Ricna ½-Ezhova from Nina Derwael! Wow!!!


Continuing the trend of shaposh + release, Maile O'Keefe is training a Maloney + Ricna

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I know you really love Yang Yilin but what about Jiang Yuyuan? Her bars don't get as much love as HKX/YYL but her 2009 routine might be my favorite Chinese pirouette fest of all time (even tho she doesn't do a Bi) bc of how good her swing is on the transitions and I've never seen anyone else connect a Ling 1/2 + DLO

I love Jiang Yuyuan on bars! Unfortunately she didn’t really make any EFs because she was always 2-per-country’d out of finals by Qiushuang, Kexin, Yilin, etc., but I loved her Ricna and her FTDLO dismount was really nice. Speaking of Bis, I’ve noticed the Bi has kind of fallen out of favor with the Chinese team - I see a lot more Healys and Lings nowadays. Maybe they’re easier to finish in handstand or something? The Ling always seemed the hardest to me, but obviously I have no idea really.


Gabby Perea’s bars exhibition today! The Maloney+Ricna is new.

She also did a beam exhibition

If Everyone Does Planned Difficulty, These are current D-Scores.

Simone Biles:
VT: 6.3 and 6.4
UB: 6.1
BB: 6.8
FX: 6.9 

Brenna Dowell:
VT: 5.8
UB: 6.5
BB: 5.8
FX: 6.1

Laurie Hernandez:
VT: 5.8
UB: 6.2 
BB: 6.4
FX: 6.1 (doing an easier leap)

Ashton Locklear:
UB: 6.5
BB: 5.8

Aly Raisman:
VT: 6.3
UB: 6.0
BB: 6.5
FX: 6.6

Ragan Smith:
VT: 5.8
UB: 5.9 (6.1 if she’s planning on connecting Ricna + Pak)
BB: 6.4 
FX: 6.3 


Georgia Mae Fenton’s Ricna ½ + ezhova!