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BEAUTIFUL MELODY (Ricky Horror Imagine)
{Requested by anon :3}

You had just got out of a long and stressful day at work and now you were driving home, you checked the time to see that it was already about ten o'clock at night.
You couldn’t wait to just come home, relax, and most importantly, see your loving boyfriend Ricky.
You knew he was home early today from being with his band mates, it made you happy because usually he would come home late at night and you wouldn’t see him until way later.
You pulled up and parked your car in the garage.
Seconds later you were inside your house.

“Babe!” You called out as you took off your shoes and slammed yourself on the couch.
“Ricky!” You called once again.
“I’m in the bedroom babe!” He replied from down the hall.
“Oh God I’m not gonna find you naked with black rose petals again right? Because that’s kind of what I’m hoping for.” You giggled.
You could hear him laugh his ass off from the room causing you to crack up too.
“No! Just working on a new song!” He notified.

“Ooooh.” You cooed and got up from the couch, making your way over to the bedroom, the hallway echoing with your heavy footsteps on the hard wood floor.
As soon you as you reached him, there he was, your adorable boyfriend just sitting on the bed with his guitar in his hands playing his heart out.
You smiled, still not believing that he is all yours.
His handsome face always brought you back to when you first met at a Motionless In White concert you went to.
Best day of your life.

“Hey there!” You happily greeted, his head snapped up and as soon as he caught sight of you a wide smile appeared on his angelic face.
“Hey beautiful. How was work?”
“Stressful as fuck! I wanna quit that job! I’m so tired of bitchy people!”
“Awww come here.” Ricky said, putting away the guitar and opening his arms wide to you.
You blushed and sat on the bed snuggling up to him.
He held you close in his arms and rocked you back and fourth.
“If you want to quit then quit, I make enough money for the both of us anyway.”

“Yeah but I don’t want you to be the only one keeping us up. I want to help.” You tell him.
“Well whether you stay at that job or not then I support you. Just know that you don’t have to.” He assures you, placing a sweet peck on your forehead.
“Thanks babe.”
“No problem honey.”
“Well I’m home now so fuck talking about work, what song are you working on?” You ask.
“Just something that Chris and I wrote together.”

“Bet it sounds awesome.” You compliment.
“I think it might be our best one yet, wanna hear it?” He grinned raising his eyebrows up and down making you laugh.
You nodded and sat up on the matress, Ricky grabbed his guitar again and began playing the song for you.
Your mouth dropped wide open at the beautiful lyrics and rhythm.
These guys never failed to amaze you.
But more especially Ricky, the way his fingers just smoothly pulled the strings on the guitar, the way he created such an incredible and beautiful melody, it was truly magnificent.

“Wow….beautiful….” You whispered when he finished.
“You talking about the song or me?”
He asked with a seductive smirk.
You smiled and rolled your eyes as you shook your head.
“Good.” He said and pulled you close to him making you squeak.
Ricky began to tickle your ribs, it made you scream and bust a gut begging him to stop or else you were going to piss yourself.
“Nope!” He laughed continuing to do his evil work.
“I’m gonna piss on you!!”
“Even better!”

“Fuck you!! Stop!!” You exclaimed, your face super red from the hard laughter escaping you.
Your stomach even felt like it was going to kill you.
“RICKY!!” You shouted, he laughed and finally let go of you.
“Okay okay, I’m done.”
“Good….oh my God I seriously thought I was gonna die…” You said a little breathless.
“If that would’ve happend I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.”
“Awww.” You cooed, pulling yourself up to passionately kiss his soft lips.
You kissed for a couple of minutes before leaning away with a huge, loving smile on your pretty face.

“I’ll let you go back to working on the song honey.” You tell him as you got off.
“Okay then babe, you get some rest.”
You were about to walk out of the room until you heard the sweet sound of his guitar being played once again.
You stopped in your tracks and turned around, watching him play work his magic. You crossed your arms above your chest and tilted your head to the side as you gazed at him.
“How the hell do you do that?”
“Do what?” Ricky laughed.
“How do you play the guitar so beautifully? I seriously wish I could play like that.”
You say.

“Really?” He questioned with a soft smile.
“Yeah, it’s so awesome!”
“Well I can teach you if you want.” He offered, his expression already turning excited.
“Really? Like, right now?” You asked.
Ricky nodded and patted the spot next to him on the bed for you to sit.
You did just that and he handed you the guitar, putting it around you.
“Okay, place your fingers here.” He began.
You did everything he told you to do, you had fun but at the same time frustration started to take over when you couldn’t get the note right.
This was surely a lot harder than you had expected.

“No no no, you place this finger here, and the other here, now you got a different note, try it.”
“How about no?”
“This is a little frustrating.” You whined a little with a pout.
“(Y/N)….it hasn’t even been five minutes…”
You laughed and fake sobbed leaning your head back on his shoulder.
“You know damn well I don’t have that much patience for instruments.”
“Well you have to if you really wanna learn how to play this, come on baby I know you can do it. Girls who can play the guitar are a major turn on to me you know?” He winked.
“So I’m not a major turn on to you?!” You yelled with a shocked expression.

“Oh no, I didn’t mean to-”
“Babe, I’m kidding! Let’s continue.”
“You’re a butthole.” Ricky muttered.
“Shut up, okay how do you do this again?”
It seemed like hours had passed by, or maybe even years, you couldn’t play any of the notes correctly and it only caused you to get more and more frustrated.
“Ugh! That’s it I give up!”
“What? No you can’t quit!”
“Oh yes I can, the guitar hates me and I hate it!” You exclaimed.
Ricky chuckled but you glared at him letting him know that you were legit upset and not playing around.
“Oh…oh you’re serious…” He muttered.
You slowly nodded your head with your eyes squinted.

You were about to get up and leave but your man grabbed your arm and pulled you back down beside him.
“Sweetheart don’t be mad, you don’t have to learn if you don’t want to.”
“I know I don’t but….well it would be so awesome for me to play as good as you…it will make me look badass.”
You grinned.
“(Y/N) you’re already very badass.”
“Really? How?” You wondered.
“Oh trust me, if I start explaining I’m never going to shut up because I can go on and on.” He tells you.
You let laughter escape you once more, and you also felt your cheeks blush a deep red.

“You’re amazing you know that?”
“And you’re fucking sexy as hell.” He whispered along with a low growl.
Your eyebrows shot up in shock, you swear you could even feel your breast twitch at how sexy he just sounded.
“What?…you love it when I speak to you like that?..”
You couldn’t say anything, it was like your tongue forgot how to form words all of the sudden.
Slowly Ricky took away the guitar from you and put on the floor, when he came back he wrapped his arms around you and gently turned your head so that you can face him.

“What do you think you’re doing?…” You slowly spoke. Although you didn’t really care for the answer.
“Kiss me…” He whispered.
Not another word was said, your lips just leaned in and began to caress his passionately.
You always blushed hard whenever you felt his lucios lips upon yours.
“Mmmm…” You moaned, slightly turning him on by the sweet sound of your voice.
You can tell that he was trying to make you feel better since you were feeling so frustrated.
Boy was he succeeding.
His kiss deepend, the tempurature in your body only getting higher and higher.

“Mmm baby…” Ricky groaned, his tongue poking your lips, begging for entrance.
You granted him access inside of your mouth, and without hesitation his wet and warm tongue slid inside of you.
One of his hands came up to cup your breasts, he can feel your nipples slowly popping up as he rubbed them more and more and squeezed them.
“Aaahh..” You moaned again, your hands touching his hot and smooth skin under his shirt, feeling his hard body rubbing against yours.
You wanted him so badly, the more he touched you the more horny you felt.

You can feel your vagina already getting a little wet as he tugged your nipples with his fingers.
It seemed like the two of your deeply making out forever, but you didn’t care, you wanted it that way, you wanted to continue kissing him and kissing him until you ended up making sweet, romantic, love to each other.
Little by little you felt him leaning away from you, although you kept pulling him back which caused him to laugh against your lips, he leaned away anyway.
Your bottom lip was taken in between your teeth as your stared into his hypnotizing eyes.

“You feel better beautiful?…” Ricky cooed, his thumb gently caressing your soft cheek as he smiled so lovingly at you.
“Mhm…” you hummed, a wide, bright smile tugging at your lips.
He loved that smile, he always told himself that your smile is the only thing that made him so happy.
“Thank you….I love you…” You whispered.
“I love you more sweetheart.” Ricky softly replied, leaning in once more to give you a cute and sweet peck on the nose.
You giggled and played with his short black hair for a moment, your eyes just gazing and gazing, you felt so lucky to have such an awesome and sexy boyfriend to always make you smile and feel loved,
and he’s all yours, and only yours.

“Hm?” He hummed.
“If you don’t mind….I would like to get back to learning the guitar now….” You say.
He laughed a little and nodded in approval.
“Let’s get back to it then.”
He stood up and grabbed the instrument, bringing it back over to you.
“Alright, one quick lesson.”
“Why?” You questioned with a raised brow.
“Because I wanna do it, you left me horny.”
You gasped and cracked up shaking your head.
“ME?! YOU are the one who leaned away!!”
You shot.
“Oh yeah!! Well…….you know what? Screw learning the guitar I want you!” Ricky exclaimed grabbing you and pinning you down on the matress.
You squealed and giggled as he began to kiss your neck.

“I fucking love you…..”

(So so so sorry this took me so long to post! Please forgive me! I apologize lovely! Hoped you enjoyed! 💕)


Jack and Andy; the men in Sharon’s life…
A compare and contrast analysis of Jack and Andy.  Analysis is under the cut. Also note I talk a bit about alcoholism and addiction in this because of how much it’s featured in both men’s lives. I’m do not claim to be an expert these are just my thoughts and opinions. 

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anonymous asked:

Why Clex@s are lying so much, they only started to support Ricky Wittle the moment Lexa died before that they even dragged his mother and him saying he was unprofessional to bring personal issues outside because JRoth is such a perfect sweet man who is so into LGBT+ rights...I'm not even so much in the fandom but I will always remember how the day before Lex@'s death they were all judgemental insulting people for boycotting to defend POC and now look how suddenly it's acceptable...hypocrites.

I’m going to make one more point about this specific incident with lexacares, because I do think it’s time to let it go and move on.

She responded to helpbellamyblake and pointed out she made that post 4 weeks ago.

I can’t give you the exact day that she made the post since she deleted it from her blog. But I can tell you she made it either March 1st or March 2nd, because octaven replied to her almost instantly on March 2nd.

Let me just get this out of the way: I was the one who took the screencap, and I was not trying to hide the fact that she made that post on March 2nd to manipulate the truth. I screencapped the post that way because I was removing octaven’s response to it (which wasn’t relevant to the conversation, and the only version of that post I have saved to my blog is the one with octaven’s response - like I said, she deleted the original from her blog).

And actually, the fact that lexacares made that post on March 2nd only further proves my point that she was being a hypocrite. As you all remember, episode 3x07 (in which Lexa dies) aired March 3rd.

lexacares made a post insulting Ricky and dismissing his claims of abuse THE DAY BEFORE LEXA DIED. And then the second she saw episode 3x07 she changed her tune. It was never about her seeing the light, or joining hands with us in solidarity, or supporting him. It was ALWAYS ABOUT LEXA. Ricky’s abuse didn’t help her out on March 2nd so she dismissed it. But on March 3rd it was relevant to her because it fell in line with her wants and needs.

Obviously lexacares is just one person. She doesn’t represent a majority of Cl/exas. But the fact remains that most Cl/exas did not care about the problematic issues in The 100 until it directly affected them. If Lexa was still alive and dating Clarke on the show today, a hundred actors could quit because of bullying. A million pocs could be killed for shock value and be replaced by a white character. And they would ignore it or try to silence our voices because at least they were getting what THEY wanted.

And that is the issue that Bellarkers are having with Cl/exas. It’s not that we think their accusations against JR are unfounded. We agree with them wholeheartedly that Lexa was handled poorly and her death was one big trope, and they WERE used and manipulated by the writers for views. JR genuinely did screw them over, and that is wrong. JR is a piece of shit (not just for that, but for EVERYTHING) and should definitely be fired. Our issue is that ultimately all they care about is Lexa, and they used Ricky’s situation to support their own cause, not to support him.

Our problem with them is that they call US hypocrites, say WE are JR’s lapdog, say WE are fake, when THEY were the ones making posts saying “we should give JR the benefit of the doubt”, “Ricky Whittle is being unprofessional”, calling JR “daddy” on Twitter, and telling Bellarkers we were overreacting. Our problem is that a few Bellarkers expressed the idea of boycotting because of the poor characterization of Bellamy this season - but never actually did it - and Cl/exas said we were selfish and unloyal. But now Lexa is dead and they are boycotting and we are the bad guys for not boycotting with them.

I just do not like being called a hypocrite by a hypocrite.

anonymous asked:

I dont really follow jason or anything so could u give me some of the examples thats hes been a dick to the cast and slut shamed the women and etc

Oof… Off the top of my head:

Jarod Joseph who plays Nathan Miller said in an interview that JR had his character wear a beanie in season 1 because he didn’t think that people would be able to tell the difference between him and Lincoln.

There’s the gross comment he made about Raven and had the balls to TAG LINDSEY IN HIS GROSS COMMENT AS IF SHE’D AGREE WITH HIM?

I want to point out that JR had Clarke have sex in 3x01 because she was lonely and upset and JR didn’t say SHIT about that. But when RAVEN does it, it’s not okay?

And most notably there’s the Ricky Whittle thing. Ricky is leaving the show soon and it was revealed he LEFT WILLINGLY because he was being BULLIED by Jason Rothenberg and couldn’t stand the toxic environment anymore. We don’t know the details (although Ricky said he would tell us one day) but his MOM went onto Twitter and tore into JR:

And Ricky is such an amazing, sweet and loving person he urged people to keep watching the show because he loves his cast mates so much:

Steve Talley was hired to play Wick. And this guys was openly misogynistic and racist on Twitter:

He was only fired because FANS got quite verbal about how angry they were, and Wick was a character of no consequence so it was easy to just get rid of him and pretend he never happened. But if didn’t say anything he’d still have a job on the show.

Oh, and this one is personal:

I drew that fanart in SEASON 1 because I loved Bellarke so much and I was excited about the show. And I drew it before the episode where Finn carried Clarke, so it had nothing to do with that Flarke scene. But for no reason he went onto Twitter and accused me of copying the Flarke scene and substituting Bellamy in for it?? He made me feel really awkward and I was just trying to draw fanart for a couple I liked. Couldn’t he be happy and flattered for the art instead of being a dick like that? :\

Jason just goes around saying unnecessary shit all the time and making people feel bad. And it goes further than Twitter because Ricky loved the show, he loved playing Lincoln, and HE LOVED HIS COWORKERS. But he STILL left because of JR’s behavior.

And now we have him manipulating a bunch of queer teenager girls to give his show ratings and be hailed as “revolutionary” even though he KNEW he didn’t have access to Alycia Debnam Carey anymore.

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Can I get an Sam Pottorff imagine where me and the boys in O2L are having a movie night and were sitting on the couch and it's warm and I'm wearing a long sleeved shirt and the boys tell me to roll my sleeves up but I don't to want to because of scars and Sam gets the deal of what I'm hiding and he wants to talk in the kitchen and it's like contains crying and him getting angry and emotional and yeah can you make it really long and sad & sweet? Thanks xx

“Is everyone good? Can I press play?” Ricky said.

You all nodded and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1” started. You had already watched the other movies, there was only this one and Part 2 on the Harry Potter series you needed to watch.

You sat on the couch between Connor and Kian, then there was Andrea and on the floor the rest of the boys and Jenn.

In the middle of the movie you had a break to go to the bathroom and to get more food. Their living room was really hot and you were starting to sweat a lot, so you went to the bathroom.

You closed the door behind you and took off your sweater. You had a t-shirt underneath it but couldn’t wear it, not in front of them, or anyone for that matter. You turned your arms a little bit and looked in the mirror.

Some of your scars were nothing but that…scars.. But others…some of them still had dried blood on them. You took a little bit of toilet paper and water and washed the remains of blood you had on your arms, hoping it would make a difference.

“Are you okay?” someone knocked on the door and by the voice it was Jenn.

“Yeah” you answered nervously “Just… Just girl stuff, don’t tell anyone, I’ll be there in a minute!” she seemed to believe you, because you heard her go away.

You looked at your arms in the mirror again and sighed. After putting on your sweatshirt again, you walked into the living room.

“Well, look who’s here! I thought you had been swallowed by the toilet” Trevor said.

“ah-ah” you laughed, “let’s just watch the movie” you smiled.

“Aren’t you going to take your sweater off? It’s really hot in here” Connor said.

Suddenly you got nervous, what would your excuse be this time? Would they believe you? Sometimes you got tired of lying but they would never understand. They would judge you and they’d never be your friends again.

“Yeah, you always wear sweaters, even when it’s reaaaally hot” Trevor said.

You started rubbing your wrists, not knowing what to say. You just needed to get out of there, to not be in that situation, not again. The last time this happened, you lost your friends. You were so happy when you became friends with Sam and JC that you just…didn’t tell them the truth.

“Stop bothering her with that and let’s just watch the movie” Sam kind of shouted and pressed play. Everyone looked at him but didn’t say a word. 20 minutes after, the movie was finished.

“Can I talk to you in the kitchen while they put the other movie in the player?” Sam asked. You nodded and followed him to the kitchen, afraid of what was going to happen.

“Take off your sweatshirt” he said as soon as you entered the kitchen.


“Take off your sweatshirt or roll up your sleeves.” you didn’t do anything, just stared at him, speechless. “Now. I’m serious”

You were trying to contain your tears. You won’t be that girl again. The weak one, the one who always cries, the fragile little girl who needs protection. Even though you were. You were just a fragile girl in need of love, protection, safety…

“Sam, you don’t get it, I can’t. You won’t understan-”

“Stop it. Roll up your sleeves. I’m very serious” he was mad, you could see it in his eyes, he was furious. But why?

“Why are you so mad at me, Sam?” you started rubbing on your scars again, just like you always do when you’re nervous.

“I’ve noticed you do that” he said pointing at your thumb rubbing your wrist “every time you’re nervous, you rub your thumb on your arms. I never understood why, but with the conversation the guys had tonight…I know” he couldn’t know. You weren’t ready to loose one of your best friends. Not now that you were almost certain he had feelings for you. The same kind you had for him. Tears started appearing in your eyes,but you were interrupted.

“Hey, Andrea and Jenn are leaving, so we’ll watch the movie some other day, right?” JC came barging in the kitchen and Sam looked in his direction, which was the opposite of what you did. You didn’t want anyone to see you being weak “Sorry…did I interrupt you?” Sam gave him a furious stare “Okay, I’m going” as soon as JC left you tried to speak but Sam started first.

“Why?” he was starting to tear up, as well.

“Sam, please don’t do th-”

“Just..tell me why” you could see he was crying but wiped his tears fast.

“You will never understand. I can’t loose you, Sam. Not you” your plan to be strong went down the drain and you started crying. You turned away from him, so he didn’t see you crying but he moved to and was in front of you.

You covered your face with your hands, still trying to hide, but he grabbed your wrists to take them away from your face. You winced in pain because of your fresh scars.

“owww” you cried. When you realized what had happened you covered your mouth.

“I’m going to roll up your sleeves now…You leave me no choice” Sam warned you, still with watery eyes.

You looked around to find and escape and ran off to their backyard. You hid behind a tree and felt Sam coming after you and turning on the backyard lights. You covered your mouth so he couldn’t hear your weak cries.

“Babe, please!” he cried for you. Babe? He rarely called you that. The first time he did, you were at an amusement park and he held your hand too. You smiled at that thought. You closed your eyes and you sighed while he continued looking for you. With your eyes still closed, you felt a strong grip around your waist.

“It’s just me” Sam said “can you please talk to me?” he sweetly asked.

He let you go so you could turn around. You nodded and he held your hand until you both sat on the ground in the boys’ backyard.

"I won’t push you into doing something you don’t want to do” he confessed “but I want you to know that you can trust me and you’ll always have my support" 

"If I’m going to lose you, at least you’ll know the truth” you sighed.

“You will never lose me, do you hear me? Never, okay?” he hugged you like it was the last thing he would do in his life and when he wanted to let you go, you held on to him, crying.

"I promised myself that after the last time, I’d never do this again, y’know? Crying in front of someone…telling the truth…”

"What happened?" 

"My friends…they found out, I told them everything and they mocked me, told me I deserve every bad thing that happens to me and they left me all alone. After that it only got worse” you wiped your tears away and tried to calm yourself before continuing the conversation, which would now turn into a monologue..

“So..” you sighed, preparing yourself for what was coming “it all started when I was” you started talking while Sam listened carefully. By the end of your almost one hour long monologue, both you and Sam were crying your eyeballs out and couldn’t stop.

“I’m so sorry” Sam finally said, after not saying a word the whole time.

“What for?” You asked while wiping your tears “Meeting me? Having me in your life?” You cried a little bit more, waiting for him to turn you down, to never speak to you again, just like your old ‘friends’ did.

“What? No! Don’t think that!” he almost screamed. “I’ll never be sorry for meeting you…or loving you,for that matter” he looked away from you and your jaw fell on the ground.


“I do. From the very first day. And even more now.” he admitted.

“How?” you were still crying. This was the best thing you could’ve asked for, but it didn’t feel right, it couldn’t be right.

“You’re not what you think you are. You’re not weak, or stupid, or ugly…you don’t deserve what happened to you and you don’t need to keep doing this to yourself. I’m just…sorry, that I didn’t figure it out before. I’m sorry it took me so long to realize that you need my help” he cried.


“No, let me finish” he held your hand “You are strong and I know you want to recover from this. I will help you. We’ll go to a doctor, we can travel, we can stay in if you want, we can…murder someone…whatever you want and need. I just want to help you and..” his breath started to get heavier and he started crying even more, you were sure they could hear him in the house

“Sam, please don’t cry!” you asked, still crying also “I know what I want.” You put yourself together and got up from the ground. He looked up at you and watched while you took your sweatshirt off and threw it in the pool, standing there in your t-shirt. He also stood up and grabbed both of your hands, kissing your wrists. ‘So cliche’ you thought, but it did feel nice, knowing he wasn’t embarrassed by you.

“You” you finally said.

“What?” he asked, clearly confused

“I want.. you, Sam” you said looking away from his gaze.

“I promise, right here and now, that I will be with you until you recover and after that. I promise I won’t let you fall back into this addiction. I will do whatever it takes so you can be happy and never leave you. You’ll never be alone again.” he came closer to you.

“I promise I will work hard on my recovery. I promise I will be a better person, for you. And I promise I will love you and I’ll also be here when you need me to. I…I lov-” he cut you off and started talking again.

“No, don’t say it. I wasn’t here when you needed me, so I wanna be the first to say it” you smiled, thinking this was silly but it gave you a warm feeling inside. “I love you." 

"I love you, Sam” those butterflies everyone talk about started dancing in your stomach and didn’t have time to stop because in a matter of seconds, Sam kissed you.

“Take this” he said when you broke a part, giving you the plaid shirt he had on his waist. You looked at him, questioning what he was doing. “You’ll tell everyone when you’re ready" 

You responded with a thankful smile and walked behind him to the house. You were almost in the living room where they were still hanging (besides Andrea and Jenn, who had already left) when Sam held your hand.

"This you can’t hide” he said, looking at your intertwined hands, smiling. “I’m too happy to hide” he then whispered in your ear “my beautiful, amazing girlfriend” he kissed your forehead and walked in the living room with you by his side.

When the guys noticed you were holding hands and you were wearing Sam’s shirt they smiled at the two of you.

“FINALLY” JC screamed earning an embarrassed ‘shut up’ from Sam.

It was going to be very hard, the journey you were going to start. Recovery wasn’t easy but you knew that with Sam by your side and amazing friends like the O2L guys and the girls…you’d make it and you would be happy.

I hope you like it! I didn’t really write what happened with “you” because I didn’t want to trigger anyone or stuff like that, but I think it turned out good.