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WWE Hall of Fame 2017 Inductees 

I did what I did. I did a few things like moonsaults off the tops of cages, but usually I relied on wrestling and technique. A lot of people used to think you had to be really chancy, but I was never like that necessarily. If you know how to structure a match, you don’t always need that stuff. Other guys are starting to understand that, and I haven’t seen this much great talent in a long time. Obviously wrestling is doing something right.” — Kurt Angle 

It was a surprise. I had a message on my phone [from WWE] to call the number back. I think they got ahold of Ricky at the time. When they called, it was just like a suckerpunch. It just knocked us off our feet. It’s an honor for Ricky and me to go into the Hall of Fame.” — Robert Gibson (The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express)

I’m humbled and honored, man. Just to be a part of it. I remember Dusty telling me one time, “You know, D, there’s only two things left in our business that’s still real: your first world title, and the hall of fame.” That’s gonna be emotional for me.” — Diamond Dallas Page

If you looked at all the boxes you would check to make a main event guy that would go down in history as one of the best, Rude checked all the boxes. He was an all-around package. He looked good, he could play the part, he knew what to do. He could take great bumps, feed the babyface when it was time to feed, and he would never run out of gas.” — Ricky Steamboat, on 'Ravishing’ Rick Rude

People think because I do a lot of talking on TV and stuff and that I am an outgoing person, well I am really not, I am kind of a loner. You guys were able to do that for me, and get me back out there, get me on this podcast, and get my name out there. This Hall of Fame thing, I am just honored to be apart of that. I really want to thank the WWE, the WWE Universe, Vince McMahon, Steph, Hunter, all those guys that gave me the opportunity to portray my talents and gave me a break, I just want to thank them all and say I appreciate it.” — Teddy Long

When you are in WWE, you dream of that moment when you get to reflect on your career and the things that you did and you get that wonderful individual honor. It seemed so far off in the distance for me when I was wrestling. I didn’t know when — or if — I’d ever experience that feeling. I certainly didn’t think I’d have that opportunity this early in my life. It’s amazing and very, very humbling.” — Beth Phoenix

What He Buys You For Your Birthday

Motionless In White Preferences

Chris: a huge supply of good makeup, a band shirt and/or horror movie shirt

Ricky: books, candles, diamond earrings and a few other small things that pertain to your interests

Devin: sexy lingerie, lipstick and a luxurious day at the spa

Balz: beautiful handmade jewelry that suits your style and several bouqets of colorful flowers

Ryan: a guitar that he will soon teach you how to play, along with several guitar picks and other guitar necessities

Vinny: video games, a gift card to your favorite store and some chocolate/candy

Angelo: a bouqet of roses, a purse or other accessory and a pair of shoes that you’ve been wanting for a while


So I’m doing commissions now finally after getting everything set up haha. Check it out, see if anything interests you. More examples of my art can be found in the “my art” tag or at my art blog if you want to see if my work is something you want.

If you’re interested or have any questions, email me at tylerblank20@gmail.com. I use Paypal only.


- You must pay full price upfront.

- I will draw: OCs, fanart, NSFW, gore, Mecha/Robots, Humans, Monsters

- I will NOT draw: Anthro/Furry

- Highly preferred but not required: Men, monster men

Annnnnd, I think that’s it. I might update this with new info, so keep on the lookout. See ya! Also, please reblog and spread the word if you could. Thanks!