ricky martin living la vida loca

I find Ricky Martin very fascinating. He is now out of the closet, but wasn’t during the whole of his rise to fame in the 90′s and early 2000′s. For some reason, Barbara Walters did everything she could to try to get him to come out. before he appeared to be ready.

 Apparently these interviews were pretty infamous at the time, and his career sunk for the most part in America. His biggest mistake was seen as jokingly replying “I live la vida loca” to her speculation. 

There is something very specifically sad about watching them today. He returned her gross prodding with a politeness I’m not sure it even deserved in retrospect.

I can’t help but hope this wouldn’t happen today. What do you think?


“Back in 2000, Michael Jackson attended the “Carousel Of Hope” charity gala with Elisabeth Taylor ” ❤️❤️❤️- Mourad Mesellaty .


“Wow! Haven’t seen one of these shots for a while! The lady is Barbara Davis, and the event was the annual Carousel of Hope Ball, which raises money for the Children’s Diabetes Foundation. Mrs. Davis was founder and chair of the foundation and ball for many years, as a very well-known philanthropist. Ricky Martin was performing and he REALLY wanted to meet MJ, so Mrs. Davis brought him up on stage with her at the end of his performance, so the two could meet. MJ’s date was Elizabeth Taylor. Here’s a clip. Alas, no audio, cuz who doesn’t want to hear Ricky Martin live la vida loca!!!! ” ~ Ann Cavanaugh ( FB) .


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Another clip of living la vida loca on 1989 Miami