Guyyyyys I just came back from the premiere and let me tell you the movie was amazing and wayyy better than the first one (I’ll post about it tomorrow)
Then : I saw tom but he was in hurry because he took too much time at the beginning of the queue and had to go in the theater so I didn’t get my pic or anything signed but it’s fine , basically the same happened with Natalie she came back then but there were too many people so I gave up!
Anyways , I’m going to bed and I’ll gif my ugly videos and post my awful pictures tomorrow
Love you all 💕

My first follow forever and I tried to keep it short. If you’re not here, I’m sorry but I love you just the same! [In no particular order]

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riddlemehiddle: millie is honestly my best friend ever, both on here and in real life, i love her to death. also her blog is completely perf, go follow

marvelsexual: (following) very pretty theme and posts, lovely blog

matafari: lovely sidebar and nice theme

ladyavenger: wow, gorgeous blog right here in every way