We are aware that you have eagerly awaited the announcement of a new  Lizzie Bennet Diaries DVD cover, thus we are most excited to present to you internet connected brethren a brand new cover of our most impressive DVD set.

As you are certainly as pleased as we are with this new design, we advise that you retreat immediately to this stimulation originator page and reserve your version with haste.


Hey guys, have you ever noticed that the dashing vlogger, maxwellglick, has a coincidental and striking resemblance to our very own Ricky Collins of Collins and Collins? Well it turns out sometimes he exploits his resemblance and does hilarious covers of songs as if he actually were Ricky Collins. And sometimes those covers get submitted to Ryan Seacrest’s official cover contest and make it to the top 13. How’s that for Fancy?

 If you’re as delighted by this as we are, you can vote for him here


You’ve never heard Taylor Swift like this before. Like, ever.


Royal Dining

Ricky Collins prepares me for dinner with Catherine De Bourgh

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