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We were shooting on the back lot at Universal Studios. The back lot is facing the L.A. River and across from that river was Los Angeles golf course. So Michael would set up on his incredible [trailer] setup that he had with a green lawn and fence…we set up mats and brought clubs out. So every time we got a break we would go out and hit balls over the river onto the golf course where people were playing. And they would be looking all over [for where the golf balls were coming from] and Michael would ditch out.
—  Ricky Dean Logan (Data in BTTF 2), No Concept of Time Ep. 3

Here’s Joseph’s “good” (?) ending which you get if you C rank all three dates. He says he’s staying with Mary for his job and social standing, but would be delighted to have you as his slampiece. I didn’t crop a few of the caps because in the first, he’s somber when he’s explaining his bullshit until he smirks and says “that doesn’t stop us from… you know.” Then he’s all serious right up until he invites you to fuck on his yacht again when he winks, which, jackass. Here’s the rest of the screencaps. 


I like this ending because it seems most in-character to the way Joseph basically only looks out for number one. If you S rank his dates, he reconciles with his wife, and I got the impression that he was never going to leave her for you anyway (and I bet Robert was hoodwinked as well). In this at least he’s up front about the fact that he’s only really looking for fuckbuddy. Poor Ricky Metroid.


top 10 albums of 2014:

1. Alex G- DSU

2. Code Orange- I Am King

3. contron- before i hated things

4. dandelion hands- bleak week

5. Foxes in Fiction- Ontario Gothic

6. Full of Hell- Full of Hell & Merzbow

7. Julia Brown- An Abundance of Strawberries 

8. Mac DeMarco- Salad Days

9. Pianos Become The Teeth- Keep You

10. Skinfather- None Will Mourn

honorable mentions:

1. Childish Gambino- STN MTN

2. Conor Oberst- Upside Down Mountain

3. Crying- Get Olde/Second Wind

4. Drown- Dispossession

5. Euphoria Again- The Mouse Rides On

6. Homewrecker- Circle of Death

7. Nothing- Guilty Of Everything

8. Ricky Eat Acid- Three Love Songs

9. Sorority Noise- Forgettable 

10. Whirr- Sway

So I finally lined this properly! These are some new ocs, a pair of psychic twins called Ricky and Ava!

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I’m seeing some posts that are really frustrating me. I think there is a huge misconception about willing vs forced. And it concerns me to see so much anger directed at Darren.

Yes he made a series of mistakes when he was younger. No one is contesting that. But watch him. He’s desperately trying to climb his way out. He’s doing everything he can to fulfill his obligations so he can strive towards freedom

There is no doubt in my mind. Darren is PROUD of himself and his sexual identity. I do not doubt that Darren is PROUD of the man he has chosen as his life partner.

There is NO DOUBT in my mind. Darren cannot wait until the day that he can SHOUT “ I’m in love with Christopher Paul Colfer.”

Frustration. Yes. That’s a very valid emotion. I feel it everyday. But anger towards Darren is misplaced. He is a victim. Please channel your anger towards the appropriate parties- fox, Murphy, Mia, Ricky, and Sunshine Sachs.