ricky mazzotta


   The guys of mewithoutYou are all so down to earth. Greg is absurd. Ricky asked me how I spell my name, and as soon as I gave him the letters he started saying ‘Ann-DIE!’ Then, he would pass by five minuted later with some equipment and just yell out to the sky 'Ann-DIE!’ It wasn’t awkward standing around and talking to any of them about the show, as though they were some humble small band just starting out.

   When Aaron finally came out to talk to the small group of us, he discussed faith, celibacy, spiritual warfare, his musical influences, Sacred Harp, etc. And he apologized for dodging my compliment to his music a few years back, explaining that he’s been learning a lot about humility and that even in humility, there’s pride and haughtiness in denying blessings and thinking yourself too humble while being filled with arrogance all at the same time.

   The entire night was just a huge blessing and I was able to take photos with them all. Of course, Aaron didn’t smile in any photos when a camera came out. But, Ricky, Mike, and Greg made up for that.