Ride, an album by Far Places on Spotify

You may have noticed that we got some really sweet new theme music for Season 3 of @thebrightsessions. My good friend and musician extraordinaire, Evan Cunningham, is responsible. He took the existing theme, wrote a B section and orchestrated the hell out of it. He also wrote a bunch of other stuff that you’ll be hearing throughout the season. 

When he’s not composing for films (or for me), Evan writes and performs his own music. His current project is the above: Far Places. It’s really good, really chill music and you guys should all listen. 

This kid is going places. Far places. (did you see what I did there?….I’ll show myself out) 

To think he went from writing songs about his inner demons in a basement, to playing sold out shows with his best friend. Look at this. This is a sign. I promise everything gets better with time.