Mega May Master Post!
May 2014 was dubbed “Mega May” making it the perfect time for me to take on one of the monthly challenges I’ve been planning to do for a long time! This one really took my all, and has left me extremely exhausted, but proud! Thank you all for the support!

Where they can all be found:
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PokeddeXY Master Post
For the month of December 2013, I participated in the PokeddeXY Challenge, which meant drawing a favorite Pokemon in each of the types & categories every day. This is my second time participating in the challenge, the first time being back in 2011. What a massive improvement.

Where they can all be found
Tumblr Tag // DeviantArt // FurAffinity // Pixiv

vargskelethor /Joel of Vinesauce is my favorite video game streamer, and he just recently picked up Undertale. I’m crazy nuts for this game right now, as it blew all my expectations out of the water, so I’m really excited to see others experience it! He’s gone in completely blind, and he’s doing his best to stay on the correct path.

If you can’t buy the game or run it on your operating system, I highly suggest you live vicariously through his coming streams of it! Through Joel’s wonderful personality and sense of humor, you’ll quickly see why this is shaping up to be one of the best viewing experiences for the game.

Here’s Part 1 on Youtube! Be sure to Follow his Twitch Channel too if you want to watch it live!