ricoh xr 1

Something older from my second roll of film in April 2014 …

… I nearly missed that last Friday, April 21st was an anniversary. Six years ago on that day I posted my very first photo here on tumblr. That blog then was named Hague51.
In the meantime there were different blogs with different names. A lot of things have changed since that. Tumblr was a better place in those days….

Ricoh XR-1
SMC Pentax M 1:1,7 50mm
AGFA APX100 (new)

Hans-Jürgen Sommerfeld © 2014|2017

Taking the Stairs - February 2014 (Ricoh XR-1 x CN 400)

“I found myself somewhere between wandering aimlessly and accidentally finding you.” C. Farrarons

I guess the sincerest hugs and kisses happen in airports.

Pretty much just dumping your dashboards with photos because you’ve probably already read my story.

I got to meet Rebecca. She went to the same school with Lorde in New Zealand. We shared a Lemon Pie at Sagada.

The town of Bontoc just minutes after the sun has risen. Cold misty air touched my skin. Made me miss home. That’s the thing about life. We’ll never realize what we miss until we detach ourselves from some things.

The bus overheated. We all rushed to get off. When we were all out, we just laughed. Filipinos. That’s how we are.

Do yourself a favor. Live more.

It’s only during long bus rides that I hate the most when I travel alone. It takes too much time to get to where you are suppose to be without having anyone else to talk to. But then it wouldn’t help taking time thinking and feeling you’re alone, anyway.

Happy Love Month, guys! Happy to have spent the first week of this month in a place where cuddling would be sufficient. I did. With myself and the luxury of time I had. All mine.