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This is my cat. Aaron purr. I call him lots of things. Purr, Pawsy, jerkface, lots of things. I got him on New Years Eve. I love him a lot. He’s always happy to see me, and i love him. But…recently we’ve had a problem. He doesn’t get along with our dog very well (one out of the three), and we can’t get rid of the dog. But, i really don’t want to get rid of my cat. We’re having problems with keeping him as an in the room cat, and we may have to get rid of him. I cried, a lot. But well you guys might as well enjoy pictures of my cat while you can :D he’s a cute cat. He looks like a baby brown tiger, and it seems like he stepped in white paint. He loves belly rubs and taking anything from me he can, and hiding it. Pens, pinecones, shoelaces, you name it. He’s pretty mischievous, but adorable. Anyways, sorry for tagging everyone..

We are an evil group (that are all effective level 12) centered around a baby white dragon (player character) and most of us are dragon blooded of some kind or another.

We encountered an adult black dragon who was rambling on about how we were trespassing but that he needed help getting rid of a problem in his warren and so forth.

During the middle of this monologue our kobold necromancer stands up without warning and says, “I cast shivering touch on the black dragon”

DM: “… What?!?”
Necromancer: “I cast shivering touch on the dragon”
DM: “ok… Make a caster level check.”
Necromancer: rolls a nat 20
DM *in astonishent* “wow… Well he falls into the swamp below him as he freezes”
Necromancer: *turns to my half white dragon kobold and hand him a rope* “tie this to my leg”

My character does so and the necromancer then proceeds to swan dive off the bridge till he’s hanging just above the water upside down and casts raise legion on anything dead in the swamp within range and commands all of the undead to start killing each other.
He has a special ability where any undead he raises explodes with negative energy damage when they die.

Our DM was so shocked we had to take a half hour break so he could collect himself cuz we just destroyed his quest.

TLDR: our tiny squishy insane kobold necromancer pretty much one shoted an adult black dragon with shivering touch and exploding undead.

And that’s not even the craziest thing this group has done.

‘One person waited once for an operation’ is GOP grounds to get rid of free health care. #TedUsesFreeGovtHealthCareBTW

The GOP also assumes the same problems would happen despite US having more doctors. We might have problems, but they would not be the same.

All The Small Things

Every time Tom gets angry on the show, in front of Marco, it’s interesting to know that Marco isn’t particularly bothered by his anger.

 Every time Tom has been scolded by Marco, it’s been because of something he did wrong, like lying.

He’s never gotten angry at Tom for getting reasonably upset about things , even when he promised to him he wouldn’t get mad.

It’s something interesting to point out, because then it reminds you of how Star treated Tom’s anger in BMB.

Marco and Star are very different with Tom’s issues.

While Marco hasn’t yet to invalidate Tom’s feelings, and handles the problem by ridding the source of Tom’s anger.

Star instead, gets irritated because of Tom’s irritation, and shows annoyance at him for being upset.

Now i like Star, and she doesn’t have to put up with Tom’s anger.

But this night did mean a lot to Tom, and Star kinda went mostly for herself, not for them. Tom did everything possible to make the event something fun for her ((Resulting in his own subjects being bored)) and her entire reaction to all of it consisted of annoyance and ignorance.

Tom, who went through all this trouble to make this night perfect and prove himself to the one person (At the time) he cared about, kept feeling like he wasn’t good enough for her.

She ditched him as well to go do other things, although Tom’s anger is dangerous, the things he does get upset about are understandable and relatable.

His night was falling apart, and then Marco showed up, ruined what was probably his last chance to make the night up to Star, and that was the last straw for him.

Everyone is very quick to blame Tom for the breakup, but considering we know practically nothing about their dating life and relationship, and don’t really know why they broke up.

I don’t think it’s impossible that Star could’ve been partially responsible.

Tom is clearly a person who needs emotional support, he’s lonely and ashamed of his issues.

and as much as i like Star, she’s not typically very good with the feelings of others ((She’s getting better at it, but there are plenty of times Marco’s opinions, needs, and well-being were ignored in favor of her own))

Which is why it’s nice that Marco supplies that support for Tom, and takes his feelings into account when he’s hurt.

Tom should be allowed to be upset and angry sometimes, as long as he can control himself.

And it’s nice to see Marco not only validate his feelings, but help him handle his issues in a safe manner (Which Tom frankly seems to enjoy alot more)

It’s a small thing to notice how Marco treats tom’s issues in comparison to Star.

But it’s a pure small thing.

2017 Gemini Advice (TOP 3)

What’s better than some good advice from the Gemini guru? 


  • Don’t let the money control you, control the money. Not knowing how to save and spend wisely is a big problem for most of us, and developing a master plan to achieving your goals financially will get rid of a lot of problems, and better yet make your year (2017) a lot healthier.


  • 2017 is the year to focus on yourself. Try not to dwell or invest too much time in relationships, or people unless you deeply feel that the person is valuable enough to be giving your time. Make yourself great; put the effort that you would usually put into building relationships into bettering yourself. With just these simple doings, you’ll be smiling in no time.

Failure and Risks

  • Don’t be afraid of taking that jump! Sometimes taking a leap of faith is needed to obtain that dream job you want, or becoming the best at your occupation. Try not to believe that failure results in you not being able to succeed. Without failure, a lot of those who you see who are successful today, would not be successful. When you fail, don’t refrain. GET UP, learn from it and fight harder.

A Spell to Rid Yourself of Negative Relationships/Abusive Relationships

Valentines Day is also the waning moon. Use the moons influence to drive away negative relationships.

Cut out a heart on construction paper or on a Valentine’s Day card, then write the name of the person you wish to rid yourself of, or write the problems you wish to rid your relationship of. Examples can be like: Distrust, jealousy, dishonesty.

Burn over a red candle and dispose of the ashes.

And if you’re in an abusive relationship and can’t safely leave: CALL A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE 1-800-799-7233. If you are Deaf/HoH they have TTY: 1-800-787-3224

Don’t hesitate to reach out ❤ Witchcraft cannot solve everything. Don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation ❤ You’re Safety is more important.

#ActuallyAutistic Asks
  • 1: Did you discover that you are autistic early or later in life? How do you think it affected you?
  • 2: Which terms and words do you prefer when talking about autism?
  • 3: Do you advocate for yourself and other autistic people?
  • 4: How did you find out about autism?
  • 5: Do you have any autistic family members or autistic friends in real life?
  • 6: What, in your opinion is your best autism-related quality?
  • 7: Which autistic trait gives you the most problems?
  • 8: If you could get rid of one and only one autistic trait, would you do it and which would you choose?
  • 9: Any autistic traits that you don't have but wish you had?
  • 10: What do you think about support labels as an alternative to functioning labels?
  • 11: What, in you opinion, is the most ridiculous social protocol rule?
  • 12: What are your hypo- and hyper-sensitivities?
  • 13: What is/are your current special interest(s)?
  • 14: What is your daily routine like?
  • 15: How do you stim?
  • 16: Is there any media with canon autistic character(s) you like and would recommend to other autistic people?
  • 17: Which characters do you headcanon as autistic and why?
  • 18: If you could make one accommodation universally available and 100% accepted, which would you choose?
  • 19: What, in your opinion, is the most ridiculous autism myth or stereotype?
  • 20: How would you describe autism to someone who knows nothing about it?
  • 21: Do you have any happy autistic childhood memories?
  • 22: What, in your opinion, is the best thing about being autistic?
  • 23: Do you think autism influences your identity, like your gender, sexuality, religious and political views or personality?
  • 24: Are there any internalized ableist ideas that you struggle with?
  • 25: Do you think we will achieve autism acceptance soon?
  • 26: Are you a no eye contact autistic or excessive eye contact autistic?
  • 27: Are you a "no food touching" autistic or "mesh all food up" autistic?
  • 28: Are you a pretty rock collection autistic or soft stuffed animals collection autistic?
  • 29: Are you a get along with kids autistic or slightly afraid of kids autistic?
  • 30: Are you a soft, gentle touches autistic or a deep pressure autistic?
A random thought

What if Mofftiss wanted to do what sir Arthur Conan Doyle did with Sherlock in The Final Problem?

He wanted to get rid of his own creation and killed him off but the public didn’t let him do it, so he resurrected Sherlock Holmes and went on with writing the stories.

What if Moffitss wanted to repeat this and now it’s our, the fandom, turn to raise our voices and get our Sherlock Holmes back?

On why I have always seen the possibility that Thomas is alive:

a) We were never shown his death/body or any sort of concrete confirmation

b) The only person confirming Thomas’ death was Peter, and he was a liar and had every reason to want to keep Thomas under wraps if he were alive considering he was being rewarded by Alfred.

c) Thomas’ being sent to Bedlam was also a result of Alfred wanting to be rid of him because he was causing problems for Alfred and their family and that’s often why people got stuck in Bedlam to begin with. So Alfred sending him away to be hidden also isn’t that much of a stretch for me. So him keeping the knowledge of Thomas being alive secret also makes sense for me because he wanted that whole thing to go away while still punishing them.

d) The wording Richard Guthrie used to describe Thomas being dead was very ambiguous. He says “even the asylum couldn’t protect him from himself.” It implies that he’s dead, but never actually says it and could mean that it couldn’t protect him himself, from the reason he was in there in the first place - his beliefs and dream and love for James and that he refused to give in.

TF2 fic idea #2

What if Respawn had no range, and was not shut down? Just think of the post-war scenarios. 

Imagine Spy getting killed in one of his missions, making his enemies feel like they’ve gotten rid of their problem. Then Spy comes back a WEEK AFTER looking hella pissed off and rambling about how far New Mexico is. 

Imagine the Medic needing to escape his enemies but getting caught. All he needed to do was shoot himself and reappear in Respawn. The government would note that he committed suicide, though. 

Imagine the Scout getting killed in an alley or during hazing, then meeting up with the Doc in New Mexico, who was busy making fake papers with fake info about him.

Imagine the Doc agreeing to go with Scout back to Boston, so that the lad would have an excuse as to why he was still alive and kicking.

Imagine the Scout crashing his own funeral.

“Wow doc would ya look at that? There’s a buncha people in my house! Are they havin’ a party without me?”

“Herr Scout, this does not look like a party.”

“They went with some emo theme too! Almost everyone’s wearin’ black!”

“Herr Scout, listen to me! It vould be best if ve vould leave for now and come back - “

“Oh look there’s my ma! HEY MA! LEMME HELP YA PASS DOSE FLOWEHS!”



Brighid’s Night begins tonight so that means making offerings (honeyed milk, sherry and scones), making a “brat bhride” doll (in this case, one of my altar idols) and bed, inviting Brighid into your house, blessing the St. Brighid’s crosses in the house and anointing them with juniper oil (representing purification and the approaching spring) and hanging clootie strips that can be used to “heal” and get rid of negativity and problems.

So, here are some pictures at my attempt at celebrating said holiday.

Blessed Imbolc!

Prompt: Original Percival Graves/Newt, I need to not be a virgin, like, immediately. There’s a magical beast of some kind causing a big fuss in New York City, so Newt is called in to find and capture it. He’s assigned to work with Graves on the case, and they hit it off quite well, actually. Only when he gets a look at the creature does he realize the problem; this particular beast becomes obsessed with virgins, and would rather attempt to “fix the problem” than be caught or tamed.

Problem is, Newt’s still a virgin, and this thing isn’t catchable when it’s in a virgin-induced rut. Newt’s a problem solver, though, and the logical answer is to get rid of the pesky virginity problem in a hurry- and Graves is the closest friend to ask for help.

Cue Newt trying to look at this clinically and logically, trying not to be too much of a bother with it, and assuring Graves they can make it quick and no strings attached while apologizing for his lack of experience- meanwhile, Graves is thinking, “I am going to rock his world and leave him so fucked out I’ll be the only fantastic beast he’s interested in”. Because while Newt might be self conscious and sort of oblivious, Graves has wanted to hit that ever since they first met. And no one should lose their virginity ‘quickly and clinically’, geez.

Fill: AO3

Yeah, this has gone a little too far :/

“Why do we even have to play his game?”

Connie of course gets it instantly and knows that this is not a healthy way to get rid of their anger, but the problem is that sometimes it’s incredibly hard to control yourself.

Yeah, see? Steven is a sweetheart, he’s never been this angry and he can’t really control it. That’s what it’s like for most people with anger issues.

“Steven… he’s the reason we fused.”

Oh… man I haven’t thought of that.

Yeah… that’s definitely not good. Fusion is supposed to represent everything good about a relationship, and doing it out of anger and spite… yeah, that’s definitely not good.


I wish I could resolve my anger issues this easily.