ricky coogan

The second installment of my Pop Culture Illustration series! Decided to do two Alex Winter films in a row and do the under-rated cult-classic FREAKED! I had a lot of fun with this one - I looked at a lot of vintage sideshow posters for inspiration. And if you haven’t seen the movie you should definitely check it out! It’s got Mr. T as a bearded lady - what more do ya need?

A little sneak-peek of a much larger, much more elaborate, illustration I’m working on. So keep your peepers peeled for that.

For all of you UN-CULTURED SWINE out there (haha I kid), this is Ricky Coogan from the 1993 cult film FREAKED; written, directed and starting Alex Winter (Bill S. Preston Esquire). I’ve only seen it recently, but it’s already on my top favorite movies of all time list. I just can’t find a damn thing wrong with this movie (and if you know me, you know that’s REALLY saying something.) It’s just 100% original, creative and hilarious. Google that shit!