ride a bike save the earth


Happy Earth Day! 

But, really everyday is earth day. If we are going to save Mother Earth, we all have to make a conscious effort in our own lives everyday. Recycle, ride your bike more, eat less meat, pick up that piece of trash that isnt yours, be an advocate for environmental policy, and believe in science.

Special Kinda Woman: Ramblin’ Man

He only stopped once in the night, somewhere around 5 AM, to get a cheep motel and a few hours sleep before hitting the road again. As the wind swept back his hair and the road stretched out before him into eternity, Jesse was alone with his thoughts.

He thought about the day they had met, only six years old. He thought about the way she innocently kissed his bruises left by his father, stating that ‘Mommy says kisses have healing powers’. He thought about their years in elementary school, all the fights he had gotten in and how she had always defended him to the teacher. He thought about when he was eight, and had kissed her for the first time. He had seen it in some movie, a man kissing a woman so that another man would leave her alone. He hadn’t known what it meant, just knew that it seemed to work. He thought about all their meetings in the barn, all the times she had bandaged him up after some fight, how he had always made her kiss the bruises, and she did it without question. He thought about all the times she had come to get him as he lay in some corner somewhere, drunk off his rocker.

He gritted his teeth as he remembered one particularly bad bout, after his father had used him as a punching bag and thrown him down the stairs. When she had come to get him, he had lashed out, smacking her clean across the face. She hadn’t said anything, hadn’t even cried, just helped him up and dragged him off to the barn to take care of him, but Jesse, in his drunken state, had spent the whole night crying about it, so afraid he was becoming his old man. He thought about the first time he had gotten his hands on a gun, how worried she had been so worried, desperate to convince him to put it back. But he hadn’t. And despite it all, she would still sneak him bullets from her father, still sit and watch him practice, still clap and cheer whenever he would hit something.

He thought about the look on her face the day he said he was leaving and her soft eyes when she saw him in the barn after his first year in the Deadlock Gang. He thought about the desperation in her eyes as she pleaded with him to take Reyes’s offer, how she had cared more about his future then he had. He thought about the way she had run to the door at his last visit, despite all the years, despite all the neglect, despite her boyfriend, she had come running for him, just like when they were kids.
Memory after memory played through his head, each more intimate then the last, and by the time he road into that small town, he had relived their whole lives together three times over.

Mrs. Jodeen’s property was just a ten minute drive from the town hall, easy enough to get to. As he drove down the dirt road, dust kicking up behind him and the air heavy with the smell of livestock, he didn’t stop to think what he would say to her. Play it by ear, that’s how he lived his life.

Slowing down as he pulled up to the front gate, he was surprised by how small the house was compared to memory. Nothing big, nothing fancy, just a regular two bedroom country house. As he dismounted his bike, flipping the kickstand up, a large, fluffy Australian shepherd came bounding for him, its paws smearing dirt on his pants as the dog jumped on him.

“Whoa now, you must be Clint.” the dog barked excitedly, spinning in circles and prancing at his feet as it greeted the new comer. “Your mama home?” Jesse asked playfully, ruffling up the dogs ears.

“You here to shoot my chickens, cowboy?” Looking up at the porch, a grin spread across the man’s face. You lounged in a rocking chair, hidden away in the shadow, blanket draped over your lap as you rocked lazily, watching him with an amused smile.

“Well, darlin,” Jesse started, working that charming smile of him, “they make for great target practice.” You chuckled at his response, putting the book you had been reading off to the side.

“You’re nothing but trouble, Jesse McCree.” Standing up, you folded your blanket over the back of the rocking chair, turning to meet him at the steps as he walked towards you.

“Yeah, but I make it look damn good.” Clint ran excitedly around your feet, letting out the occasional bark as he watched the two of you.

As Jesse stood on the step below you, you reached out, almost knocking his hat off as you wrapped your arms around his neck, his beard tickling your face as you took in his sent, tobacco and gunpowder. The man hesitated for a moment, but soon you felt strong arms enveloping your waist, holding you close as the cowboy curled his body around yours.

“It’s been too long Jesse.” you said softly into his hair.

“Yeah,” he muttered, his thumb rubbing across your back. “I know.”

As you broke the hug, you gave him a warm smile, pushing his hat back into position before looking him up and down.

“You’re looking good Jesse. This life must really suit you.” Giving a shrug, Jesse’s eyes wandered your form,

“It’s fine enough. Keeps me busy.” You chuckled quietly at his response, his disinterest so familiar to you. “How about you though? Looks like you’re doing well for yourself.”

“Yeah, it’s not bad. Lota hard work, but I enjoy it.” Looking out over your land, you smiled contently. It wasn’t the way you pictured your life turning out, but you were happy with it. “So I guess you really showed this town, huh?”

It wasn’t the question you wanted to ask. You wanted to ask how long he’d be staying. When he would come back. If he would stay for a few days. If he ever thought about you outside of these few visits. But you knew better then to ask any of those questions. Jesse wasn’t one for feelings or emotions, those kinds of questions would just drive him away.

“What do you mean?” He asked, eyebrows knitted in confusion.

“You always said you would make a name for yourself and show this town you were bigger then it would ever be. Now that you’re a big shot member of Overwatch, I guess you’ve done that.”

“Yeah,” he chuckled, a bright grin crossing his face, “I guess I have.” You smiled back at him, loving the twinkle in his eyes as he thought back to all the times he had kept himself going by shear hatred of this place.

“I’m proud of you, Jesse.” Your words caught the cowboy off guard, causing him to falter as you reached up to ruffle his hat down on his head teasingly. “You’ve really made something of yourself. Guess I don’t have to worry about you anymore.”

“Hey!” he shouted, knocking your hand away to fix his hat as he glared at you, though there was no malice behind his eyes. You laughed at his expression, causing the man to grin back at you.

“You say that like you doubted I’d make it.” he said playfully, that arrogant grin crossing his face for the first time since he had arrived.

“I don’t know, I recall having to hop a train to convince a certain cowboy not to be so stupid as to get his ass thrown in jail for the rest of his life.” you gave him a cheeky smile as he raised a brow, the coy look in his eyes so much more like the Jesse you knew.

“I recall no such thing.” He said, his playful tone accented by the step he took towards you.

“I think you do.” You replied, poking a finger into his chest as you looked up at him, his eyes, mischievous and lively.

“Nope, it definitely never happened. You must be delirious with the heat.”

“I think it’s you whose delirious. Always have been. In fact, maybe I’ll just have you committed, then I’ll always know where to find you.” Putting your hands on your hip, you sassed him right back, enjoying the banter while you could, though you knew in the back of your mind that at any minute, the urge would hit him, and he’d be gone.

“You can call them, darlin. But they’ll just end up carting you away, and then who will watch Clint?” The dog perked up at hearing his name before returning to rolling around in the dusty earth.

“Well I guess you’d just have to. Seeing as it would be your fault.”

“No can do. Dogs don’t ride bikes. Couldn’t take him with me.”

“Then maybe you would have to stay.”

“Like I’d ever do that.” You didn’t want to falter at his words, didn’t want to let your expression drop as much as it did, but his words were a reminder you didn’t need. Seeing your reaction, the man backtracked. “I didn’t mean it like that. Don’t take it so seriously.”

“Yeah,” You chuckled weakly, trying to save face as your embarrasment grew. You were such a child sometimes, wearing your heart on your sleeves for the world to see, “I know. You never stay in one place for too long. It’s just how you are.”


“No, Jesse. It’s ok, really. I came to terms with who you are a long time ago. You’re a ramblin’ man. You are never going to chang-” His gloved hand took hold of you chin, tilting you up to his lips as he stole his kiss. You were startled, realizing what you had done. As his lips left yours, you desperately tried to fix things.

“Jesse, no. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you mad. Please don’t leave just yet-”

“I’m not leaving, darlin.” Not giving you the chance to respond, his hand slid along your jaw to tangle in your hair, his other arm wrapped around your lower back, pulling you closer as he leaned in again, claiming your lips for a second time, but this was different. He didn’t pull away, didn’t give you an arrogant grin, didn’t walk away. As he held you to him, deepening the kiss, you weren’t sure how to respond.

Was this a joke? Did he think this was funny? Or was this really? Was there a chance, that maybe this time, Jesse meant it? Taking a chance, your arms wrapped around his neck, lips pressing deeper as your heart raced. You hoped this wasn’t just some show of possession, wasn’t just Jesse needing to prove something, you desperately prayed that what you had always been afraid to actually dream of was really happening.

His lips began to eat at yours, nipping your lower lip and slipping his tongue in as you let out a small moan. Your face was flush, your body growing hot as the man explored your warm crevice, tongue entangling with yours in a clumsy dance. His fingers pressed into your back, pulling at your shirt as his hot breath mingled with yours, a small growl building in his throat.

“J-Jesse” You were feeling light headed, but couldn’t bring yourself to pull away for air.

“Darlin.” the cowboy growled, breaking the kiss just long enough to speak and grant you the breath you desperately needed. “Please, let me stay.” Scooping you up in his arms, Jesse didn’t wait for a response, carrying you towards the door as he continued to kissing you hungrily, years of suppressed longing pouring forth. You couldn’t help a giggle as he man grumbled against your lips, fumbling with the handle of the screen door before finally yanking it open. As he carried you over the threshold, you pulled back to give him a loving smile, admiring the longing in those brown orbs as they flickered between your eyes.

“Stay with me, Jesse.”

It’s Earth Day!

Here’s a few easy everyday thing you can do to help the earth.

  • Turn off the lights, open the blinds on your window. The Sun Is A Natural light source.
  • Don’t leave the water running while you brush your teeth or shave. Duh!
  • Spend some time outside, go for a walk, a bike ride, a hike & turn off the your electronics for at least an hour. 
  • Recycle! You know how sometimes you’re bored & you have nothing to do, why not go recycle. It can be a fun family activity too. =)

Make Every Day Earth Day!!!