ricky sanchez


*Sings in a cute 50’s tune* 

“It’s Rick and Bonnie
and they go together like wubba lub dubba dub”

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for Punk Rick and Bonnie pics.
Although I don’t really see Bonnie as being much in the Punk scene but just rather cute 80’s jumpers and big blonde hair.

But then again, Beth was Born about 1980 so,
This is 1977 -78ish? ehhh Eras.
So here you go for #TBT 
Prick (Punk + Rick) 
And Boom Boom Bonnie.

Major Crimes: Season 5 Round Up, A Reactionary Post

I had planned on doing a post at the end of 5a but then time got away from me. So I thought I’d do a reaction post on 5a then 5b and how they tie together. This is my final Reactionary Post for season 5 and it feels really great to review a whole entire season of a show! Stay tuned for more reactionary posts, next week we go back in time to cover Reloaded

What this reactionary post covers:
// Season 5a & theme
// Characters & Storylines

// Season 5b & theme
// Characters & Storylines

// Thoughts on Season 5 (as a whole) & other themes the season covered
// Speculation & Season 6
// Favorite scenes
// What I liked and What I didn’t

*This is a long one so sit back and grab your favorite drink. ;)

Season 5a

Theme: Balance

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Bad Blood, A Reactionary Post

What this episode was about:
Nothing and no one can dictate who is a part of your family
The sacrifices that we make for (those that we love) and (those that don’t deserve our love).
The family-ship was strong with this one

Provenza dropping the ball
I’m wondering if this thread of Provenza’s not remembering Mary (as unforgettable as she was). And missing out on clues that Buzz picked up about the murder is what starts Provenza thinking about retirement. As soon as Provenza remembers who Mary is and says that there’s someone who know her much better than I did I know exactly who he was talking about. 

Wes and his case of the PTSD’s
I really like this subtle storyline of Wes’ and how he’s dealing with being in an organized police unit again. Nolan was undercover for 5 years immersed in the criminal underworld and it’s going to effect him in some way and it’s really nice to see that we are seeing some of that subtly develop through 5b. 

It was his first instinct to shoot the suspect. And when your in an environment that advocates violence as the first solution it’s not something that’s going to be shaken right away. So I really love that it was Mike that took charge of the situation and told his ass to stand down and not to shoot unless he’s got a weapon. Also Mike knows what it’s like to kill a suspect and he knows it’s not something that anyone wants to go through.

“No one ever thinks about the murder’s family”
I thought that was an interesting line. Because they tend to get lost in the shuffle. They also have an emotional fallout they have to deal with when it comes to their family member becoming a murderer. I fell like it also relates a lot to Sharon and her family life. For so long everyone sees Sharon as this evil woman because of the job she had to do as IA. That no one ever really saw the sacrifices that she had to make in her personal life and in her professional life.

Make Way for Ducklings
I really love how the show has had this wonderful thread linking Julio’s adoption story with that book. We get another really great heartfelt moment between Julio and Mark. This time Julio explaining to Mark that (while he’s starting the processes of adoption) he isn’t officially his kid. Poor Mark just doesn’t understand is like why can’t he call Julio, dad. While we know that the two of them think of themselves as father and son. Julio just doesn’t want to jump the gun and risk Mark being taken away from him just yet. So I really loved Julio solution in the end of Pato (duck) and Patito(little duck)!

Buzz and his Bike
Is there a reason why Buzz insists on bringing his Bike all the way up to MC with him everyday? There is a garage where people keep their cars and I’m sure a place to lock your bike up so no one will steal it. Dude, paranoid much?

#The Future Mrs Flynn
One of the things that I loved about this episode was flipping a very traditional trope on its head. When the squad finds out about Sharon and Andy’s engagement it’s Mike, Julio and Ricky that ask and comment about the ring. Also it’s Ricky and Mike that seem to be the cheer leaders over the engagement. It’s a very nice and deliberate choice for MC to make because normally we’d see the women (Amy and Andrea) giggly about the wedding. It’s a nice and refreshing thing to see. 

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