ride a surfer

Never Getter

She never gets it
She clings to brains like a tree
My brain, my brain a tree

She glances to my eyes, checking
She doesn’t pick up clues
She doesn’t see

She breaks, crying in public
She squats at counters counting
No! I’m paying for dinner!
She punches my arm, PUNCH BUG!
She’ll throw the second and third
She’s rabid screeches in a fight
But not with me

She calms down when I walk in
Her words nodding, we don’t hit
There’s reasons for behavior
Of course, yes, she sees
But she really just sees me

When I leave she rides
Like a fish in tides
The waves of people’s attitudes
She’s lost jobs, been thrown in jail
A spitfire, she means no harm
A surfer riding above
Unaware what’s going on
She’s been used and hollowed out

But she’s landed now, hanging
Her daughter holds her hand
Her new husband navigates
A tripod support carries her

How many are there
Who can’t navigate social cues
Why does culture call her weak

She’s never finding meaning
She’ll never seek it
She floats, bobs away from shore,
Unaware of what to aim for

Irony in the meaning of life,
No one may get and she unwitting
Why must we be expected
To do this