I Didn’t ask for Any of This pt. 2 - John Murphy

Request: Murphy imagine with prompt 77  “I’m really drunk, please help me”

Request: Murphy imagine with prompt 72 “I think I’m in love”

Request: part 2 of ‘I didn’t ask for any of this’

Warnings: swearing

A/N: okay so Part two of this has been requested since I posted part one and I just saw the other requests and thought “you know I could totally make this work” so yeah i added these all together i hope it works


(Murphy’s pov) Knowing I needed to get these stupid traps done, I waited until after I was done to fabricate a plan to confess my feelings to y/n. That was undoubtedly the second biggest mistake I’ve ever made. By the time I was done, it was well after the camp’s downtime had began, and everyone had already gathered to socialize around the fire. My eyes scan the crowd of fraternizing delinquents, looking for only face I’ve ever seeked attention from. I frown as I see her sitting in a circle with several of the nobodies from class. My eyes watch her as she gloriously tilts her head back in laughter, her gorgeous y/h/c hair swaying slightly from the sudden movement. However I’m not the only one to notice the grace in this, all of the boys surrounding her seem to being admiring the view too. Suddenly she’s sticking out her bottom lip, pouting I assume, as she tugs on the wrist of a boy, Evan I think. She tugs and tugs until he cracks a smirk and the two of them stand up from their places in the group.

I cringe as I think of her soft hands gently resting on the wrist of another guy. ‘I know that feeling,’ the voice inside my head reminds me, sending me into an even deeper state of torture. ‘That feeling is warm and heavenly and possibly the best feeling in the whole world.’ I grit my teeth as I watch him cave in, just as I would’ve, and gives in to her plea’s to dance. A smile forms on his lips as she lets her hands slowly and gracefully make their way above her head, one of them running through her hair as she sways and twirls around. His hands make their way around her waist as he slowly closes the distance between them. Right then and there I would’ve sold my sold my soul to the devil to be him, just for a minute. His lips graze her ear, probably whispering how beautiful she is, as the two of them dance in bliss. Suddenly I can’t breathe, my breath catches in my throat and I can’t bare to watch anymore. I turn away from them, my eyes scanning for the only thing that will guarantee me peace of mind, alcohol.

I make my way over to the table that occupies the moonshine Monty made, downing a glass without hesitation. Then another and another and another. Two quickly becomes six and soon i’ve lost count, and I know I’m getting close to breaking my personal record because now I’m starting to feel good. My vision becomes blurry and I can feel myself teetering around, my lack of balance increasing as alcohol floods through my veins. The voice that continuously reminded me of my failures has disappeared now, and all I’m left with now is silence, which I soon find is even worse. The silence is so deafening and utterly horrible that I squeeze my eyes shut, willing myself to either bring the voice back or fall asleep, whichever comes first. Somewhere in the process I toppled to the ground, so now I’m laying here, head in my hands muttering and pleading for some type of relief. A crowd has gathered around me. Some of them laugh at me, others wondering if they should get Bellamy, assuming he would take care of me.

At first I come to a conclusion that that’s what’s happened, someone went and retrieved Bellamy. I feel two steady hands attempting to pull me back to my feet and I immediately attempt to brush them off.

“Get the hell off me,” I growl warning him to back off, and suddenly my rescuer is kneeling down in front of me, and it’s not Bellamy. It’s y/n. My eyes soften as I take in the sight in front of me; her lips tugging into a half-ass smile as she orders someone to go and fetch me some water. Her hand is cupping my face as her thumb softly dances across my cheek.

“Jesus Murphy, you haven’t had this much to drink in a month, what the hell happened?” Her angelic voice soothed me as she fed me sips of water.

“I’m really drunk, please help me y/n.” Was all I could muster. She giggles at me, swooping down and wrapping my arm around her neck. She stands up, pulling my body up with her own.

“You good?” She asks. I nod at her and she helps me to my tent, sitting me down on the bed and removing my jacket and shoes before laying me down. I smile as I watch her move around my tent, knowing where everything goes due to the fact she’s taken care of me more nights than not.

“I don’t like him,” I mumble, unable to restrain my drunken thoughts anymore. She turns around and gives me a questioning look, unsure of what I mean. “Evan,” I jog her memory. Her lips form an ‘O’ as she comes and sits on my bed, resting her hand on my side.

“And why not?” Her voice holds a certain playfulness that makes me smile.

“Because I think I’m in love,” I sass back, “with you,” I add, letting myself be serious for a second. I expected her to laugh, to roll her eyes and leave. To go tell the rest of the camp how pathetic I am for even thinking I have a chance. But she doesn’t she stay where she is, her face even lightening up at my confession.

“I don’t like him either,” she admits, lying down next to me, scooching back so I can wrap my arms around her waist. “At least not like that.”

My heart skips a beat and I smile like an idiot. “If not him, then who?” She is silent for a while before answering.

“Isn’t it obvious, you of course.” At first I think this is all a dream and that I’m gonna wake up any second. But then she rolls over and places a sweet kiss on my lips, assuring me that this is real.

“We’ll talk about this in the morning, you need to rest.” I nod and snuggle into her.

I smile and allow myself to be consumed in the feeling of love. Although I broke the one promise I made myself, she is the best reason to break it. And as I lay here, with the girl I love wrapped in my arms, finally mine, I change my mind. Maybe not all love is toxic. Maybe some love is worth all of the highs and lows; and even if I’m not sure about anything else on this god forsaken planet, I am positive that mine is.