MY NEW COMEDY HORROR SHORT FILM IS OUT NOW!! “THE YOUTUBER KILLER” starring Andrea Russett, Kian Lawley, Jc Caylen and myself!

like i am so psyched whenever i see an actor who’s been treated pretty shitty and fired from some b-rated show reappearing and doing something even more amazing? Ricky Whittle and American Gods, Jon Bernthal and The Punisher, Emily Kinney and Conviction/Masters of Sex, Michael Rooker and Guardians of the Galaxy. Honestly, fucking goals.

ryan sitkowski? what a loser i hate him i- *trips* *thousands of pictures of ryan spill from pockets* fuck those aren’t mine i swear i’m just holding them for a friend i- *slips on a pile of pictures* fu ck no they’re not mine i hate him i just- *more pictures fall out as i fall to my knees, desperately trying to pick them up* hang on a sec jUst LISTEN


Now Playing: Ricky Martin Vente Pa’ Ca ft. Maluma

I don’t think the gay press pays enough attention to Ricky Martin considering he still manages to get 70,000,000 views on his new music and I can’t think of any other gay popstar who’s even remotely as successful.

Plus he’s sooooo pretty, and IDK who Maluma is but he can get it too.


Artista: Ricky Martin ft. Maluma
Canción: Vente Pa’ Ca
País: Puerto Rico

Si tú quieres nos bañamos
If you want we can shower

Si tú quieres nos soplamos
If you want we can blow on each other

Pa secarnos lo mojao
To dry off our wetness

Vente pa’ ‘ca, vente pa’ 'ca 
Come here, come here

ricky-y2399 replied to your photo “((Don’t eat that pie.))”

[I want some pie!]

“Hmm… Okay, but just a-a small piece; I put a lot of sugar in it.” Sugar wasn’t the ingredient that concerned her, though it wasn’t like she could tell him she was testing a hallucinogen. He’d overreact.

23/10/16 bonus: I used to have this OC back at school Ricky who was this really shy anemic vampire who wore long coats and gloves all year round (basically it was me as a teenager LOL I have little natural body heat mwahaha spooky cold hands even in summer)

In the spirit of drawing own characters today: here he is. Even autumn these days are far too sunny for his skin condition (it’s near the end of October and there are butterflies and Ladybugs outside???)