.”

“Lay it on me, Winchester.”

“Well,” he said, standing up and pacing a bit in front of you, “It has to do with one of Bobby’s, err, rules...”

You knew it. The guy might be the world’s toughest 22-year-old but when it came to bending the rules, especially Bobby’s rules, he was basically a child; the man has taken both of you in despite both being children of hunters he owed absolutely nothing to. “Which one, exactly?”

Is it the No Customer Cars rule? Or maybe the No Solo Hunts rule. Yeah, that sounded more like him. Did he find something exciting? You’d been talking about maybe going on a salt-and-burn somewhere far away on your own. Or maybe it wasn’t a ghost, maybe it was a creature. Oh, that would be - “I want to take you out.”

“Like, in a fight?”

He raised his eyebrows. “Yeah,” he said, “Like I need your permission to kick your ass.”

You grinned. “You probably do.”

He rolled his eyes. “Whatever. No. I want to take you out, like, on a date. A real one. With, err, I dunno, flowers and shit.”

His tone stumbled so many times during that sentence it was hard not to laugh. “That is so romantic.”

His cheeks darkened and he cleared his throat. “Look, I just really like you.” He crossed the distance between you and slowly, hesitantly, brushed your fingers with his. “All I’m asking for is a date. One date. If you -”

You cut him off with one hand on his cheek, the other holding his fingers. “Shut up,” you said, “and kiss me.”


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wildhaart  asked:

"ride or die with me" for Adeline and Dante

It was almost comic how deeply Dante’s love ran for Adeline. They grew up together, yes, but that didn’t mean he saw her for the amazing person she became – inside and out – until they were much older. Perhaps he was just too busy being the casanova. However, how could he be judged from falling in love with such a beauty when he finally met her? Adeline was his ride or die. Not only did the petite woman help him grow, she also comforted him whenever he needed it but did not know exactly, showered him with the most genuine love he had ever encountered as well as simply being there to listen and to teach him new things every single day. It was a rocky relationship, especially with the fact that they had to hide it from everyone and in a place where the world was watching, he found himself getting relentless. “You know I love you and as much as I hate hiding it from people, if that’s what you want then that’s what I’m going to do.” Whenever he stopped to think about the things he said to her, he couldn’t believe he was the worst type of man only a couple of months before. Adeline managed to bring the best of him to light.

“You know I can see myself with you. You are literally what’s holding me together, angel.”