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The Aquabats! Super Charm Bracelets! Are Now Available on Etsy!

Hey Homies! Because you guys asked for it, I opened an Etsy shop and I’m selling my Aquabats! Super Charm Bracelets for only $8 dollars each (and only $12 dollars for the set!) 

Here’s the link to my Etsy shop, Here are links to the Aquabats! Super Charms! in SUPER RAD! and in AWESOME FORCES!, and lastly here’s the link to buy THE COMPLETE SET!

BIG thanks and hugs to everyone who reblogged, left nice comments in the tags, sent me sweet messages, expressed interest in buying one and otherwise gave me a reason to open up this shop! You guys RULE!

Sunday Breakfast - JC Caylen Imagine

How about we’re just kinda having a lazy day and then they guys come over and we just have lots of fun and maybe make some videos haha something along those lines, thank you darling :3

“JC, quit it!” you giggled, burying your face in the warm sheets of your bed, your heavy eyelids barely open after your slumber. JC’s arms wrapped around your waist, tickling at your sides, causing you to jolt and chuckle, “Stop!” you whined. 

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