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Nanananananana Nygmobblepot!

New day and new collaboration with my talented and adorable sister  @heartpoisedfanarts !
Nygmobblepot wearing the original outfits from the Batman serie of 1966
[Eeed, we can see everything!] 💚💜 

No concept of personal space

Even if it doesn’t cure anything, increasing blood flow to the muscles might still help with the ache. :)
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Nygma’s Reading Time

Edward Nygma is cosplayed by me, and this photo was taken by @poynterphotography at See-Scape

I’m not sure about everything that happened in Gotham last night. I just know that Umbrella Mayor got out of his appropriately shaped prison, along with Captain Question Mark, and that they spent most of the time they were locked up carrying out small acts of revenge on each other. They still won’t say they’re in love, but I’m sure that will come later.