I Need That Dark In A Little More Light

Summary : The time Phil finds out that Dan is afraid of the dark. For this prompt ^_^

((A/N at the end!!))


Dan considers himself well rounded enough for a 6 foot something existential crisis prone 22 year old guy. He isn’t one to believe in the supernatural, rolls his eyes and scoffs at Phil’s superstitious antics, but there’s one thing that makes his skin crawl - the dark. 

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Thanks For The Memories, Now Let's Be Alone Together

Thanks for the Memories, Now Let’s Be Alone Together 

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything or anyone; this is all fiction. 

Word Count: 1332

Warnings: none

A/N: I don’t know how I feel about the ending :// aw well here’s a cutesy feely kinda fic((new years theme, ofc)) it’s basically all about Dan reliving how Phil has changed his life for the better during the countdown idk I thought it was cute lmao feedback is rad af so tell me what y'feel HAPPY NEW YEARS THOUGH!! also soz for the most cliché title ever lmao

“Dan, the countdown is starting; put up your laptop and grab a popper!” Dan’s computer is pried from his hands by his partner, whose movements are a little sloppy and his eyes shining, making Dan perspire until the dark haired man with a growing clumsy streak sets his Mac on the coffee table. 

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It's All In The Cards

Chapter 3 

A/N: im a liar im sor r y nah but on the real tho im moving???? yeah, again. *deflates* so im packing like hella which is more bullshit bc im a filthy procrastinator ki LL ME. but yeah so ill give you a better, cuter fic l8r tonight, kiddos~ 
“Hey, Dan, wake up, we’re here.” Shut up, Marcus, Dan thinks. “God damnit, Dan!” Dan hears Marcus calling him from far away and he knows what’s about to happen but he’s way too tired for this shit and it’s gotta be like stupid o'clock in the morning because he’s not even control of his body yet.


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