ricky bautista

It's been a year since I moved out of my moms house

1/15/12 was the last time I laid down in my old bed.
I then spent
1/15/12-3/13/12 in Chicago. From 3/13/12 with Adrinas parents to around 4/12/12 when we moved into our first apt. We went from wylers to kool aid to Tampico to minute maid. We adopted two beautiful kitties. we are now in our second apt. I went from working at a kitchen table to now having an office room.
It’s been a struggle & if you need any advice on moving out or good places to go to HMU.
It’s hard but nothing is better than after a long day of work to chill in a place you know is yours! You also get freedom & are able to sleep with your spouse each night. Do what you ever be.
I’m serious about the advice part. Ill be glad to help.
Keep yo think cap on.