Helen McCrory on Alan Rickman:

“We met in 2008, on the set of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, when Helena [Bonham Carter] and I were playing the Lestrange sisters, and Helena, Alan and I were making a spell “to the death” together.

Though he was brilliant in the part, he wasn’t so method that he swished around in his large black robe in between takes. Instead we’d have a coffee and a giggle – he has a naughty sense of humour – and I’d say, “So, what’s your power again?”“


anonymous asked:

So I saw a comic where Loki and Tom HiIddleston were forced to live together in a flat, and I was wondering how it might play out if Severus and Alan Rickman were forced into the situation. Your thoughts?

They’d have a few problems at first (establishing ground rules would involve a lot of snarking), but they’d probably get on rather well in the end.  Both seem to be people who are a bit grumpy and intimidating at first glance, but get them talking and they end up being very interesting and likable. Snape a bit less so, but I think a lot of what we see in the books is how he interacts with kids (not well).  He seems to have some pretty good relationships with the other adults in his life, though.


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I’ve now updated this to add Carrie Fisher in after the devastating news