riddler's daughter




Duela as Card Queen by C.P. Wilson

Duela by Bill Walko

Duela by J. Scott Campbell

Duela by Jamal Igle

Duela by Mike McKone

Duela by Rebekah Isaacs

Titans of Tomorrow Duela by Todd Nauck

Duela by Xiaoniao

Duela as Riddler’s Daughter by Tom Derenick

Duela as Scarecrone by E.J. Barnes

Here, imagine the Riddler having a daughter:

- Does her hair and makeup for her

- Spends entire days wondering if he should homeschool her or if she needs to go to school to ensure she learns to socialise

- Calls her during sleepovers to make sure she doesn’t want to come home (’Dad you have called SIX TIMES and I’m staying ALL NIGHT’)

- Loves to go shopping with her and even if it doesn’t fit they get it anyway because anything will look nice if you tailor it properly

- Tells her the type of man to avoid (’But Dad, this sounds exactly like you’)

- Looks into the ancestry of any potential suitors to make sure their entire family was upstanding

- Cries during every important event

- Spoils the hell out of her but expects a lot out of her so really she deserves it

- Does his best not to get frustrated when he helps her with homework and she has no idea what he’s saying

- Shows her how to build computers

- Loves every horrible tie he gets for father’s day (’I thought this purple tie with green polka dots would match… well, everything’)

- He gets as many hugs as he wants