rickieren109: The original pics of today’s ‘Donut snatchers’!! Donuts bond us all!!! Hahaha!! So this is what we did today!!! @chigawawoo and I are soooooooo happy to meet @melissabenoist and @chy_leigh today!!

melissabenoist: Donuts were the theme today at #c2e22016 and clearly I hated it. Thanks Girls! Had a great time in Chicago with @chy_leigh

chy_leigh: #DONUTS These girls were so sweet! #punintended Such a blast at #c2e2 with @melissabenoist

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I love what you just wrote! This is all I need for tonight since Root is missing again! And I really think it is possible for them to add this scene of Root coming to the base while Shaw is there replacing Finch, assisting John and Fusco.

Thanks! Yeah I feel all Rootless episodes should be followed by a giant wave of fluff because we miss her so much. 

rickieren109 said: I think literally Harold means John, he is there as Root’s back up in the Church while Harold and Shaw talk about this. And of course she also means that Root has The Machine and the team that will be there for her.

While I get that for the church, I can imagine that John called to tell them that Root was going in on her own. That’s where the discussion between Shaw and Harold came in, Shaw was fine  when she knew John would be there and as soon as she knew he wouldn’t be, she had a BIG problem with the situation. 

John wasn’t going, Root told him that it had to be just her. The same thing she did in Deus Ex Machina when she sent her boys away. Shaw didn’t listen then and it was a good thing because Root really did need the back up. This time, it was probably best that Shaw didn’t come in with her bag of goodies. 

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Role reversal indeed! Shaw is the sweet one:) Very nice!

She is on the edge because she knows what is coming. She has the Machine to deal with. The team to deal with. And then Samaritan..

Thanks! I just had to switch them; Root looks miserable lately and Shaw keeps smiling like a fool. Those two idiots…

And yeah, Root definitely knows more than she’s letting on, but she’s also more in the dark than she ever was before… I’M SO WORRIED!

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It’s too early in the morning for all these feels.

I’m sorry, I would’ve sent you pancakes but it would’ve been complicated. Also, that’s what you get for living on another continent.

rickieren109 said:

GREAT WORK AS ALWAYS!Really want to see a happy Root hanging around all the time…She deserves so much more happiness than she has had right now…

I agree with you so much! We need happy!Root.

SPOILER ALERT: POI: Looks like [Spoiler] Is Jumping...!!

A video posted by kristenhydeck (@kristenhydeck) on Mar 17, 2015 at 10:59am PDT

Looks like Root is parachuting from the building. [albeit Amy’s stunt-double is actually doing the deed! ;)]

- “Asylum” (4.21) & “YHWY” (4.22)

photo of stunt taken from rickieren109’s post

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