SAN JUAN, PR - JULY 19: Flavored ice is for sale at the El Condado beach July 19, 2002 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico was an outpost of Spanish colonialism for 400 years, until the United States took possession in 1898. Today Puerto Rico’s Spanish-speaking culture reflects its history - a mix of African slaves, Spanish settlers, and Taino Indians. Puerto Ricans fight in the U.S. armed forces but are not entitled to vote in presidential elections. They passionately debate their relationship with the U.S. with about half the island wanting to become the 51st state and the other half wanting to remain a U.S. commonwealth. A small percentage feel the island should be an independent country. While locals grapple with the evils of a burgeoning drug trade and unchecked development, drumbeats still drive the rhythms of African-inspired bomba music. (Photo By Amy Toensing)

anonymous asked:

Are there trios ?

There are most definitely trios

Nevada, New Mexico, Virginia: Aliens/ Government secrets trio

Vermont, New Hampshire, Quebec: Maple syrup trio

Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico: Disconnected trio

California, Texas, New York: Run the world trio

Maine, Maryland, Alaska: Crabs trio

Nebraska, Iowa, Ohio: Corn trio

North Dakota, Texas, Alaska: Oil trio

California, New Mexico, Texas: Actually remember living with Mexico trio

Oklahoma, Minnesota, Kansas: Tornado trio

North Carolina, Texas, Ohio: (Space)flight trio

Theoretically more I haven’t thought of too


Que pasaba por tu mente mi hermoso Mads? que te tenía tan absorto? talvez no sabías que tontería te iba a preguntar el Chris, o quizá te preguntabas que cenarías esa noche? :P, la cosa es que al final regresaste de tus pensamientos, me hubiese gustado estar en tu mente en ese momento :)