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With You

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

A/N: Shortest drabble I’ve ever wrote, but I needed it; I needed someone to feel proud of me!


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He watches you from the bed, a light blanket covering his naked body from the waist down, his hair slightly messed up; he notes how your hands strangle your hair into your fists, your eyes focused on the textbook in front of you, tears streaming down your face as you try to study. His heart goes out to you, he has never met a more dedicated and passionate person before you. His eyes wander out the window, staring onto the beautiful beach that was accessible from your holiday loft.

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🇵🇷 People who are going to Puerto Rico for the first time go to this restaurant called Barrachina 🇵🇷

🇵🇷 Barrachina is in Old San Juan and they have good food! 🍹🍛🍮 The Chicken Mofongo is good and their Piña Colada is Amazing! They have a lot of other great food too 🇵🇷

🇵🇷 I haven’t been everywhere in Puerto Rico but this restaurant was really good and I enjoy my time 🇵🇷

If anyone has any suggestions of other places and restaurants in Puerto Rico, Message me 👌


“No, no, no, no,” her voice is panicked and he is trying to reassure her that he is fine, but I see the blood starting to seep into his shirt. I know he’s not bleeding out, but given enough time, he might. Even if he doesn’t, there might still be a lot of damage done. I’m not sure if he’s aware of this, but every time he tries to calm her down, she flinches. She blames herself. We’re similar people in this regard – it’s easier to deal with someone’s anger than their forgiveness.

“We need to get Yulian to a hospital,” she says, smoothing down his hair and moving it away from his face. It’s weird to see her act tenderly, given what we’ve just done. The people we’ve killed.

“No, no hospitals,” he says and leans his head against her and she flinches again.

Rico turns and looks down at Yulian, his face painted with smug satisfaction. “We can’t leave yet. We’re supposed to go through the place and clear the offices, too. And I’m not leaving all this money just because your boyfriend got shot.”

“I didn’t say to leave the money,” Emilia snaps, “but we need to take him in to get treated.”

“If he’s alive when we’re finished, we will,” Rico says, he looks like he’s enjoying this. Yulian had told me about threatening him to leave when they were on that stakeout. I guess the man holds a grudge. My friend stares back with a bored expression. I’ve learned over the years that when he meets a confrontation with that stance, he’s planning something nasty. If I gave a shit about Rico, I’d almost feel sorry for him.

“Man, you know there’s not gonna be shi-“ Robbie started but closed his mouth when Rico turned to glare at him.

“No, we’re going through those offices. Did anyone say anything when Chuey got shot? I bet his body is still out where he fell. I didn’t stop. He was my friend. So why the fuck would I stop what I’m doing to save that Ruso motherfucker on the floor there?

Emilia stands and draws her pistol. Yulian hisses something – probably to tell her not to fucking do that – “I’m taking him out now,” she says and, for a moment, I don’t know who’s she’s talking to.

The other man doesn’t look afraid, “I’ll put a bullet in his head now. One less person to share money with. I’ll even be your partner afterward - I know how you like to fuck ‘em. You’ll be happier with me, I’ve got a huge dick.”

Her answer is to rack the slide of the pistol she’s holding. Shit, shit.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” I step in the middle with my hands spread upward, praying that this doesn’t escalate further. They’ll kill both Yulian and Emilia together and probably me, too, because I’m their friend. “Let’s just take a deep breath for a fucking minute here, you guys are going to get blood all over my money,” I say, in a half-assed attempt to lighten the mood.

“Of course you’d jump in, can’t have the only person that can’t speak Spanish aside from you die, Flaca?” I clench my jaw shut. I would not react to this but it still stung – I hated being reminded, hated that I’d been treated as an outsider by people that I’ve grown up with. I couldn’t help how my mother raised me and, really, my only other option to make money as young as I had been when I got into the game was to be pimped out. No fucking thanks, better to swallow this shit than some gross old man’s load.

“You understand then,” I shrugged.

“We’re not fucking going yet and I’ll be damned if that bitch dictates what we do.” Rico’s reaching for his piece now and my breath catches, shit, we’re going to die here.

“How do you think Fermin would react if he found out you killed his spy? The one that keeps the cops off of him? I think that’d be very bad for you and your entire family,” comes another voice from behind and relief washes over me.

“I wasn’t going to kill her, Chino. Just the asshole – if he’s dead we can keep going.”

“He was sitting across from the Boss at the last meeting, I don’t think that would be a good idea either,” Gene responds, a pissed look on his face. I wonder if he caught that bit about Emi fucking her partners.

Rico sucks the air between his teeth, he hadn’t considered that.

“I’ll take them, you guys can go finish what we need to do here. Take the money to Fermin and get the credit.”

Rico rolls his eyes, “Whatever.”

I grab a big duffle bag of money on the way out behind Gene and Emilia who are supporting Yulian into the narrow hallway. Gene looks at the bag questioningly, “Asshole Tax,” I explain. No one says anything as we go to Gene’s car but I’m starting to feel dread settle in. I’m fucked. Yulian, Emi, and Gene are safe because they’re in demand by the bosses. I don’t have that luxury. Even if they swung for me and got the bosses to be okay with what I did, I know I’m done with the others because I chose the outsiders over them. Maybe I’ll have enough money to move to Windenburg and I’ll be able to get a job with the Volkov’s.

We get in the car and Emilia is still fussing over Yulian. The little shit is eating it up. Gene is watching it through the rearview mirror, J Cole’s Dreams playing on the stereo. Petty. All of this mess was his fuck up, not theirs. “Eyes on the road, Chino,” I remind him and he makes a face.

“All right, Flaca.”

It almost feels like old times.


Piano (Lin x Reader) Platonic

Could I request a Lin or Pippa platonic x reader where Y/N is their literal younger sister and they come to watch the show the the first time and meet everyone?

A/N: While I did take 3 years of Spanish, it’s been a while and I’m better at listening/reading it than I am speaking it. I tried my best to make sure the grammar was correct while writing, but I apologize in advance if it isn’t perfect.

Word Count: 1,121

You didn’t think it was your brothers idea for you to see his show, but as you walked with him to the theater, he was a ball of energy, even more so than normal.

“Hermanita hermanita hermanita,” he chanted.

“You’re so embarrassing,” you told him with a grin.

“Only for you,” he threw a sweet smile back to you. When you got to the theater, Lin brought you in through the back door and into his dressing room. He pulled out his phone, snapping a picture with you and then posting it to Twitter with the caption ‘Hermanita is back from 🇵🇷 and she’s going to see the show 😳’. Promptly after, he pushed you out of his dressing room and sent you off with an usher to be seated. Somehow you ended up in the famous person section. While you were considered famous in Puerto Rico, you didn’t think anyone here in the States knew your name. You buried your face in your playbill until the show started, desperate to avoid being asked questions.

Your brother’s show was nothing short of incredible. Obviously only your brother would consider the country’s first treasury secretary to be the embodiment of rap and hip hop, but it worked. You were engaged the whole way through, mesmerized especially by your brothers performance. By the time it had ended, you were visibly crying.

As the cast was taking their bows, the same usher from before tapped you on the shoulder.

“Lin wants you to come backstage and meet the cast,” she said. You nodded, frantically trying to wipe the tears from your eyes. If Lin knew you had cried watching his show you’d never hear the end of it.

You were left back in Lin’s dressing room. As soon as he came offstage, he practically ran up to you.

“What did you think?”

“It was… Fabuloso,” you said. Your brain was still in shock from the perfection of it all to formulate words in English. Lin laughed.

“So I’ve been told. Would you like to meet the company?” He asked. You nodded, standing up and following him out into the hall.

The first person you ran into was Chris Jackson. You had met him before, during ‘In The Heights’, so he greeted you with a hug.

“Glad to see you again, Ms. Miranda,” he said warmly.

“Nice to see you too. Your performance was wonderful,” you told him. Chris accepted your compliment, but before you could continue the conversation, Lin interrupted by pulling someone else towards you.

“Guys, this is my little sister, (y/n),” Lin said. Standing in front of you was the actor who played Laurens/Phillip, and the actress who played Peggy/Maria. You told them how much you adored their performances. As you spoke to them, Lin brought over more and more of the cast. You felt like you were dishing out compliments and praise left and right, but it was well deserved.

Finally, Lin took your wrist and turned you around. Alex Lacamoire had finally made it backstage, and you were at a loss for words.

“Señor, es un honor. Me encanta su trabajo. Es mágico” You said after a brief hesitation and a lot of stuttering, reverting to the language you had been speaking for the past two years. Lin laughed, paraphrasing the translation quite embarrassingly.

“She says she loves your work and is honored to be in your presence. In her words, ‘it’s magical’. Took her a few tries to say it though, even in Spanish,” Lin said. You blushed profusely.

“Thank you, but from what I hear you’re quite a star yourself,” Alex said. You nodded, even more embarrassed that Lin had told his cast mates that you had been working as a professional pianist in Puerto Rico.

“Why did you come back to the US?” The actress who played Eliza asked. This helped you relax a little, being asked a question you could put English words to.

“Our parents reminded me that while they were proud of what I was accomplishing in Puerto Rico, I hadn’t been home in 2 years and I had a nephew whom I hadn’t met yet,” you told them.

“Sebastian loves her. ‘Tia Tia’ he says,” Lin said proudly. While you missed your work in Puerto Rico, you enjoyed being able to spend time with Lin’s son. You chatted with the cast a little more, also observing the way Lin was so comfortable around them. It wasn’t until Alex appeared at your shoulder again that you moved from the spot backstage.

“(y/n), could you teach me one of your pieces? We can go down into the orchestral pit and play on that piano. I’d love to see you perform. And I’ll teach you any song from the show in return,” he said. It was an offer you couldn’t pass up. Lin, noticing you sneaking away, followed out of curiosity. He had heard Alex’s proposal, and wanted to listen.

You taught Alex one of your pieces. While you didn’t have any music on you, he was quick to grasp the bars you would play for him. After you had finished teaching him, he played through it a couple of times as you watched.

“That was it!” you said after he had played it through with only a minor mistake. Alex grinned, then reached up to his score for the show.

“What can I teach you now?” he asked.

“Burn, please,” you said. Upon hearing it the first time only an hour before, you had fallen in love. It was, as you said, magical. Alex found the music, placing it in front of you. You sight read it relatively easily, though slowly. You had been playing the piano for years. The language of music on your fingertips was as comfortable as the Spanish language was on your tongue.

You played through a few more times, each time taking Alex’s pointers and putting them into good use. The last time you played it, Pippa started singing along with you.

“Lin, are you crying?” you asked your brother after you had finished. Lin wiped his eyes.

“No way, I just got something in my eye,” he defended.

“Yeah, my awesomeness must have flown out of the piano and snuck in there,” you teased. Lin laughed, before getting up and sliding next to you on the piano bench. His fingers started plucking a tune you hadn’t played in years. It was a duet you had composed with him years ago. You joined in on the higher keys, and together your four hands flew across the instrument. This was your happy place, performing with your brother, and it was something you definitely missed about home.

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Do you have any videos i can watch on afropuerto ricans I know you do!

Of course! 


En La Punta de la Legnua-Nuestra Herencia Africana <-Hour and a half long documentary about Afro Puerto Rican history and culture In Spanish (no subtitles)

Afro Puerto Rico: The Islands Ties to Slavery <- 3:06 Short clip. In Spanish with English Subtitles. 

Puerto Rico’s African Influences <- 22:37 MIN long clip. Note* the folks who made this do not seem to be Puerto Rican. They sound European, But there’s some good information in this 

Music/ Dance 

Documental : Puerto Rico, Raíces(Bomba y Plena)<-1:39:11  Documentary in Spanish (no subtitles) Explaining Bomba and Plena 

Bomba Puertorriqueña<- Street demonstration of Bomba 

Siembra Maestra - Virginia <-Yard demonstration of Bomba  (my favorite, plus i know some of the drummers!) 

Plena Callejera <- street performance of Plena 

Las Caras Lindas Ismael Rivera- Salsa!!  Las Caras Lindas de mi Gente Negra

Al Natural - Tego Calderon HD <- Puerto Rican Rap/ Reggaeton 

TEGO CALDERON NI FU NIFA <-Puerto Rican Rap /Reggaeton (He literally says “AFRICA AFRICA”) 


Por amor en el caserío Trailer <- Puerto Rican Play turned movie set in the largest housing projects El CASERIO  Luis Llorens Torres (Llorens Torres, where a lot of my family is from) 

There are plenty of others but heres a healthy start. Enjoy!! 

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Hanji x Rico - NSFW


Hanji is agendered in this prompt

  • If they have a set setup (more dominant/more submissive) or if they are fairly versatile.
    • Rico is normally on top when with Hanji.
  • Who gives the best oral sex.
    • Hanji eats her right up.
  • Each member’s secret fetish/kink.
    • Rico hides that she has a kink for having sex with Hanji while they have their glasses on. She also enjoys some ropes.
  • Favourite position.
    • Missionary
  • Sexy nicknames?
    • Rico calls Hanji goggles to be endearing. Hanji returns the favor by calling Rico “Ricky.”
  • Something they tried that they will never do again.
    • They have not tried anything they don’t like yet.
  • Who initiates most often.
    • They are pretty even on this one. Rico and Hanji will start to make out and bump glasses.
  • Who is really noisy and can’t help it.
    • Rico is. Even when she’s on top, she can’t help but let out a wail or two.
  • Favourite toy to use.
    • Hanji enjoys their hands and a few beads every now and again. Rico keeps some ropes on her at all times, just in case ;D.
  • Who cums the fastest.
    • They cum at about the same time but Rico is slightly earlier than Hanji.

Prussia: It be in his plans to go all out, but in the end he’d settle on taking you out to a restaurant you’ve been wanting to go to for a while. He’d try to get the staff to sing you happy birthday. Afterwards as you headed home, he’d reveal a present he’d made himself for you and would be all sorts of worried until he was sure you liked it.

Romano: He would act as if he weren’t planning anything. Somehow he’d get you out of the house for while, and when you returned a table would be set up with home-cooked food, lit candles, and rose petals scattered about. He’d be shy at first, but it would give a way to pride when he saw how happy you were.

Romania: The entire day would be devoted to treating you like a princess. He’d make sure you never lifted a finger, all your work would by done by him. He would pack an extravagant picnic and locate the most romantic field in the area. Once you told him how nice it all was, he’d begin planning for the next year.

Turkey: Be prepared for the most energetic day of your life! You’d be taken out to shop for whatever things you’d like, and Turkey would refuse to let you pay for any of it. After you’d been dragged across town, he’d surprise you with a close party of your friends and family. He’d make sure you were always smiling and feeling loved.

Poland: He had done some serious snooping around to figure out what exactly to do for your birthday. You would have been asked to go on a scavenger hunt with him to seemingly random places where you’d find individual presents. At the last spot, you’d probably end up near home where he had a cake ready for you. He’d be very quiet throughout the day to make sure you were enjoying things.

- Mod Rico


As promised, here are some of the pics of me as Gray in Puerto Rico Comic Con~ (and my girlfriend @make-it-chibi as Juvia~) I enjoyed it a lot~

I hope you like them too~ ^^

(You can reblog all you like~)

so apparently I’m in love with this. enjoy.


SUMMERization: Dylan Graves

Dylan Graves is currently summering at his home in Puerto Rico, enjoying the tropical vibes and living la vida awesome. Lately, Dylan has been busy travelling the world surfing the weirdest waves he could find for an upcoming Vans project that we’ll tell you more about later, for now, lets enter the world of Dylan Graves and get his idea of summer essentials.

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