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i feel like all larries knew about cricky except me.. why didnt anyone tell me omg i was just minding my own shit till i clicked on this tag and i thought it was an animal but its cris and his "husband"???? whaaat i didnt even know he liked men what is this mess ??? where am i

ohhhhhhhh boy, anon! it’s CRICKY TIME

Here I’ll leave you with this: 

So, if you didn’t know, Funko made The 100 Funkos! This would be exciting but if you haven’t noticed from the above image, they whitewashed the only characters of color they’ve included.

I made a chart to show Bellamy, Raven, and Lincoln’s skin tone in similar show lighting vs. their Funko Pop tones. I included Clarke for reference in how light she is and how her Funko Pop is similar in color to Bellamy and Raven’s. And I included Doctor Strange to show how even though his actor is white, his Funko Pop was still more brown than Bellamy and Raven, and just as brown as Lincoln.

If you’d like, you can also send this image in an email with a message of concern to contact@funko.com or retweet it on twitter here.

Teen Top: Family Member Edition

Chunji: the wine mom

-naturally fabulous and is ready to gossip at any time

-the wine mom spends her time gossiping about the scandalous neighbours and her work colleagues

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C.A.P: the grandpa that’s passed out half way through dinner

-he means well but after 5 pm, there is no waking him

-always tells the kids stories about the ‘good old days’,sometimes tells embarrassing stories of the parents - pretty chill

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Niel: the vodka aunt

-1000% done with everyone and is willing to expose them

-enjoys creating drama at every family gathering

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L.joe: the ‘smart’ uncle

-thinks he’s honestly a genius and will set out to prove everyone else wrong

-doesn’t always get along with the wine mom and the vodka aunt but enjoys the drama they create

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Ricky: the cousin who thinks they are the shit

-self confidence level 1000%  (cute and they know it)

-brags about their life 25/7 but no one in the family will roast them

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Changjo: the relateable cousin

-so done with everyone’s shit and is only there for the food

-tries to spend all their time in their room (or as far away from the family as possible) but still gets pulled into every argument

-usually, the least problematic, but when mad, is the grand master roaster

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