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Quick lunch inspired by leftovers | in the pot | sesame oil • tandoori chicken breast • garlic • onion • hoisin • cabbage • kale • chicken stock • stir fry • half avocado • boiled egg • sriracha

No carbs | easy to make | tastes great

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These chicken wings are one of my favourites, and I just developed the recipe. They give a nice punch in your face full of flavours and goodness.

I call these bad boys The Indian Jerk. Yes, I did develop a sandwich named after this, but it has now been replaced.

Here’s what you do:

1 pound of chicken wings • washed and pat dry • in a bowl, combine 3 tbsp jerk paste • 1.5 tbsp tandoori powder • combine together with 3 tbsp ghee • add a splash of Appleton rum • you don’t have to but it makes things interesting • splash of lime • rub rub rub • let marinade for 30 mins or overnight • grab a grill | skillet and preheat at medium heat • grill the wings and make sure you have that nice crust • you won’t need to grease the pan because of the ghee • maybe grease it a bit just to be on safe side • grill • cut up green onions as garnish • yeaaaa monnnn - fusion Panjabi Jamaican wings • what a crazy loud part this will be

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Ontario produces some of the best fruits and vegetables, and we sometimes forget to utilize what’s in season. We did a bit of research on @FoodlandOntario, and found an amazing chart that showcases what’s in season every month from fruits to vegetables.

Take a drive to your local farmers market, buy what’s in season and cook a delicious meal for you and your loved ones

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California inspired breakfast sandwich. Saw what was in the fridge and put it together. Oh, how I miss you Cali | boiled egg • spinach • cilantro • tomato • avocado • salt • pepper • tomatillo salsa • sriracha | #RicksGoodEats | #California | #foodporn | #recipe

Falafal Burger

What you know about Falafal’s? Crispy on the outside, moist on the
inside and taste amazing with hummus and garlic sauce. Why not take a
falafel, turn it into a patty and serve it as a burger? Who says
burgers are only supposed to be made out of beef.

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From Gastroposter Rick Matharu, via Instagram:

I LOVE chicken wings. I think if it was my last day today on earth, I would ask for a huge bucket of chicken wings with a cold beer, or Coca Cola from the bottle, ice cold. Chicken wing fact: Did you know that an estimated 1.25 billion chicken wings will be eaten during the Super Bowl?! I’m going to become a statistic and add into those numbers buy doing my own version of a classic buffalo wing recipe. Start off by creating your batter • 1 cup all purpose flour • ¾ cup corn starch • 1 tbsp garlic powder | dried parsley | basil | red chilli flakes for the batter • mix all that in a big bowl • now make your sauce • heat ½ stick butter • add 4 tbsp of your favourite hot sauce • add more if your feeling brave • warm your veg or canola oil at medium until right temperature for frying • coat your wings in batter • place in fryer • fry until golden brown • toss wings in sauce right away • coat well and enjoy Good eats!

Shit • I ate everything and the remembered to take a picture😅 Recipe coming soon for my take on coconut tomato curry featuring my garam masala blend. A perfect dish for patio season • #RicksGoodEats

My mom and I roasted & blended our first batch of our signature garam masala spice blend • we are giving away a few samples this week. Go to Facebook.com/RicksGoodEats, like the page, and stay tuned on how you could try our flavours in your own kitchen

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Great start to the day | rye toast grilled with olive oil • 1 avocado with squirt of lemon to taste • cilantro • black pepper • smoked paprika • mix • spread on toast • sliced cherry tomatoes on top • drizzle olive oil • sprinkle truffle sea salt (I like to fancy it up sometimes) • finish in 4 bites • YUM

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When I have the opportunity to check out a restaurant, it’s never just a trip to fill my stomach. I’m looking to also satisfy my other senses and become inspired by the flavours. Most of the time, I go home and challenge myself to try to recreate some of my favourite dishes, but with a #RicksGoodEats twist!

Sometimes I’ll throw in the twist by mixing cultures with a fusion style, or I could even straight-out change major ingredients to reflect my tastes and inspire a brand new recipe.

But, sometimes I just want to keep it classic.

I was introduced to the Wakame salad as a starter at most sushi joints and fell in love with the flavours and freshness. With a little bit of research, a few trials (and of course errors), I got pretty close to the original with this seaweed-based healthy salad and awesome Japanese style dressing. All enjoyed in the comfort of my own kitchen.

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