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Jonsa S7 Summer Challenge - Day 5

day 5: firsts or dreams

a/n: cutting it close again, but this time by no fault of mine! my internet was down, sorry sorry. anyway, this one is short, considering. unbeta’d still.


the sequel to this.

(jurassic world au)

“Did you know… you were my first kiss?”

It takes a moment to properly process what Sansa says and once he does, Jon gives her a curious look.


They had been rescued, after hours of running and hunting dinosaurs and trying to stay alive, after being bruised and battered and generally reconsidering if a more boring job was in order. They’d been rescued and were currently waiting for the Starks to arrive at the shelter.

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pretty much 90% of the episode:

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Daenerys and Yara

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Rickon + The Giant

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In Short:

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