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What is the Rickyl bubble and how can I get in??

Hahaha. Well the Rickyl Bubble is what I just started saying we were in. Basically the Rickyl Bubble is the happy place where all rickyl fans go where they don’t have to worry about any other ships or drama in the TWD fandom. They can just enjoy each other’s company and talk about rickyl.

The rickylnetwork is a collection of all the Rickyl fans. If you aren’t a part of that yet, send the tumblr a message and join up! We use the #rickylbubble as our tag here on tumblr.

so we thought it was about time a daryl community was made, a place for people to find other daryl blogs.

what it is: with this daryl community you can find other fans of daryl, talk to them or just stalk them from afar! you’ll find fanfiction recommendations, amazing fanart blogs and a bunch of other things. and of course a page about the members of the dixoncommunity.
requirements: all you have to do is be a fan of daryl! anyone can be a member!!
how to join: reblog this post (optional/it helps spread the word!!) - just send a small description about you and an icon (100x100, and p preferably daryl or norman!!) by submitting it here. that way you don’t need to waste your time asking if you can be a member, because everyone’s welcome!
other information: it’d be super cool if you use the dixoncommunity tag: dixon community, so people can check the this tag for all things daryl without the hate. it’ll be a way to show off your gifs, graphics, fanart and fanfiction etc. so remember, tag all your daryl posts with dixon community.

that’s it!! be sure to check out rickyl network and the church of rick grimes. and if you have any questions send us an ask!


Hello, my sweethearts. I decided to make a new follow forever! Thank you so much for everything. I can’t imagine this incredible fandom without you. You are my tumblr family and seriously the best. I love you all. ♥

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Also, thank you to all my followers for your support! Love you guys so much.

we officially have our own tag

and it is

drum roll please………….

rickyl bubble

after a lot of options and changing our minds, we decided on rickyl bubble, why? because this tag will be our own little world of rickyl posts, edits and gifs, thus creating our own little rickyl bubble away from the war zones and ship wars of this fandom!

if you’re in the rickyl network, feel free to tag reblogs, gifs, edits, text posts, random declarations of love for rickyl and anything else rickyl related with the tag rickyl bubble

and also lets not forget to use the rickyl bubble tag for leedus posts too, the more posts the merrier!

Hey rickyl fans! we thought it was about time a rickyl network was made, a place for people to find other rickyl blogs, whether they’re your brotp or otp, it doesn’t matter, as long as you love rickyl!

what it is
there’s nothing complicated about it, it will be a blog that has a bunch of rickyl blogs for you to follow, you can find other fans of rickyl, talk to them, admire them from afar, it doesn’t matter, it’s about uniting the rickyl fandom! it will have a fanfic recommedations page and a page about the members of the rickyl network. we’ll also do a blog of the month, which will be selected by the owners of the rickyl network blog, and maybe some other little things we think of at different times, all rickyl related.

- firstly and most importantly, you don’t have to be a blog that’s dedicated to rickyl and only posts rickyl, all that is required is that you are a fan of the rickyl ship (again, brotp or otp, we know that some people only like their friendship, but there are also others that get a little bit confused with their sizzling chemistry that makes them cross that line from liking their friendship to something a little more, we don’t judge either way!) you also have to post about rickyl on your blog regularly, but again, your blog can be multifandom!
- secondly, make sure your ask is open, we’ll need to let you know when you’re accepted and we’ll also need to write in your ask to get a description and icon for the blog.

how to join
- reblog this post  (liking the post won’t count)
- send us an ask telling us you want to be involved
it’s as simple as that!

things you’ll need to do when you’re accepted (and all blogs that meet requirement will be accepted, it’s just a matter of time for when you get the acceptance message!)
- send a short description descbring yourself and an 100x100 icon

other information
we’ll also be using our very own tag (which hasn’t been decided yet) that’s specifically for blogs involved in the rickyl network) which you can use to post your rickyl gifs/edits/text posts/random declarations of love for the characters/completely understandable fangirling over rickyl posts/anything rickyl you post on your blog.

we’re doing this so there’s our own little rickyl world that will hopefully be full with only love and no hate, so you can track that tag if you want (it isn’t a requirement!!)

if you have any questions send us an ask!