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Prussia Reading Brothers Grimm ~ Official Art in Color [x]

Aelia Saltzman was raised by a hunter family. 

The Saltzmans go back centuries in Germany as providers of weaponry against the supernatural. Aelia decided to leave and get a normal life, seeking a higher degree in American History. She was never able to shake her sense of responsibility for the occult, so she also studied occult and folklore via anthropology. That was how she met Isobel Flemming. 

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thefunsalvatorebrother  asked:

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Stuff Ric knows about you - @thefunsalvatorebrother

  1. You need money now, but I get the impression you once had it. Something about your bearing.
  2. You’re really not sure about this. You don’t need to rush it. Get to know me a little and then decide. 
  3. You think your face is your best asset, but I have a feeling you’re wrong. I guess I’ll get to know you and find out. 
  4. You’re attracted to me. You weren’t expecting to be. That photo is bad, I know. But I’m glad you’re attracted.
  5. You have absolutely no idea who I am, or the kind of money I have, and I’m glad. I’d rather we got to know each other before you find out the name of my company.

Netherlands steps in between you and the sun. 

A theme from an old Western movie plays, from an unseen source. 

America appears, with an epic gun, and points it towards England. 

“You gotta ask yourself one thing, ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well…do you, punk?!”

Ha. Ignore me. ;) I’ve been cleaning off the edited pictures on my phone…

Remember when I used to make cool Hetalia photosets, and they got lots of notes, and people folllowed me for them?? Yeah…me too. ;)

My Hetalia Explosion Collage...

And new background image. (click to enlarge)

Contains GerIta, PruAus, GerAus (my secret ship!) Romano, Lithuania, and France…along with some of my favorite quotes from Hetalia, like the repaired ship can sail forever, and “Somewhere out there…”, and of course the scene of Prussia stripping Austria, so Austria can feel how bad it is, to be alone, yet, in that same strip, Prussia says, “I’m so happy being alone!”

Ha. Prussian Food for thought. ;)