This post is for the Photos Worth Seeing Retrospective, in which we are to post one photo from about the time we started our Tumblr account, one photo from about the middle of our time, and one photo that is basically current. 

Photo 1 - Posted August 2010, shot with Ricoh Singlex
Photo 2 - Posted January 2013, shot with Yashica-A
Photo 3 - Posted October 2015, shot with Mamiya C33

Back in 2010, I was just starting to play with manual film cameras (basically anything non-point-and-shoot), and I didn’t really know what I was doing, so any interesting photos I got were more-or-less coincidental. I still wasn’t sure exactly how aperture effected the type of photo you got, and so I was just shooting all kinds of stuff and sometimes it worked out pretty well, as in this photo - sometimes not so well. Of course, I didn’t post much in the way of failed experiments here on Tumblr, so this is what I have to choose from to show my early days :) But really, my photos were all over the map with hardly any consistency in style, exposure, or expression - though I generally had a good eye for framing from the beginning, I think.

After shooting for a while, I think I got a little bit afraid of low aperture numbers and ‘wasting’ film on shots where the intended subject was not in focus or it didn’t turn out the way I wanted (partly because I was still learning and couldn’t deliver as often as I liked), and I also was liking photos where much of the photo was basically in-focus, so I feel like my photography style got a little bit more hard/solid as opposed to the kind of dreaminess/abstraction of tiny depth of field. I had figured out how things work better, so I could consistently shoot a particular type of photo, and more of my photos were this way.

Currently, I feel like I’ve gravitated more towards the softness and slight abstraction of a more narrow depth-of-field, but I also feel confident and competent to shoot in many different styles and get an interesting result. I’ve now shot with about 7-8 different cameras (film and digital), multiple different film formats, and a wide selection of lenses and films, and I feel like I have a good mental repertoire for what is a good combination for a particular type of photo. I’m really fascinated with light and with contrast, and trying to present that in a captured image the way I feel it in person somehow.