I was about to write something that I thought really good. Quite impressive. I was doing something and I thought, “Well, as soon as I can, I’ll jot this down.” But then I completely forgot about it. Not a single word I could remember. I can’t. And it was really incredible. Probably, the best line I’ve ever written.

So, that’s it: the most wonderful moments in life will be lost and confused in your memory sooner than you realize it. So while these moments are happening, enjoy the most of it. Stop whatever you’re doing, try to relax at the same time you give to it all of your attention. These moments will be like the right words all put in the right order, making sense and giving your life a purpose, a destination. These small amounts of time will start and finish really quick, because for being wonderful, that’s what they’re made for, ephemerality.

Try not to forget to just live them, not worrying about what or how much you’ll remember them some day. In the end, memories are nothing but drafts. 

I guess.

“It isn’t a matter of forgetting. What one has to learn is how to remember and yet be free of the past.”

Aldous Huxley