So every year my high-school have this huge tournament where all there classes dress up after a certain theme, and then compete against each other in sports or games. This year the theme is “movies” and my class will dress up as characters from Lord of the Rings, and I will be Gandalf. And since there’s not a single store in my town that sells anything close to his costume, I spent the whole saturday sewing one myself, with help from my mum who loves LotR and to sew costumes.

A message to my friends and followers

I just wanted to thank everyone here and tell you that I love you all very much.
No, just listen to me. Thank you so much for following me, I never imagined that there would be so many of you.
Thank you so much for being my friends. You’ve always been there for me, through the good days, the bad days, the VERY bad days and the crazy days. You’ve helped me through the times when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, comforted me when I cried, laughed with me when I’m happy and we’ve been completely crazy together.
And thank you so much for that. I love you.

(I’m sorry that I couldn’t tag everyone in here, but I’m talking about you. Yes, you. I promise.)

new tears.

I can’t believe how many beautiful people have actually responded to my sniveling haha. 

thank you SO much for your concern, for listening, for your sweet words… they mean a lot to me. they mean I won’t be crying to sleep tonight… or doing anything far worse. 

if I could kiss you all right now, I would. I totally would. 

themaraudermoony asked:


I’ll just give you some extra stuff that I didn’t put in the other one I guess.

Canon OTP: Pepperony (Tony Stark/Pepper Potts)

Non-Canon OTP: Stevetony (Tony Stark/Steve Rogers) [I don’t know the ‘proper’ shipping name for them, sorry!]

Character I’d want to be best friends with: Thor. He’s just so chivalrous and strong and lovely and sweet and kind but he’s also sorta like a rock. Keeps you anchored, keeps you fighting; not only that, I think it’d be really funny to have to teach him what certain pieces of technology do. And try and make sure he doesn’t break half of it.