rickey horror

Only now do I realised school starts in a month and I've spent all my time - including an extra month I got to revise for exams - watching YouTube videos, spending it on Tumblr rebloging my gay ships, reading gay smut on Wattpad, watching Supernatural and American Horror Story, listening to music and hunting for Pokémon. And I just wanna say..... Holidays well spent
Can I share another MIW Warped Story??

Even though it’s really late, I’ve been meaning to share this with you guys. If you follow me, you already know of my conversation I had with Balz and Ryan. I was glad that I got to speak with them. What made it easy to talk to them was the fact that they talked to me first. I didn’t even look at Ricky, Ghost or Angelo because I was intimidated by them into complete silence. These guys are my hero’s and I couldn’t even manage a small Hi because of how awesome they were. Then I just kinda stared at Chris like an idiot because I wanted a hug, but I didn’t know how to ask for one. I wanted to thank them for helping save my life, but I couldn’t manage it. If I could go back and change my Warped Tour experience it would be that moment because not a lot of people can say ‘I met my favorite band the first time I went to one of their shows’. I want to go back and say Hi to Ricky, Ghost and Angelo and ask Chris for that hug and tell them everything they’ve done for me, because I know they won’t just tell me 'No kid fuck off’ because they aren’t like that. Just wanted to share.