ricky's bar


TODAY gay bars are some of the most jovial parts of city night life. They’ll weren’t always like this. In the 1960s gay bars were ricky business for the owners and the patrons. From what I’ve gathered they managed to just barely exist by following these unethical, unwritten rules:

  1. Know the doorman or look gay, when he stares you down through the peephole, we don’t want to let in undercover cops
  2. On the weekends you pay $3 to get in n’ get drinks, we’ll pay off the police (as in bribe them to NOT shut us down, confiscate our booze, or arrest anyone)
  3. These things may happen anyway but we should get tipped-off as to when
  4. Queens can come in but only a select few in full drag; cross-dressing violates very strict laws
  5. Sign the members book when you enter; fake names will do but we want to look like a private bottle club
  6. You can dance, unless the main lights come on
  7. Lights mean ‘stop dancing, stop touching, police are coming’
  8. When the police show up, you line up with IDs in hand, ladies and queens go to the bathroom to show your parts to the cops
  9. Lesbians are welcome but should wear at least three pieces of feminine apparel to avoid possible arrest during a raid
  10. After there’s a raid, we’ll try to resume business as usual with a supply of hidden liquor though managers and staff will likely be carted off in patty wagons so there’ll be no one to serve it

This video explains how one very unique night in history changed gay bars and the queer community at large in the States and now across the world. 

Henchman meets Henchgirl (FrostXOC)

IMPORTANT NEWS! :D Guys this story will be continued very soon but I have to make a quick announcement, this fanfic will return with two writer’s instead of just one (me). A wonderful friend of mine and I decided that we will make something special out of this story, more informations will follow tomorrow, but be prepared for something that you haven’t read yet. ;D

P.S: If you want to read the chapter again, you will notice a hidden detail about …? Do you know what I’m trying to say? ;)

So guys for everyone who wanted a little FrostXReader here it is, hope you’ll enjoy tell me what you’re thinking and if I should continue the story, because this one should’ve been just a One Shot but I left the ending open for you guys to decide if I should write more or not. :) <3

Henchman meets Henchgirl

Frost’s POV

“Frost” Mr J growled.

The voice of his boss sounded not at all delighted and Frost knew this time, it was his fault.

Oh boy did he fuck things up today.

“Question”, the Joker snarled and circled his right hand with a menacing look written all over his face.

“What was that today, hm?”

“Boss, I’m sorry I wasn’t focused”, Frost stated with his usual stoic facial expression.

The Joker nodded his head than looked back again to his first henchman.

“And why weren’t you focused, Frost?” the green haired man asked obviously pissed.

Today Joker and his men were about to rob Gotham’s most expensive jewelers shop, not because of a few gold necklaces or diamonds and stuff no this time there was something in that store what has been more important than anything they had ever stolen.

Last week the Wayne Foundation donated a fife hundred thousand dollar valued sapphire to the shop and the profit that the shop would’ve made after selling this jewel would also have been donated for a worthy cause.

But this of course wasn’t the Joker’s plan, no way.

He decided to steal the sapphire because this little sparkling blue stone could’ve brought him even more than just fife hundred thousand dollars of cash.

With this tiny little thing he could’ve been the proud owner of one million dollars and an entire part of the whole city in which he had planned to open up another big night club.

But all those dreams were now past, because his first henchman that never ever had made a mistake all the years he had been working for Mr J fucked it up today.

“Riddler’s goons just surprised us, we couldn’t do much about it”, Frost explained, but this was only the half of the truth.

Yes the Riddler stole the sapphire before Mr J, but Frost never have had any problems with surprise attacks, he was the most skilled and intelligent out of Joker’s goons and those abilities made him become his right hand, but this time even a Jonny Frost wasn’t prepared for what has happened a few hours ago and he didn’t dare to tell his boss the entire truth.

But he still saw those crystal blue eyes gleaming at him, and these beautiful lips curled into a coquettish smile as she took the sapphire into her small gloved hands presenting it to her boss.



“Frost it’s the Riddler! Hurry up or the boss will kick our asses down here!” one of the shark heads yelled at the first henchman.

He didn’t hesitate or even looked back to the goon who had talked to him.

Frost already shot four of Riddler’s men down making the king of riddles scream out in frustration.

The sapphire was just a few inches away from Frost’s hands and he already was about to shatter the glass around it with his gun, but before he could do what he was told to, a sharp knife-like thing whirred scarce past his right ear and broke the glass around the jewel in one hit.

At first Frost thought it was a Batarang because the thing looked like one at first sight, but giving it a closer inspection he saw that it was a metallic pink and purple throwing knife with a nearly illegal sharp blade.

This thing could’ve killed him within a blink of an eye.

“Sorry didn’t mind to kill you”, a soft female voice behind him suddenly said.

Frost turned his head and a strange feeling started to grow in his chest, it felt like he was getting sick with a tad of a tingle behind it.

The voice that has spoken belonged to a young girl with cherry red curly long hair and beautiful crystal blue eyes which were hidden behind a black mask.

She was hanging down from the ceiling on a few black ropes, that spy’s would use to invade a forbidden place.

Obviously she wasn’t a newbie to all this, even though she looked quite young, she probably wasn’t older than eighteen or nineteen.

“What? Never seen a girl that stole something right in front of your nose?” she smiled but it wasn’t a devious smile, it was … what was it?      

And what was he doing here?

He stared at her like an idiot although he should’ve killed her for taking the sapphire that his boss wanted more than anything else.

“Well it was nice to meet you, but I have to go, business. Maybe we’ll see each other again” she said and a few seconds later she was gone, just like the sapphire and all Frost could do was watching the girl leave the place together with Riddler’s goons.

It took him a while to notice what just happened.

This girl stole the jewel for which his boss would’ve burned the entire city down and he didn’t do a shit to get it back.

After all those years working for the Clown Prince of Crime Frost never had experienced such a failure and this time everything was just his fault.


“Frosty, Frosty, Frosty. You’ll better make this up to me, or I have to do something very painful”, the Joker growled.

“Every other person would’ve been dead by now, I hope you appreciate that. Bring me this sapphire back, or this had been the last heist in your present life, am I clear?”

“Yes, boss” Frost responded.

“Good, go I don’t want to see you idiots for the rest of the day.”

And with those words Frost closed the door behind him with a buzzing mind.

How should he bring the sapphire back?

This stupid little stone was with the Riddler now and he had no idea where this idiot had his hiding place.

Or maybe the girl that stole it knew it …

Oh stop it, dickhead. She was the reason that this happened.

But she was the only clue to this whole situation.

Maybe if he could find her, she was willing to make a deal with him.

But first of all Frost had to find her.

Just good that he knew someone who could help him with that.

Ricky Preston was the man’s name that had been working for the Riddler before he decided to make business with Mr J.

Or at least Mr J didn’t let him the choice, so it would be easy to squeeze something out of him.

Frost had parked the black SUV outside the bar where Ricky often used to get himself as drunk as possible to forget his miserable life for a few hours.

“FROST! YO MAN WHAT’S GOING ON?” Preston yelled from across the room as soon as Frost had entered the bar.

The henchman rolled his eyes, just a drunk jerk that was all that you could say about Preston.

He wasn’t intelligent at all he was just useful if you needed information’s quickly, he was like the last bus stop on a stormy day.

“Preston” Frost just greeted him with a nod.

“I need your help.”

“Of course, of course! Come on sit down, take a drink”, Preston slurred.

“No thanks I probably have to drive the entire night. I need some information.”

“Ah, always busy aren’t ya? How’s Mr J? Heared his club is going well.”

“Yeah he’s fine. Listen, I know you’re not working for the Riddler anymore but do you know anything about a girl that is working for him now? She’s quite young, probably very skilled in doing burglaries.”

Preston frowned and looked at Frost as if he really was trying to think about his question.

“Yes … I think I know who you mean. I’ve never met her in person but man … if I had a girl like this I wouldn’t be sitting here and drinking shit” Preston laughed.

“Preston” Frost reminded him impatiently.


“Do you know her name?” Frost asked.

“No man. No one knows her name. She’s like a query, but the old boss always calls her like that. Little query you know, because-”

“Because nobody knows anything about her, yes got it” Frost responded a little annoyed.

“And do you know where I can ask for her?”

“Not exactly, she comes and disappears like the weather. But maybe you could try it uptown at the hidden alley … Rumor has it that she likes the old jazz bars in there. A few of our people says that they’ve seen her there lately. If you’re a lucky man she’s there tonight.”

Preston took a draught on his beer, before he smirked at Frost.

“Why the effort, Frost? Fallen in love, already?” the idiot laughed.

Frost ignored him.

“Thanks for your help. I have to go”, he said.

“Don’t let the little query break your heart!” Preston shouted behind Frost.

“Never thought you have one …”

“Me too, Rick” Frost added silently before leaving the pub.

Back in the car Frost was already half on his way uptown when his phone started to ring.

It was Mr J.

Perfect, he thought sarcastically.

“Boss?” he said after taking the call.

“How’s it going?” Mr J asked sharply.

Of course he wouldn’t give up on Frost until he brought the sapphire back.

“Good. I found our first liaison, I’m on my way, I’ll call you back when I found more”, Frost said.

“I knew you wouldn’t fuck it up a second time, good man, Frost” Mr J said then he hang up the phone.

Frost sighed.

This girl better be uptown.