on sketches

Sometimes Percy lets Vex go through his sketchbooks when he’s not using them - a sign of how much he trusts her, really.

A lot of his notes from before they met are messy and jumbled and - in many places - heavily damaged and torn. He doesn’t sketch people or places, just scribbles out ideas that would later become his guns. Vex finds a page early on where he tried to keep count of the days since he got free of Whitestone; it stops after a month and a half.

And then she hits the part where she knows they’ve met. He sketches out Keyleth’s circlet, Scanlan’s various instruments, little pieces of his new companions. And her. The first one is just a brief sketch, a scribble of what’s obviously her and Trinket. It’s cute, really.

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I missed sketching portraits so much! I haven’t even doodled Riddle once in the last two weeks!

So, in order of appearance:

Theo Nott - I love to imagine him as a weedy but still very hot guy, especially when he smiles. To the stranger he appears like an arrogant loner, but in reality he’s just a shy Slytherin ♥

Harry Potter - I imagine his hair is way messier than this, but I kind of liked this hairstyle. I might draw him with longer hair next time.

Luna Lovegood - She’s not as loony as before, I imagine her to be more mature now… but her earrings are still the same.

Severus Snape - Okay, I know that people are probably thinking ‘naah, that guy looks way too young’ and that they are not going to like nor share my mental image of him. For how much I love Alan Rickman as Sev in the films, the Severus Snape of the books is still a “young” character in his late thirties. So, yes, long black hair, a crooked nose and definitely less wrinkles about his face.

Aaand, yes, these quick sketches are the prelude of something. Something fun! I will tell you more in a later post, accompanied by other sketches. Just know that this may or may not have something to do with Dark Games.

My anxiety-riddled self wants to doodle some silly/cute things from WoW while I work on commissions. 

Please toss some stuff at me for doodles? Something already in the game.

The Hogwarts Houses

Annotated and dog-eared books, lovingly highlighted and battered with broken spines and worn covers; sitting in a bay window with a hot coffee as rain pours outside; ink on a page; the scents of vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, damp stone, and rain; early spring when everything is cool and wet and green; antique chemistry sets; a winter sunrise; vintage dresses; huge, soft sweaters with leggings and flats; sleeping on a bare mattress with a single pillow and heavy blankets; curtains dancing in front of an open window on a summer night; stargazing; astronomy; paint-stained clothes and hands; pencil sketches on homemade paper; doodle-riddled notes and assignments; scouring the web for obscure facts in the middle of the night; writing essays at three a.m. in a caffeine induced haze; exploring old moors; pressed flowers between the pages of heavy books

Ivy climbing a crumbling stone wall; slinky velvet evening gowns; finely tailored suits; torch-lit stone halls; furniture of leather and dark woods; the scents of coffee, allspice, wood smoke, and steel; black tea; heavy wool coats; misty hills and damp stone; the quiet hours just before dawn; cold spring rains; special-edition, leather-bound versions classic horrors like Frankenstein and The Picture of Dorian Gray with gold and silver-leafed pages; rooms lit only with stained glass lamps; the twilit sky painted indigo, gold, and bloody orange; hedge mazes and dark forests; jewel-tones like sapphire blue, deepest red, and emerald green; knife-sharp eyeliner and matte lips painted in reds so dark they look black; sky-high heels knocking on the stone floor of an empty cathedral; quiet words powerful and carrying as thunder

Summer mornings when the forests come alive; wading through creeks looking for stones to collect and little frogs to catch; pulling up grass and hand-tilling soil for a garden; tire swings; picnics on a hill; making pottery with clay you harvested yourself; arms covered in mud and dirt up to the elbows; rolled-up jeans and sun-bleached t-shirts; sneakers battered from exploring fields and forests; herbs hung from the ceiling to dry; washing fresh-grown vegetables in the sink; sitting down for a family dinner; laying in the grass with your significant other pointing out the shapes of clouds; standing up for that one kid at school that gets picked on; settling a fight between your little siblings; holding a friend while they cry; painting pictures of everything you see even if you’re not very good at it; potted plants in every available space in your house; a messy kitchen that smells like cookies and baking bread; volunteering with the Special Olympics; reading to little kids at shelters; helping your friend with a breakup by treating them to a movie night complete with footie pajamas and ice cream

Going to all the charity events your high school hosts; getting into scraps because someone picked a fight; late-summer bonfires surrounded by the songs of cicadas and frogs and glimmering fireflies; roasting a marshmallow until it bursts into flames; throwing your best friend into a pool; pickup games of basketball with the neighborhood kids; screaming your lungs out at a concert or football game; going out on the town with your friends; eating as much pizza as you can; traveling the world because it makes you feel alive; trying to cook something and catching it on fire; laughing so hard it hurts; lighting fireworks on the Fourth of July; laughing with your friend to make them feel better after an awkward attempt at asking someone out; riding your bike to your friend’s house; messing with your sibling and being ready to tear someone apart when they try to do the same; living until it hurts because you’re young and invincible and free