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Contest time

For all of you lovely people people out there, all of my Xbox one gamers, I have a very special prize for you! A code for a copy of Dishonored! It’s been remastered for Xbox one and can be yours…… If, you submit a riddle to me! Send me your riddle and answer, and my favorite one will be posted and awarded the prize! Good luck to all of you!

And I swear, this time, no death traps. I am, if nothing, a man of my word after all.

Gollum can argue a lot of things about whether Bilbo was fair and the legality of the riddle contest, but saying that Frodo “stole” the ring is a pretty weak argument because 

1) Frodo got the ring from Bilbo

2) Gollum dropped the ring in a tunnel and didn’t even realize that he’d lost it

3) Gollum is actively trying to murder Frodo to get the ring back, so arguments about how in-the-wrong Frodo is feel a little moot

4) Gollum murdered someone for it in the first place

Here’s the thing that’s great about the Silmarillion:

If you don’t like something, you can always claim “unreliable narrator” or question “textual authenticity”.

According to Tolkien’s fictional historiography, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion are all translations based on content found in “The Red Book of Westmarch.” Specifically, the Silmarillion is said to be based on “Translations from the Elvish” made by Bilbo Baggins while living at the house of Elrond in Rivendell. 

The published version of the Silmarillion was edited by Christopher Tolkien …based on his father’s unpublished writings …which the elder Tolkien claims are based on a copy of the Thain’s Book curated at Great Smials by Pippin’s descendants …which is based on the original Thain’s Book annotated and updated by the scribes of King Elessar (Aragorn) in Gondor …which was copied from the original Red Book kept by Sam’s descendants at Westmarch …which contained Bilbo’s Translations from the Elvish …based on “books of lore” provided to him by Elrond and the elves of Rivendell.

You got that? The Silm is…

  • …Christopher Tolkien’s edit
  • …of J.R.R Tolkien’s translation
  • …of Pippin’s copy
  • …of Aragorn’s copy
  • …of Sam’s copy
  • …of Bilbo’s translation
  • …of Elrond’s personal library
  • …of songs and legends and histories about the First Age.

Even Professor Tolkien uses the conceit of unreliable narrators to explain discrepancies in the text. In the first edition of The Hobbit, Bilbo says that Gollum promised to give him The Ring if he wins their riddle contest, …which Tolkien later says is a total lie that Bilbo just put in there to make himself look better.

Look, I think it’s time we can all admit something:

The Silmarillion is totally biased in favor of Elrond’s family. If you read through Elrond’s family tree, the Silm makes all of his ancestors look like total bad-asses

  • Luthien and Beren steal a Silmaril from Morgoth’s crown.
  • Tuor and Idril rescue the last survivors from the Fall of Gondolin
  • Earendil and Elwing sail into the West and convince the gods to come to the rescue of the Elves and end the War.

So, like, maybe there were some people in Beleriand who thought the Half-Elven were freaks for their *cough* unusual intermarriages. But as far as Elrond and the Silm are concerned, the Half-Elves were the heroes who saved the freaking day.

So, reinterpret the Silmarillion however you want. Professor Tolkien would probably even get a kick out of it. As a philologist, he was all about how languages and stories shift and morph over time based on the migrations and changing attitudes of their people.

Pocket Mirror Walkthrough

The main Pocket Mirror Team Has already released a PM Guide, but they were cool with me releasing one too.  Mine is more detailed, and gives you some guidance on where to go (and has a few secrets you can find in the 3rd area).  I also have a post where I point out where some Pumpkin Charms are, which aren’t necessary, but give you access to extra content later in the game.

  The real credit goes to the rest of the PM team as well as the PM beta testing team for helping me through the game.  I’m not the best puzzle solver, so I want to thank them for all their help making this :)

General Tips:

  • “Keep your memories close to your heart” is code for save as often as possible.  You can go 5-7 rooms without seeing a savebox, so save as much as you can.
  • If you’re getting a “Failed to create Bitmap” Error - it means the game didn’t load the area fast enough before you got there.  The best way I found to avoid this is by walking into new maps, not running (don’t do this at a chase scene tho).  Feel free to report these errors to the PM Team @pocketmirror-ask.

Table of contents

  • Start  (Note: This is the area you played through if you played the demo)
  • Area 1 - Egliette
  • Area 2 - Fleta
  • Area 3 - Harpae
  • Area 4 - Lisette
  • Area 5 - Final

If you just want to know how to get each ending, look up “ MAIN ENDING DIVERGENCE ” with ctrl+F.

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A clothing manifesto

1. Being as how we sometimes want to sit on the toilet and look at our phones without flagging up to the world that we have chosen to take something with us that  is not strictly necessary for the task of excretion; or similarly
2. Being as how some of us do menstruating and need stuff to deal with that and may not wish to announce this to the room; and
3. Being as how we may someday be in a contest of riddles deep underground, and the answer to ‘what have I got in my pocket’ is an easy one if we have no pockets, and thus we will end up eaten and there will be no-one to defeat the dragon; and
4. Being as how we sometimes need something to do with our hands when slouching around, and crossing arms or fiddling with things attracts a certain breed of amateur psychologist; and
5. Being as how a lady sometimes needs to have to hand a discreet contraceptive after she has jumped from a helicopter, abseiled down a building, drilled through the back wall of a bank, fought off a few security guards, picked the lock, taken the diamond and hijacked the getaway car, not to mention needing a place to put the diamond; and
6. Being as how one sometimes needs a warm place to put a baby kangaroo whilst one searches for its mother; and
7. Being as how losing a bag is significantly easier than losing a pocket, the latter occurrence requiring one either to get naked, battle something with claws or have really badly-made clothes; and
8. Being as how you can pull pockets inside-out and use them as sock puppets when you are bored:

we, the undersigned, are of the opinion that DRESSES AND SKIRTS SHOULD HAVE POCKETS; and that furthermore TROUSERS FOR THE FEMALE-IDENTIFED SHOULD HAVE POCKETS TOO; and that furthermore these pockets should be actual functional ones that do not spill their contents when you sit, squat or bend; that fake pockets are Satan’s spunkstains and let us not speak of them further; that good pockets are big enough to hold at least two of a wallet, a phone, keys and a handkerchief and that given the fundamental symmetry of human beings it is usually no hardship to put at least two pockets on; and that frankly we do not give a fuck about the fabric draping marginally differently compared to the ability to conveniently carry stuff around in the way that people with penis-enabled trousers take for granted.

False Prophets


Just because Stan’s injured and the brothers are trying to sail to port doesn’t mean they can avoid anomalies altogether.

Set between Chapters 12 and 13 of Fisherman’s Knot.

Fluffstravaganza commission for @dana-willowfeather, who asked for Stan saving the day with his cunning and trickery! It turned out to be more of a Stan/Nuala teamup, but I hope you enjoy it!

It was supposed to be a simple matter of getting directions.

Of course, Ford chided himself, nothing he did could ever be simple. There must be some unwritten law of the universe, nay, multiverse, against Stanford Pines ever getting any kind of break. All he’d wanted to do was make sure they were on the fastest route to Boston, out of the path of any storms or ice shoals. It was a simple enough request.

And yes, he could have just thrown the King Cod back into the ocean instead of taking it up on its offer to help them in exchange for its life, but they’d used prophetic fish to navigate before and it had turned out fine! He should have had no problem answering its riddles! And—all right, really he should just stop making excuses and see if there was anything useful he could do before he lost consciousness and was dropped into the maw of a horrific sea monster. Maws? There might have been more than one of them. He hadn’t been able to get a good look before his vision started going spotty.

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Pinkie: Riddle contest is a GO! Send me any questions if you’re confused by something, and I’ll do my best to clarify anything you didn’t get!

And thanks again, everyone, for helping me get this far!

…dang, I honestly never thought I’d get to this point on my blog! Heh heh! Wow! ^////^
*Huggles to Everypony!* Well, hope you all like what’s to come! 8D

One day, one rhyme- Day 384 'The heart maze'

My heart is like a hedge maze
Inside a sprawling fence of tin
But you must walk for days and days
To see the best parts further in.
Anyone can hop the tin fence
And see the daisies planted there.
Anyone who has the patience
Might make it to the winding stair.

And once there might climb round and round
Until they reach the first landing
From which they’ll hear tremendous sound
Caused by waterfalls outstanding.
Now, one who’s made of sterner stuff
Might pick a path over the falls,
And one who is quite brave enough
Might even reach the castle walls

Whereupon a riddle contest
Must be won to obtain entry
(There once was one who simply guessed
And was picked off by the sentry).
Now don’t think that you’ve won the game
At this point, there’s still far to go
And now must face the room of flame,
The downfall of many a beau.

But I won’t tell you of the rest
Though you may chose to seek it out,
And if you are to pass the test
You’ll find a treasure without doubt.
Like most things, the best bits of heart
Are not outside, but further in,
And if you make it to that part
We can live forever therein.